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Chapter 29: Demands

Inside the top floor of the Liu Clan library

Hou was standing on top of the chair and mother Bing was sitting next to him, in front of them were Wong Shi and Wong Lei.

Hou glared at Wong Shi and mocked.

"Old stupid geezer, How do you feel now the one whom you wanted to kill captured you?"

Wong Shi just remained silent and looked at him but burning rage filled with resentment was visible within his eyes. However, he dared not act and forced himself to resist his rage.

He stared at Hou and spoke in a bitter voice.

"Young master, please say what you want from us to let us leave alive from here."

"I'll fulfil them all as long as it is within my capacity."

Hou blinked and grinned at him with a satisfactory smile before slyly saying.

"Stupid geezer, It will be like this, each head equals one demand. Do you agree with this?"

Wong Shi at once nodded his head in helpless.

Hou pointed at his head and spoke.

"First for your stupid head, You'll pay me every year all the fire attribute resources that come out for Crimson Auction House from the Rain Forest Academy."

Even though Wong Shi was bleeding in the heart and could only forcibly agree since his life was more important than the resources.

He still had some authority in the academy, anyway.

Hou turned his head at Wong Lei while pointing at the direction where Sissy was.

"As for you, That weak sissy will join the Rain Forest Academy as your personal discipline till he graduates."

After he shouted at Sissy.

"Damn Sissy, hurry and come meet your new teacher."

Without even looking at or hearing Wong Lei or Sissy whether they agreed, Hou walked toward miss Lily.

Hou looked at the trembling miss Lily who was sitting and hiding her face between her knees and bosom.

He glanced back at Wong Shi and said with a cunning look.

"As for miss Lily, She'll stay here as my prisoner till she dies."

As soon as he said that. 3 loud screams simultaneous resonated in the hall.

"Nooo. It won't be possible."

"Noo, She can't stay here with you!"

"Nooooo, Please young master Hou, please let me leave and demand something else."

2 loud screams howled in refusal were from Wong Shi and Wong Lei.

While the last scream was heart-wrenching begging outburst came out from miss Lily at the same time she kneeled and clutched Hou's little tiny legs.

Hou tried to break away from miss Lily but couldn't, thus he just sighed and closely stared at Wong Shi and Wong Lei.

Somewhat sceptical, he spoke.

"Seeing your extreme reaction, I can tell she is a very important person to you both. She couldn't really be an orphan that you stupid geezer suddenly found and adopted."


"Even coming here from far away to rescue her."

"With how close she resembles that Lolita, She should be your bastard granddaughter, right?"

When Hou said that, he himself didn't believe but when he saw the shocked and guilty look on Wong Shi, while Wong Lei was staring his father in disbelief.

He started to wildly laugh and mocked.

"Ha ha ha ha, Stupid geezer so she's actually your own daughter."

"No wonder why you rushed here so quickly and even sending someone to represent her so no harm would befall her before your arrival."

"Now I'll definitely have her as my insurance against you."

Meanwhile Miss Lily stared into Wong Shi's eyes to see the truth, however, Wong Shi avoided her eyes and looked down. After, She wept and sobbed again whether in happiness or sadness as only she knew.

Finally, she raised her head with a determinate gaze and said.

"Young master Hou, I'll accept and stay here with you till I die."

Wong Shi heard her words and tried to say something but no words came out.

He just closed his eyes while slowly few drops of tears fell.

Finally, he stood up and glared at Hou in the eyes and spoke in a grave voice.

"Young master, Since we've accepted all your demands, we'll take our leave."

After he turned and took a step toward the exit.

Suddenly Hou's voice came.

"Stupid geezer, why leave without hearing my last demand?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Wong Shi halted his step before looking at Hou, with a confused and a hesitant gaze, he asked.

"Young master, Did you not say each head only one demand?"

"Why are you stopping us even though we already accept all your demands?"

Hou looked at him in disdain and sneered.

"Stupid geezer, why are you in a hurry? We still have one head left and the most important one."

At first, his words startled Wong Shi before remembered whom he was counting and nervously asked him to confirm with a stuttering voice.

"You.. don't.. mean ---."

Hou smiled and nodded his head before interrupting his words, he spoke.

"Yes, that Lolita. As for what I want for her."

He paused his words, he scanned the room before pointing at Sissy who standing behind Wong Lei.

He showed a bright smile while thinking about something before his sparkling eyes shone again after he cunningly said.

"That Lolita has to get married to my servant Sissy once he graduates from the academy and returns here with him. If you refuse, you can stay here forever. As for that Lolita, once she lost your protection, Liu Clan would easily get her here."

