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Chapter 23: Elder Yu Represents Miss Lily

At the Liu Clan Library

Miss Lily and terrified Sissy were kneeling and trembling in the middle of the hall.

A block of an ice was behind them, within was the bald barbaric old man.

With a veil covering her face, Mother Bing sat on the chair in front them.

She looked coldly at them while Hou sat on her lap mischievously looking around the hall.

Grandpa Zong stood behind her while grand elders gathered around at the corner.

When everyone discovered Hou sitting on mother Bing's lap, his presence bewildered and horrified them at the same time.

Everyone thought of him as a reincarnated devil as they had seen his lifeless body.

While they had a curious expression and wanted to learn how he's still alive. But, when they saw mother Bing's cold gaze, their curiosity disappeared at once.

With cold eyes, Mother Bing glared into the trembling miss Lily's eyes before asking in a threatening tone.

"Where's the other girl? Tell me everything about her."

Even though, inwardly, terrified and despaired in fear.

Miss Lily kept her mouth shut and shook her head left and right.

Mother Bing lost her patience after seeing that and glanced at the corner where the grand elders stood.

She ordered in a cold voice with no pity.

"Dig out her eyes."

Grandpa Zong remained silent without changing his expression.

Meanwhile, the grand elders felt too intimidated to even rebuke, since they thought it was too much for the bystanders.

Somewhat hesitating, they followed her orders and came in front miss Lily, preparing to dig out her eyes.

As for miss Lily, she shuddered but closed her eyes waiting for her dejected fate to come.

She smiled when she thought it was her here instead of her little sister.

While the terrified Sissy moved backwards from her and knew soon, it was going be him.

With a hopeless and grieved emotion, he regretted meeting Hou and offending him at the Wind Cloud Tavern in his life.

With a serious gaze, he observed at miss Lily' smiling face closing her eyes.

Before grand elders could dig out her eyes, Hou suddenly shouted at them to stop.

"Old geezers, Stop it!"

After he hopped off from mother Bing's lap and walked towards them.

Grand elders startled and stared at walking Hou.

When they glimpsed at mother Bing and found her watching without a word, they at once moved back.

Miss Lily slowly opened her eyes and gazed at Hou, with a suspicious glare.

She found him staring at her without blinking his eyes.

A slight sly smile appeared at Hou's face before he asked her.

"Miss Lily, aren't you afraid right now?"

"Why bear these torturous process and not just say it?"

Staring straight into his eyes, she said in a pleading tone.

"Of course, I have become scared and terrified ever since I left the tavern. While my sister wronged you because of your deeds against her."

"But, I still can't betray her because she is my only little sister. I'd rather bear these than sell my sister. As for why you're still alive and standing in front us, I don't want to know. I only want if young master Hou could be magnanimous enough to not pursue my sister."

Hou laughed out loud at her words.

After he replied in a mocking tone.

"Haha, Miss Lily, you're hilarious."

"I don't remember doing anything wrong to your sister. When I asked your sister whether she wanted to grow her breasts so she accepted the pill from me without hesitation."

"I told her, it will help her breasts grow even bigger than yours, which increased."

"While I didn't explain the whole description."

"It grew her breasts bigger than yours like I promised." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"But what do I get?"

"A fist piercing into my heart from that bald gorilla then leaving me lifeless on the ground. Fortunately, my mother and grandpa saved me in time or I'd be drinking a bowl of soup and viewing the River of Styx."

"As for that fatty Loli biatch, she can hide for now but can't disappear forever."

"Someday I'll find her and repay the debt."

"So what do you think now?"

Miss Lily became speechless, and no words came to refute him.

She only lowered her head.

As for rest, they became stupefied and could only nod their head.

Just as he said, he informed them but only, it accomplished more than the breasts enhancement.

When he found her lowering her head without rebuking him, he lost interest in her.

When he would say something.

Suddenly grand Elder Li said.

"Elder Yu from the Rain Forest Academy has come here to represent miss Lily."

It bewildered miss Lily as earlier Elder Yu didn't stop her.

Meanwhile, it alarmed the grand elders, but they saw mother Bing and grandpa Zong with no change in their expression even when they heard the Rain Forest Academy.

They relaxed but still had an anxious expression on their faces.

Only Hou was clueless.

Grandpa Zong looked at Elder Li and said.

"Go bring him here."

Grand elder Li nodded and headed toward the Clan Hall.


At the Liu Clan hall.

With a cautious look, a few Elders stared at the guest seat in silence.

While the anxious Elder Yu sat in the guest seat.

He wanted to know the condition of miss Lily and hoped still alive without mistreated.

As why he had come here, even it baffled him as he didn't understand.

Earlier an order came to standby.

As he was pondering while drinking his tea in helpless.

Suddenly, an urgent task came for him.

He had to visit the Liu Clan and represent himself for miss Lily.

Also, he needed to negotiate with Liu Clan and Miss Lily's life safe until the old principal arrival.

Meanwhile, Miss Nina and Jia Kong also arrived here in the hall.

Slightly surprised after discovering Elder Yu here, they greeted him before seating at the guest seat in the hall.

Then they waited in silence for grandpa Zong.

After a while, grand Elder Li entered and looked at Elder Yu, before glimpsing at miss Nina and Jia Kong.

He slightly nodded to their greetings and said in a polite tone.

"Clan Head would like you to come inside our Clan Library. Miss Lily is also there. Please follow me."

After Grand Elder Li headed outside, quickly Elder Yu stood up and followed him.

While It baffled both Miss Nina and Jia Kong hearing miss Lily, but, still they also followed them.

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