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Chapter 72: Entering the Tunnel 

Hou glimpsed at his hand and saw a mark that looked like a fire with unknown texts as he tried rubbing the mark hard to remove it.  

But nothing happened.  

Hence, he pondered over the earlier words before showing his creepy smile.  

He glared at both Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang and spoke in a serious tone.  

"If you lose any bags, don't expect to leave this place."  

Afterwards, he slowly moved toward Xiang Chu.  

Both Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang glanced at each other before glaring toward the group with grim faces.  

If they wanted to leave this place, they at least needed to kill a person.  

As for Ruby, she left the spot since she knew Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang only for a few days and kept her guard around everyone.  

While both Fan Le and Xiang Chu became thrilled and sprinted toward the group when they heard the words.  

As long as they kill someone from that group, they could escape from Hou.  

Xiang Chu glanced at Fan Le with a meaningful look.   

Even though Fan Le noticed his look, he ignored him as he needed to leave the place before Hou targets him.  

The group discovered both Fan Le and Xiang Chu approaching toward them.  

A few dispersed into different directions as they have recently formed a group.  

Each one had a shocked and confused expression since they did not understand why there would be such a trial.  

However, their expression quickly changed into vicious and furious ones.  

Afterwards, a few charged towards Ruby, Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang. While the confident ones waited for Fan Le and Xiang Chu.  

Yet, none rushed toward Hou because they had already discovered both Fan Le and Xiang Chu's expressions.  

After all, they guessed Hou had something that made both fear him even though he was only a Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm.  

Meanwhile, Hou glanced at Xiang Chu rushing towards the group with a playful smile without anyone blocking him.  

He dropped his bag on the ground and sat in front of the barrier.  

Afterwards, he took a wine gourd while pondering about the earlier words.  

He had a weird feeling about everything. 

And also, he didn't comprehend the true meanings behind this trial.  

He wondered if he missed something in the trial ground.  

So, he examined and searched each person's body at the platform whether they hid something on them.  

After all, this trial didn't begin with no reason.  

However, he discovered nothing from them and pondered whether he should kill them to see the results.  

But, he quickly dispelled that thought since they would kill each other.  

Afterwards, he drank his wine and giggled while anticipating their reactions when they realised they need to pass through the barrier to leave this place.  

Soon an intense and tragic battle began.  

Loud clanks along with unwilling and pained voices reverberated on the entire frozen lake.  

After an hour, only heavy breathing and a few weak groans rang on the platform.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Both Fan Le and Xiang Chu stood a few distances away along with 4 dead bodies on the ground.  

On their left side 3 youths sat on the ground along with a few shattered body parts.    

As for Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang, they also sat down with their eyes closed, recovering their Qi.  

Beside them, an impaled corpse hung above some wooden spears while 2 big craters were formed next to them. Inside the big craters was a gruesome meat pasta.      

Meanwhile, Ruby sat on 2 dead corpses while healing her injuries on her arms.  

Afterwards, everyone looked at Hou since they all already killed someone and had qualified to leave the trial ground.  

Shi Lei tried to take a step towards Hou, but Cheng Shuang caught his hand and shook her head.  

Because she didn't want to involve themselves with his plans.  

Both Fan Le and Xiang Chu realised his plan and nodded to each other with meaningful glances.  

Meanwhile, the 3 youths stood up and glanced at them like watching a show since they had no plan of leaving this place soon.   

They only participated because of the rules.   

Hou also stood up and showed a mocking smile toward Fan Le and Xiang Chu.  

Slowly, he formed 10 weapons Qi above his head and glared at them.  

Seeing that, Xiang Chu formed an ice armour Qi around his entire body and stood in a dash stance.  

While Fan Le formed countless rose petals that surrounded all within his range.  

Afterwards, like a wind, he sprinted towards the barrier.  

As soon as he did, Xiang Chu also dashed, running beside Fan Le.  

Meanwhile, Shi Lei couldn't resist himself and jumped between their path.  

Suddenly, Hou disappeared from his spot and appeared behind Shi Lei. He kicked his back sending him towards Cheng Shuang.  

Afterwards, vanished again like a ghost and arrived between Xiang Chu and Fan Le.  

Before they reacted, he grabbed Xiang Chu's right hand and smashed him towards Fan Le.  

A loud clang sounded, and few lights sparkled on their head-on crash before they were stumbling together on the ground.  

Instantly, they both did a backflip before jumping back a step.  

At the extreme speed, 10 weapons Qi pierced in their previous spot.  

They hastily sprinted toward the barrier without looking as they didn't need to guess who attacked them.  

Hou silently ran after Xiang Chu like a shadow, circulating his Qi to form a huge weapon Qi.  

When they reached a metre in front of the barrier, without hesitation, both flowed all their Qi under their feet and dashed for a final leap.  

However, a huge weapon Qi cleaved Xiang Chu's left arm while also breaking the rose petals barrier around Fan Le before inflicting a long wound on his back.  

Yet, both successfully entered through the barrier and fell to the ground.  

When Hou tried to enter the barrier, it blocked him.  

Hence, he turned around and showed his bright smile toward the 3 dazed youths.  

Before any of them realised it, Hou dashed towards them and appeared in front of a youth.  

In an instant, he disappeared leaving his afterimage, waking those dazed youths back up into the reality.  

Afterwards, Hou entered through the barrier and glared at both Xiang Chu and Fan Le.  

Noticing his figure, both desperately crawled toward the tunnel while grimacing in pain.  

Just as Hou raised his weapon Qi, instantly, it disintegrated into Qi before merging into the barrier.  

Hence, both Xiang Chu and Fan Le passed through the tunnel.  

Hou scanned the barrier and roared in a loud voice. 

"Lucky bastards and this damn barrier." 

Afterwards, he went outside and quickly returned with a huge bag before also entering the tunnel. 

As for those 3 youths, when they caught an afterimage in front of them, they retreated a few steps.  

But one youth fell down on the ground with an enormous hole in his upper body.  

Once both the youth realised what just happened, they became terrified and frightened.  

Now they understand the reason for Xiang Chu and Fan Le's fearful expression and staying vigilant against him. With that unique movement skill, he could attack them anytime and they would never catch his sight. 

Without hesitation, they left the platform and ran away as fast as they could with their mustered strength.  

Meanwhile, Ruby also entered through the barrier.  

While Cheng Shuang forcibly grabby Shi Lei and didn't let him enter through the barrier since she knew his reasoning won't stop there and would even involve their guardian or elders.   

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