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Chapter 1: Beginning

At the Highest God Plane.

High above in the sky at the chaotic clouds, tiny lightning bolts were gathering and creating a massive lightning bolt in each cloud.

Suddenly, a shattering thunder occurred as the clouds merged and the massive lightning bolts crashed into each other.

A tiny long spark of the remaining lightning bolt descended into the desolate ancient palace.


A loud explosion echoed and froze the entire world for a moment, creating an absolute silence.

Suddenly, a weak wail of a new-born baby rang throughout the palace and broke the silence.

Inside a decorated room, a pale, weak woman was holding a new-born baby in her bosom and lying on a huge bed.

A few people were standing, watching the mother and her baby from a corner.

The baby's birth was the happiest moment for any woman, yet the sadness of the weak mother created a gloomy atmosphere.

All the people inside the room shuddered in fear as they glanced at the weak mother. She was the most powerful being, the current ruler of this Plane, Empress Lu Lu.

Empress Lu Lu glanced at her baby with complicated emotions, but no happiness showed on her face.

She clutched the silk bedding on the bed and swept her cold gaze toward the people standing in the corner.

"Now you have succeeded with his rebirth, all his sins are your responsibilities," she said.

Those people listened to her in silence yet no one rebuked out of fear.

A moment of silence later, a mid-aged woman among them took a step forward and spoke staring at her with a resolute expression, "Your Highness, we've lived here for so long. With our strength, we could accomplish anything in this Plane, yet we have failed to break the seal each time. Therefore, he is our only choice and last hope. If he succeeds, no one could condemn him for his sin. Not you nor her neither the damn Heaven."

Empress Lu Lu glared with hatred at the mid-aged woman, her mother whom she trusted and loved more than anyone in her whole life. However, her mother shattered her trust just because of a single drop of blood, the remnant blood of the legendary ancient rare phoenix.

She had found the blood in the forbidden ancient tomb zone in the Highest God Plane. When she had returned with that blood, she gave it to her mother.

However, instead of gratitude, how did her mother repay her?

Her mother fed her a poison on her food and sealed her cultivation before she imprisoned her in a dungeon.

After a few years, she finally learned that the blood would rebirth the legendary ancient rare phoenix, but the prerequisites were a virgin female below 1000 years with a pure extreme yin body at the Desolate God Realm.

That year, she had only turned 130 years, known as the strongest and youngest female ever to reach the Desolate God Realm in the Highest God Plane.

Only then, she realised her mother had premeditated everything along with the elders. They gave her all the rare resources available within all the God Planes, even waged war against everyone to obtain those resources.

How she never met the pursuers of hers for the second time?

Why did her great-grandmother leave her a will to obtain that blood?

Empress Lu Lu rubbed her baby's face and said without looking at her mother.

"Did you forget what he did before? All the legendary tales during his time only speaks of him, but not even one says anything decent about him."

Suddenly, she shot a deadly glare and raised her tone, "Did you forget why the thousands of Emperors Immortal Sage God sealed our God Plane? Do you believe he would only break the seal? Have you considered whether will he burn us along with everyone else?"

The mid-aged woman remained in silence with mixed feelings. Even she understood the situation, but this was their last chance. So, she wore a smile and said, "We cannot stop our 20,000 years of diligent work. Also, we have finished our last task. Now we can only wait and watch him. Even if he destroys everything, he won't kill his mother nor his family. After all, he's the Phoenix."

The mid-aged woman sat on a chair and ordered the people standing in the corner, "send him to the Lowest Mortal Plane as planned."

A mid-aged man nodded toward the mid-aged woman and took the baby from Empress Lu Lu, as the latter glanced at her son one last time before she closed her eyes and her heart.


At the Lowest Mortal Plane

Somewhere in a desert area, a mid-aged couple holding an eleven-year-old teen kid was running for their lives.

Behind them, a few masked figures were trailing.

The mid-aged couple were both heavily injured and covered in blood on all over their clothes. As they saw their pursuers closing the gap between them, they despaired and ran faster with all their remaining strength.

Suddenly, a space void appeared ahead of them and formed into a small, golden portal.

Once the portal opened up completely, a baby flew out from within and rushed into the arms of the injured woman.

Startled! The woman reacted with her motherly instinct and caught the baby in her bosom. She glimpsed at the baby and stood rooted in a daze. As if the baby captivated her, she couldn't take off her eyes from the baby.

The baby's eyes resembled a mirror, reflecting their sorrows and miseries.

As the sudden appearance of the baby caught the couple off guard, the masked figures surrounded them in a circle.

One of them took a step forward wiping the blood off the mask and said, "Your Highness, if the Emperor wants to survive in the palace, he must become a heartless person. Otherwise, like your fate, his trusted people would plot and kill him. Hope you learn this lesson for your next life."

The masked figure motioned the rest, "Go! leave none alive!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Those masked figures slowly stepped toward them, emitting out their killing intents.

As if sensing malicious intents from the surrounding area, the baby opened its eyes and cried, "wah."

Suddenly, a flame appeared above those masked figures and engulfed them, instantaneously burning them letting no chance for a wail.

Only their dark ashes remained on the ground before the wind swept them away.

The couple grasped their breath and sat on the ground, feeling relieved and puzzled, yet they didn't notice tiny colourful flames flickering within the baby's pupil.

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