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Chapter 20: Dead

The enraged roar terrified everyone in the Red Mist City.

Everyone fled and hid in fear inside his or her home.

The big Clan already activated the defensive formation around their courtyard and prepared for the battle.

When mother Bing, grandpa Zong and six other grand elder including grand elder Li entered at the 5th floor inside the Wind Cloud Tavern. They saw a lifeless body, turning cold as the time passed. At the body, appeared a big hole in the chest, missing the heart.

When the trembling Sissy saw them approaching, he kneeled down on the ground while shuddering in fear.

Mother Bing dashed and picked the lifeless body.

When she found the deceased body, her heart worn apart.

Tears poured out of her eyes before she wailed and sobbed in an ear-splitting voice.

Ever since she found him, she has never left him of her sight.

Whenever he disappeared, she'd search everywhere till she found him.

When She thought God has sent him to her, She protected and take care of him for the whole life.

She even loved him more than her own son. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

That's why she spoiled him and let him do whatever he wanted.

She still remembered him hopping around the courtyard with a happy smile.

While grandpa Zong and grand elders became terrified and rooted at the spot, they couldn't even take a step.

Grandpa Zong looked at his daughter clutching at his grandson's dead body while wailing in pain.

His mind froze, and no words appeared in his mouth. He stood in a silence while watching everything with tears.

Finally, Mother Bing stopped and glared at everyone with her chilly gaze.

When she glimpsed around the room, she at once stood and released her aura.

Her aura landed on Sissy before pulling him up in the air in front her.

Once Sissy appeared within her range, she raised and clutched her left hand in his neck.

Just when she tried to snap his neck, grandpa Zong flashed in front and pulled her hand before shaking his head to stop her.

Mother Bing looked coldly at grandpa Zong while terrified Sissy peed on his pants.

Grandpa Zong released sissy from her hand.

After he stared into Sissy's eyes, with his fierce glare.

He spoke in a murderous tone.

"Explain everything without missing how it happened and who did this."

"I'll let you die without pain."

"If you dare even miss a single thing, you'll experience the actual torture."

During the time, grandpa was interrogating Sissy, mother Bing caught a sight from the corner of her eyes.

The small colourful fires were flickering in Hou's eyes.

A green fire among them was blazing brilliantly and gradually burning little by little as time passed.

Before Sissy could respond, with an anxious voice, mother Bing shouted at grandpa Zong.

"Father, hurry and take me with you inside the Clan library."

Grandpa Zong did not perceive her words, but, he still agreed with a puzzled expression.

Before mother Bing and grandpa with lifeless Hou left, mother Bing stared at the grand elders.

She spoke in a domineering voice.

"The one responsible for Hou, bring them in front of me or you shall never see the light in your life."

With the beads of sweats perspired from their back and a nervous look, the grand elders bowed at them and waited till their figures disappeared.

With a grim face, the grand elders shifted their sight on Sissy's body.


At the Crimson Auction House

Meanwhile the terrified miss Lily stood in front of Elder Yu who listened to her words while turning paler every second.

At the corner of the room, complaining and sobbing voices resonated.

A small chubby Lolita hid her face between her knees at that corner.

While the barbaric bald old man stood motionless behind her, with no expression on his face.

With a helpless and complex emotion, Elder Yu glanced at the corner before speaking in a panicking voice.

"Miss Lily, Miss Rose, you both cannot stay here in this city anymore. if it was someone else, not Liu Clan, then the Auction house name would alone pressure them. But now, even if we say we're from the Rain Forest Academy, they'll never let us for killing the grandson of Liu Clan head."

When miss Rose heard, she sneered in an arrogant tone without raising her head.

"So what, As long as they discover my grandfather name, they wouldn't dare to touch us. It's only a branch of the Liu Clan here, even if it was the main Liu Clan, they wouldn't dare too."

When Elder Yu heard her response, he shook his head and told the truth.

"Even though your grandfather is at Early Stage Supreme Mortal Realm, he cannot be here within a week. Few days is enough for Liu Clan to take down this whole Crimson Auction House."

A panicking expression outlined on both miss Lily and miss Rose before they shivered and became frightened.

Miss Lily closed her eyes in helpless before opening them.

She peeked at her sister and sighed. After deciding, she took out a talisman from her sleeves.

The talisman resembled a jade with many golden engravings in it.

This was the Teleportation Mid Rank 7 Heavenly Mortal Grade talisman which was the only talisman she took from her grandfather before leaving.

Under the anxious gaze of Elder Yu, Miss Lily walked and stood in front of miss Rose.

After she crushed the talisman, she soon put it on her sister's neck before softly saying.

"Goodbye little Rose, take care after yourself."

Once Miss Lily finished her words, miss Rose disappeared before she could say anything.

Tears flowed out from her eyes when she glanced at the empty spot for a moment.

After she stepped outside without saying or looking at Elder Yu.

While the barbaric bald old man silently followed miss Lily.

After she came out of the room. She wiped her tears before heading toward the Liu Clan.

As for Elder Yu, he watched her leave, with a hesitant look.

He sighed as he knew what would happen.

He took out a Thought Exchanging talisman High Rank 10 Origin Mortal Grade.

After informing everything and receiving the reply, he froze and stayed silent before sighing again as he thought he aged too much this day.


At the Jia Clan mansion.

When Miss Nina found Hou was dead, she broke everything inside the room in disbelief.

With a heartbroken and heart-wrenching emotions, she sat on the ground before wailing and howling in tears.

While, Jia Kong stood and gazed at his daughter in pain, with a helpless face.

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