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Chapter 89: Ban

Hou was sitting on the chair with his legs placed on the table. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lily stood beside him pouring a tea for him.

Long Anqi and Ying Yue sat opposite him and waited for him to speak.

While the trembling masked lady remained at a corner with an anxious expression.

After a while, Hou spoke in a serious tone.

"Ying Yue, tell me all the information about those bastards."

Somewhat startled and curious, Ying Yue shot a questioning gaze at him before she realised whom he was referring.

With a teasing voice, she responded to him.

"The first person is Xiang Chu, the 3rd direct disciple of Sect Master of the Black Wind Sect"

"After leaving the ancient ruin, he remained in a closed cultivation for a year. Once he came out with High Stage Earth Origin Realm, his master directly appointed him as the head-disciple of their Sect."

"Next day, he engaged with the daughter of Quyang Clan Head, Quyang Lanyu."

"In 3 months, he will marry with Quyang Lanyu in Everlasting City."

"As for the 2nd person, Fan Le, no one has spotted him in Ice Empire. Even his Clan had disappeared and couldn't find any of their traces."

"Though a rumour appeared sighting them in the Forbidden Sea Zone yet none dared to enter there."

"Meanwhile, for some reasons, the Black Wind Sect are still searching for their trails in every corner in the entire Ice Empire."

Hou listened to her words and contemplated tapping his fingers on the table for a moment.

Suddenly, a notion formed in his mind.

He shot a glare at the masked lady and said in a casual tone.

"I have 2 missions for you. If you complete them successfully, I'll give you one of the Scarlet Tailed Tiger cubs."

"However, you must not fail."

Then he glanced at Long Anqi and spoke.

"Anqi, pack your stuff. We are leaving this place tomorrow."

Next day, Hou, Lily, Long Anqi and Ying Yue left the place on Purple Snow Dove along with a cub.

While the masked lady headed in another direction on a huge Red Unicorn.

A month later, a teen boy and a matured veiled lady stood in front of a grand mansion.

The boy was holding a cub while glancing around the guards surrounding the grand mansion.

A hurried guard ran toward them and asked them to follow him inside the mansion.

On the way, the guard explained and introduced them everything about the mansion and the people but they showed no interest in listening to him.

Hence, the guard led them toward the main hall.

Once they entered the main hall, the guard hastily returned to his post leaving them there.

At the main hall, a handsome mid-aged man scanned and observed them from the head seat.

Beside him, a beautiful matured woman sat and peeked at them with curious eyes.

While a few mid-aged and old people glanced at them with fawning and happy expressions.

The handsome mid-aged man spoke in confusion and suspicion since he had never seen them.

"Welcome to Ouyang Clan."

"Are you a messenger from the Black Wind Sect?"

"What happened to the earlier messengers?"

The boy slowly walked toward the centre and spoke with a smile.

"Greeting to Ouyang Clan Head. I am Ban, the newest 5th direct disciple of Bu Feng. I have come here on the order from my master to manage everything for the wedding and also meet my sister-in-law in person."

The handsome mid-aged man relaxed learning the reason for their sudden visit and laughed before glancing at the rest people.

Slowly one after another, the rest people introduced themselves and explained to him everything they planned for the wedding.

After learning everything, Ban nodded his head before looking at the Quyang Clan Head.

Ouyang Clan Head noticed his eyes and asked knowing his thoughts.

"Do you want to meet your sister-in-law?"

Ban peeked at the cub on his hand and showed a smile.

Somewhat surprised, the Ouyang Clan Head realised his actual reason for visiting them.

He thought Ban most likely came here only to deliver the cub to his daughter.

Hence, he summoned a maid and ordered her to bring his daughter here.

After an hour, a beautiful lady entered the main hall wearing a long blue and white dress with a puzzled expression.

Ban's eyes instantly brighten seeing her appearance and showed his creepy smile.

Though Ouyang Clan Head detected his creepy smile, he only showed a displeased expression since he knew his daughter's beauty was unmatched and unrivalled in the entire Ice Empire.

In a flash, Ban appeared in front of the beautiful lady and presented the cub.

"Ban greets sister-in-law, Ouyang Lanyu. I've come here to deliver this cub for you on behalf of my 4th senior brother. Please accept it."

Ouyang Lanyu seemed startled and glared at her father on the head seat before she reluctantly took the cub with a pained expression.

Without speaking nor hesitation, she turned and left the hall.

However, Ban shamelessly followed her while winking at the Ouyang Clan Head.

The matured masked lady too followed him.

The Ouyang Clan Head sighed and left along with the beautiful woman.

As for the rest of the people, they showed their greedy expression watching the cub in Lanyu's hand.

They smiled and glanced at each other since the wedding between their Clan and Black Wind Sect already showed the benefits as they influenced making the decision for it.

They just couldn't wait for the day when they too would receive their shares.

Hence, they dispersed and planned to create a good relation with Ban during his stay.

Meanwhile, Ban walked beside Ouyang Lanyu and grinned while checking her figure.

Ouyang Lanyu halted her step and glared at him with her cold eyes.

Just as she prepared to speak, Ban grinned showing his white teeth and asked in a childish tone.

"Sister-in-law, do you want to see the most beautiful flying spirit beast?"

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