"That time, I would let my servant marry her or even make worse than that."

"So stupid geezer, Do you agree or not?"

Wong Shi's veins appeared and his blood boil, still, he didn't rebuke. While Wong Lei couldn't bear anymore so he tried to take a step but Wong Shi stopped him by raising his hand.

Afterwards, he shot a malicious glare and forcibly asked.

"Now can we leave?"

Hou looked amusingly at them before beckoning Sissy at the corner and wickedly said.

"Sissy, Since you were useless at the Wind Cloud Tavern, I wanted to punish you but since you're so weak, I changed my mind. Thus I decided to give all the benefits to soar high up in the sky along with a very beautiful wife. Now the chance has come for you to prove it to me. I'll now give you an important task."

"Your mission is to go to the Rain Forest Academy to get into the higher position before you graduate."

"Once you get there, I'll further give you the instruction what to do next. But if you fail, well you already know the answer to that."

"All right, Go with them to the academy. Work hard for me."

After that, Hou hopped toward Mother Bing.

All this time no one bothered Hou since mother Bing already decided to let himself handle these.

So they waited in silence, wondering how he would deal and what would he demand.

After everything ended, some thought he was too cruel, other thought he was too generous towards his servant, few felt relieved.

However, they all just wanted to leave the building.

While only Mother Bing, grandpa Zong and miss Nina thought he was up to something else again.

Meanwhile, Wong Shi, Wong Lei, and Sissy finally left the building without looking back.

Elder Yu hastily bowed and also ran back to the Crimson Auction House.

Next miss Nina came over toward Hou, saying she was also going to the Rain Forest Academy and will miss him a lot.

After she smooched him everywhere on his face, she reluctantly left along with Jia Kong.

Patriarch Fu, Old Patriarch, and the grand elders also left back to the main Liu Clan.

Grandpa Zong and the rest of the grand elders started to de-activate all the formation and went back to the hall.

Mother Bing rubbed Hou's head with affectionate eyes before saying.

"You did well."

Afterwards, she looked at the terrified miss Lily but said nothing and left the hall leaving only Hou and miss Lily.


At the Jia Clan Secret garden

When Jia Kong explained everything in detail missing nothing, the shadow pondered for a moment.

The shadow showed some excitement and said in a happy tone.

"That Hou kid is really special and amazing. If what you have said is true, he is definitely not the Empress Bing's Child, but someone with a big background."

"There has been no one who could revive someone already lifeless unless with some kind of unknown Unparalleled Mortal Grade Pill. But those have not appeared once in the Mid Mortal Realm Plane so that kid must be someone from the Highest Mortal Realm Plane. For now, stop observing him since he might have a guardian guarding around him in secret. We'll approach him once Nina is at Sovereign Mortal Realm."

"As for that formation arrays at the Liu Clan, Monarch Zhu or someone else should have left behind."

"No need worry about that formation since it can only defend and attack inside the formation."

After saying that, the shadow closed its eyes. Jia Kong bowed and left.


At the Imperial Palace.

Emperor De was frowning while listening to the report from a mid-aged woman guard wearing a green-coloured cloak who was kneeling on the ground in the hall.

A youth around 14 years was manipulating a sharp crystal-clear ice up above his head. Next, to him, an old woman wearing a blue-coloured sat and was looking at the youth.

When Emperor De finished listening to it, he started get worried and anxious hearing about the report which explained everything happening with Empress Bing.

Just as he would say something to the mid-aged woman guard, he heard chuckles from the old-woman wearing a blue cloak.

"Little De, why are you getting anxious over nothing? As long as Empress Bing stays at that building, No one below Monarch Mortal Realm can hurt her as long as she stays there. Do you think Guardian Hua made that formation array in that building as a decoration?"

"400 Years ago, Someone had demanded to assassinate your grandfather and issued a request at the Supreme Sects Gathering Summit."

"Back then, your grandfather hadn't inherited the Monarch Zhu legacy, so no guardian was protecting him."

"After your great-grandfather begged at guardian Hua at least to create Defensive Formation Arrays for your grandfather."

"Later, Guardian Hua took almost all the resources from the Empire vault along with the Blue Crystal Ice Gem Core: High Rank 10 Heavenly Mortal Grade left behind by the Monarch Zhu."

"Thus creating there an Absolute Defense Formation Array: Low Rank 1 Unparalleled Mortal Grade."

"Hence, your grandfather lived there for 10 Years with no harm before returning to Imperial Palace."

"So you shouldn't worry about that."

"Xui, Let's go."

Afterwards, the old woman wearing the blue-coloured cloak stood up and left.

The youth stopped what he was doing and followed her.

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