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Chapter 8: Even Shitty Geezer Is a Grand Elder Here

When Grandpa Zong returned to the clan hall, the elders and grand elders were all waiting for him. Additionally, he saw a mid-aged man and a teen girl sitting in the guest seats and chatting among themselves.

When they noticed him entering, they stood up and greeted him.

Grandpa Zong greeted them back and sat on his clan head seat then looked with a meaning gaze toward his guests. He showed a warm smile and said.

"Old Kong, what a rare occasion for you to appear here today?"

"Are you by chance still seeking for my young genius disciples?"

Grandpa Zong peeked at Nina and grinned.

Jia Kong froze and avoided his daughter's gaze even though she didn't discern why he was seeking a young genius from the Liu Clan. He winked at Grandpa Zong and cleared his throat before replying.

"Haha stupid Zong, today I only came to escort my daughter Nina here since she wanted to see how the Liu Clan was doing."

Nina stood up and greeted Grandpa Zong as she replied.

"Uncle Zong, I've heard so many rumours about a famous baby in the Liu Clan, so I come here to meet him."

"Is it possible to let me meet him?"

As soon as her words ended, everyone became shocked and amazed in the hall.

Even her father Kong too.

Grandpa Zong and all elders in the hall including her father cast an odd look toward her when they recognized a shimmering sparkle in her eyes when she said, baby. It gave them the same weird feeling as the baby's eyes.

With a suspicious feeling, Grandpa Zong asked her.

"Niece Nina, have you met him somewhere?"

Nina slightly nodded her head and glanced at them for giving such weird gazes.

Grandpa Zong gave a questioning look at Jia Kong yet only to see him shaking his head.

Grandpa Zong knew everything about his grandson's weird behaviour for the past 2 years, almost no one approached him excluding his mother.

When he found someone weird as Hou, he planned a scheme.

He said as he wore a sly smile on his face.

"His mother had grounded him for this month. He will spend most of his time at the clan library."

"Once he comes out, how about I send him to meet you?"

"Yes. Thank you, uncle Zong."

Nina formed a dazzling smile and agreed while blinding these old geezers. They now realized and regarded her as weird as the baby.

Under the bizarre gaze of her father, she returned to her clan with a happy expression.

After they left the hall, the elders murmured with each other until their voices resonated.

Grandpa Zong awkwardly coughed twice and said in a serious tone.

"Let's begin the clan meeting, starting with the clan report."


Back at the Clan Library

Hou and his Servant Li were sitting in the corner on the 2nd floor.

Hou was watching a portrait on the wall while Servant Li was massaging his tiny feet.

The portrait had a figure of a tall, majestic and attractive man who was holding a golden Fan with several unknown ancient markings.

The man stood aloof on top of a humongous hideous blue dragon releasing an imposing and arrogant aura.

Even though the man in the portrait overwhelmed him, unknowingly, he glared the man with disdain and wanted to step on top of him.

He looked back at Servant Li and asked about the portrait in an arrogant tone.

When Servant Li noticed his attitude toward the portrait, he wanted to beat the shit out of him, but, knowing his background, just inwardly cursed at him.

He still explained:

"The man in the Portrait is the Founder of our Ice Empire and the only known Monarch Mortal Realm practitioner recorded in the history, Monarch Zhu."

"In the ancient records, around 1600 years ago, they said Monarch Zhu single-handedly defeated the blue dragon king of the Early Stage Sage Mortal Realm. After that, he founded our Ice Empire on top of the dead blue dragon king."

"The famous painter Gu painted this portrait 500 years ago to show his tribute to Monarch Zhu at a royal feast in the Imperial Palace City."

"25 years ago, Emperor De gave this portrait to our Jia Clan during his visit to our City. Since then we have it here in our library."

"Young master Hou, can you guess why we have it here and not at our clan hall?"

Hou opened his eyes wide and continued opening his mouth to speak but no sound came out.

He thought this portraited man was a strong man but killing an Early Stage Sage Mortal Realm dragon single-handedly was too awesome.

When he remembered, that he wanted to step on top of him, he stood speechless.

If he had said it out loud and somehow Mother Bing learned it, she might let him stay in this library forever.

He wiped his nonexistence sweat from his forehead and looked at the portrait again.

Servant Li just glared and chuckled at his reaction. After all, everyone admired Monarch Zhu. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou noticed his servant's reaction and shot an angry stare at him.

"Hey, shitty geezer, laugh again and you're dead."

"Do you think I am as stupid as you? Isn't the reason why it kept here those flickering formation arrays at the top, guarding this building?"

Surprised by his answer, Servant Li became curious and asked.

"How did you learn about the formation arrays at the top?"

"Have you learned about formation arrays?"

Hou stared at him with disdain and replied in an arrogant tone as he touched the portrait.

"Annoying geezer, obviously I have not learned any formation arrays."

"All of those elder geezers continued boasting about our clan grand formation. How no one can break or sneak into here without our Clan Token."

"Also, this place was the safest area in the entire Clan."

"Even if a crisis ever occurred, we could settle here until we grow old and the defensive formation won't budge."

Servant Li baffled and rolled his eyes.

He viewed Hou as the crazy stalker but to know even about the clan's last stand spot, only a few elders knew about this knowledge. Even if they couldn't distinguish the level of these formations since the clan had no High-grade formation Realm expert for these past generations.

After seeing his servant's expression and behaviour and how he kept asking him these annoying question, Hou stopped his thoughts and wanted to return home, so he asked.

"Where do I find the Grand Elder of this library? Take me to him."

Servant Li scanned his expression to detect why he was seeking the Grand Elder.

When Servant Li saw a normal look in his eyes, he grinned and glared at him with deadly eyes before saying in a chilly voice.

"Little mutt, the Grand Elder Li is right in front of you. What do you need?"

Hou shuddered. But, lightning fast, he kicked Servant Li in the face and ran while shouting in a high-pitched voice.

"What the heck!"

"You're the Grand Elder Li, even a shitty geezer is a Grand Elder here. First, you bully me then stalk me here and there, finally asking annoying questions."

"Shitty geezer, you have gone too senile."

"Next time you better behave, or it won't be just a kick."

By the time his loud shout died out, Hou had disappeared from the spot. Grand Elder Li froze again with his eyes and mouth wide open. After recovering from the frozen state, he felt the pain and caressed his face before looking toward the exit with a malicious expression.

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