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Chapter 58: Entering the Trial Ground

When Hou, Cheng Shuang, Shi Lei and the red-cloaked women entered the bridge, everyone looked at them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

With a startled expression, all the three groups stared at them.

When Xiang Chu recognized them, a mocking expression appeared on his face.

Just as he tried to gloat at Shi Lei, the mid-aged man next to him, nudged at him while staring at Hou.

Noticing his gaze, Xiang Chu also shifted his sight and froze for a sec.

But, he at once recovered and stopped looking in their direction with a grim expression.

Even though he didn't know the kid with them, he guessed that kid came from the big sect or clan.

As he had seen no one as young as him reached Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm.

Meanwhile, the other groups noticed Hou's presence and stayed vigilant while scanning their surroundings.

But, they found no one guarding him in secret and even became alert.

As they imagined his guard had higher Realm than them.

In the first group, the mid-aged guard whispered something on the lady's ear.

The lady shook her head and sighed.

As for Fan Le, he glanced at Hou for a moment before peeking at Shi Lei.

Later, a slight redness flushed as red as an apple on his face but he at once turned his face.

While Chu Mang noticed his face and had an odd expression.

Soon, Hou and his companion reached the entrance gate and checked the rest of the people.

When Hou saw their weird expression, he lost interest in them.

Instead, he stood in front the gate and banged with his fist.

But, he quickly stopped and grimaced in pain.

As for Shi Lei, he grabbed Hou's hands and dragged him into the corner.

When he reached the corner, with a serious expression, he stared at Hou for a while.

But Hou already guessed his thought.

So, showing his arrogant look and a mocking smile, he waited for Shi Lei's offer.

When Cheng Shuang saw them, she also followed behind with a worried and nervous expression.

Finally, Shi Lei spoke in a hoarse voice.

"Little brother Hou, if you help me kill that bastard inside the trial ground, I'll give you anything we gain from the trial."

Instead of replying to him, Hou showed his weird smile at Cheng Shuang.

Cheng Shuang also at once spoke in a clear voice.

"I'll also give you my shares, as long as you help us."

With a satisfied face, Hou nodded his head but said no words.

After they saw his nod, with a relieved look, they relaxed and waited for the trial.

A week passed.

Finally, the gate showed a reaction.

It shook and a powerful shock wave swept outwards in all direction before a small suction appeared at the middle of the gate.

Soon, it sucked the flames under the bridge and a small tunnel form at the gate.

The tunnel glittered with the ancient golden engravings.

Afterwards, everything returned in absolute silence.

Everyone waited for someone to enter first.

After a while, the lady and her guards nervously approached the gate.

The lady stared at the tunnel but entered through with no hesitation.

A few Formations Array flickered on her body and she disappeared.

While the guards also tried to follow her but they couldn't enter at all.

The formation blocked their movements from taking even a step.

Finally, everyone realized not anyone could enter.

When Hou found that, he at once ran toward it and also entered.

Just when he took a step, he heard someone calling his name in a loud voice.

But, the arrays flickered, and he vanished from there.

In an instant, with an anxious expression, Lily appeared in front of the gate.

But when she tried to enter, it also blocked her.

At once, she turned her head and glared at the rest of people before unleashing her shocking aura.

It startled everyone, and they also released their aura to block her aura and protect their respective masters.

The red-cloaked woman dashed and appeared before Lily and spoke in a polite tone.

"Fellow cultivator, your young master has entered the trial ground."

"He has taken his opportunity."

"Please calm your aura."

"As our young master and miss will also enter and follow him."

"They'll definitely keep him safe there."

Lily stared at the woman for a sec before stopping her aura and sat at the corner.

Both Cheng Shuang and Shi Lei peeked each other and entered the tunnel.

Afterwards, Fan Le also entered.

But, the mid-aged man stopped Xiang Chu from entering the tunnel.

With an anxious and hesitant expression, he worried for his young master safety since he already discovered Shi Lei's murderous glare.

Xiang Chu also pondered but at once he recalled a beautiful face.

After, with a resolute expression, he glared his guard before he too entered through the tunnel.

Everyone moved back to his or her spot and waited for their young master or miss, with a nervous and an expected expression.

Meanwhile, the old man and the mid-aged man stood above the pit, looking at the unrecognizable body.

Soon, A loud hysterical laughter filled with rage resonated around the area.

While the mid-aged man staggered back a few steps in fear but a malicious smile appeared at the edges of his mouth.

Outside the trial ground.

A lady appeared attracting everyone gazes at her.

Each one of them an expression filled with a lust, greed, and agitation.

But, none dared to approach her.

As the lady had an emblem of the Shadowless Sect.

The lady walked straight toward the entrance's end corner and stood in front of the bushes.

A dandy head popped out and stared at her.

With a puzzled expression, the dandy figure asked in a low voice.

"Wench Yue, do you need something?"

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