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Chapter 80: Breakthrough

After Hou closed his eyes, he once again examined his entire body.  

Even though he found no changes earlier, he discovered he could smoothly flow his Qi when he created the huge weapon Qi.  

He circulated his fire Qi according to his breathing technique toward his dantian.  

On each heartbeat, his core absorbed his fire Qi and refined it on next heartbeat.  

Afterwards, his core released pure refined fire Qi toward his entire body.  

He felt refreshed and overflown with power.  

Now his doubts cleared up, and he knew something mysterious happened to him.   

That also explained how he appeared here and Lily's appearance within the purple fire sphere.  

Though he was clueless, he believed it was only protecting and helping him.  

Hence, he decided to not bother about it as he found himself at the edge to the next Realm.  

Just one push and he would reach the next Realm. 

Slowly, he circulated his fire Qi to refine his soul.  

However, once again, he discovered shocking changes in his soul.  

His soul was already refined and his soul contract mark with Lily glowed in bright purple flames.  

The purple flames exuded an ancient and mysterious aura.  

He had his attention on his refined soul.  

He stared at his soul in confusion since he didn't know what to do nor how to refine his soul to breakthrough to next Realm.  

Hence, without an option, he circulated his pure refined fire Qi toward his soul.  

As soon as his fire Qi touch his soul, absurdly, his soul shook before glittering just like a translucent crystal.  

Two tiny red wing tattoos appeared on his soul's back. Yet it looked so realistic.  

Meanwhile, his fire Qi slowly coated in a layer around his soul as if forming a barrier.  

On each heartbeat, his fire Qi flowed at a rapid pace towards his soul and depleted his Qi inside the core.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Finally, when his fire Qi finished coating around his soul, his aura began to change while his core rotated itself and slowly recovered Qi.  

Afterwards, his realm changed into Early Stage Earth Origin Realm.  

Hou opened his eyes and stood up before laughing out loud like a crazy person.  

When fatty Hai, Gu Qing and other girl heard his laughter, they glanced toward the cave.  

But they didn't bother at all because they were battling against a group.  

Before the group reacted, in a flash, Hou appeared out of the cave.  

He glanced at his dissipating weapon Qi on the ground.  

Afterwards, he stared at them with a mocking smile.   

There were 5 people in that group however the only one who didn't fight, sat on the ground watching the battle.  

Watching their greedy and lecherous expression, he realized their real intentions for attacking here.  

Those people thought Fatty Hai, Gu Qing and the other girl were hiding some rare treasure or cultivation resources.  

Also, they wanted to force themselves on Gu Qing and the other girl.  

Hence, Hou formed 10 weapons Qi around him and dashed towards them.  

With an extreme speed, he passed through those 4 people and stood in front of the sitting person.  

He showed his creepy smile at that person and raised his hand.  

10 weapon Qi silently appeared and floated around his hand.  

Meanwhile, the sitting person in front of him turned stiff and rigid, looking at those weapons Qi with a horrified expression.  

He had never imagined someone hidden within a cave.  

His speed was too fast, he couldn't even see his running figure until he stopped in front of him.  

Just as he tried to speak, the other 4 people fell to the ground with a bang.  

Each one of them had at least two tiny holes in their upper body while flames spread slowly towards their entire body.  

However, no wail or scream came out of their mouth as they already died before they landed on the ground.    

When the sitting person discovered that, he screamed in fear, but it stopped mid-way.  

Instead, rather an exploding noise rang around the area.  

Hou glanced at the headless body and pondered over his next steps.  

While Fatty Hai and Gu Qing seemed not a bit surprised, watching his ruthless killing.  

Only the other girl became speechless and remained rooted on the ground with a dazed expression.  

Once she recovered, instantly, like a scared rabbit, she hid behind Fatty Hai and peeked at Hou with her terrified eyes.  

Even though she fought with those people, they never showed any signs of killing intent.  

While she did detect their greed and lust, she knew they wouldn't dare to touch her.  

She had already announced her clan name.  

After all, her clan disciples were also somewhere within the trial ground.  

Afterwards, Hou glanced toward fatty Hai and indifferently said.  

"Fatty Hai, come with me."  

Then, he tilted his head toward the girls and instructed them, showing his weird smile.  

"You two, defend this place well. Also, don't enter the cave."  

Hou and Fatty Hai left the place while the other girl nudged Gu Qing to explain everything.  

But Gu Qing did not speak, instead, she walked over towards the corpses and disposed of them in disgust.  

Meanwhile, Hou and Fatty Hai hid in the bushes peeping towards two boys and a teen girl arguing with each other.  

Apparently, those boys were fighting over the girl, but she gave a disdained look and cursed at them nonstop.  

When the boys found out about her real nature, they stopped fighting and came to teach her an unforgettable lesson.  

However, the girl warned them with her senior brother's name.  

Both boys also said their senior brother's name.  

Though hearing their names startled the girl, yet she still insulted their senior brother.  

She said if they appeared in front of her senior brother, they would turn docile and follow every command while boosting her senior brother's achievements to them.  

Still seeing her with an arrogance demeanour and tone, both boys aggravated her while also boosting and exaggerating their senior brother's achievements.  

Finally, Hou stepped out of the bushes as they showed no sign of stopping and couldn't take it anymore.  

Before they could detect him, just like a gust of wind, he appeared silently in front them and sent fast punches towards their faces.  

Both the boys and the girl flew in the air before stumbling heavily on the ground.  

They staggeringly raised their head and saw a kid glaring with a creepy smile in their earlier spot.  

Just as they tried to speak, the kid mocked them.  

"What stupid people. If you want to find whose senior brothers it´s better to just gathered them and let them fight each other."  

"No worries, I'll grant your wishes soon." 



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