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Chapter 83: Forming 11th Weapon Qi

A month passed  

Everyone discovered Hou´s training at the frozen lake or so he or she thought on the first day.  

However, soon they noticed him just aimlessly running around the frozen lake while rotating his weapon Qi around his body.  

A few people guessed he might have discovered a treasure and was searching for it.  

Hence, wherever Hou left to rest, they would rush and search the whole place in secret.  

Meanwhile, when Hou heard the rumours, he didn't deny it instead rather he pretended to search for something there and even created fake rumours about rare resources and treasures.  

Every day when he reached the frozen lake, he would find many huge pits on the surface of the frozen lake along with a few people shivering in cold.  

Just like that, he spent his days practising and gloating at those people's stupidity.   

Later, when the pits increased and affected him from smoothly running around the frozen lake, he moved toward the green mountain's peak to train.  

Once he reached there, he carved a sign with "Restricted" written on it and planted it at the edge of the peak.  

Afterwards, he sat in the empty garden and slowly formed a weapon Qi one after another.  

Once it reached 10, he examined them in detail before circulating his Qi to form another.  

However, once he formed that weapon Qi, all the rest shattered into tiny pieces.  

He slightly frowned yet didn't lose his confidence since he knew he reached the peak and could learn the next step in his skill.  

Therefore, he continued forming the weapon Qi, but the result turned out to be the same.  

He created the 11th weapon Qi but couldn't maintain stability on the rest of them.  

Even so, he continued practising for few days before dejectedly returning to the cliff.  

When he arrived at the cliff, he inspected the ongoing construction and the workers.  

The building seemed half complete and they would finish the whole project within 2 months.  

Feeling very pleased with the result, he walked towards the caves with a sly grin plastered on his face.  

Just as he entered the cave, a sudden bizarre idea came into his mind.  

He found the way those workers were constructing, which was a solid and firm Qi, and showed no sign of collapsing, intriguing.  

Hence, he wanted to try whether he could also form a weapon Qi using their methods.  

So, he hastily sat on the ground and circulated his Qi towards his hand.  

Once his Qi appeared around his hand, he formed it into a hollow weapon Qi shape.  

Then, he once again released his Qi and coated the hollow weapon Qi form like a thin barrier.  

Afterwards, he rotated his Qi in a chaotic speed and seeped it inside the hollow form.  

Once his Qi filled the hollow form, it turned into a weapon Qi and glowed like a glittering and translucent red burning gem.  

Although the whole process seemed too long, it only took a second to complete.  

Just like that, he created a weapon Qi, one after another until it reached 10.  

With a nervous and excited expression, he circulated and formed another weapon Qi.  

This time, the rest of the weapon Qi didn't shatter into pieces like the previous time.  

He jumped in the air and laughed out loud in happiness.   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

However, those weapon Qi shattered into pieces because he forgot to keep controlling them.  

He revealed a pained expression and sat down to recover his Qi.  

Afterwards, he formed 11 weapon Qi and step out of the cave.  

He looked up at the peak of the cliff and aimed a powerful blow with those weapon Qi.  

In an instant, he thrust toward the peak, yet it didn't reach there, instead; it descended once it rose 50 meters of distance.  

Immediately, he sprinted backwards from the spot.  

All of those weapon Qi landed on his spot with a loud bang and burned the ground.  

The loud bang startled all the workers, so they looked toward the spot before a few workers ran and extinguished the fire from spreading toward the building.  

Afterwards, the workers became enraged and scanned around the surroundings for the culprit.  

However, when they found Hou standing at the corner with a creepy grin on his mouth, they rushed back to work with a bitter expression.  

Although, Hou thought his action was wrong if he had burned the whole construction, but he didn't care since they would rebuild it again.  

He left the place as he needed to practise in open space. 

As he walked pondering for a suitable place, he recalled the small lake outside the trial ground.  

He dashed in a high speed toward the exit. Previously he wanted to check out that small lake but failed because of that Green Water Wyrm.  

When he appeared outside the trial ground entrance, he spotted many mid-aged and old people sitting and waiting for their disciples, young masters and misses.  

One mid-aged man came in front of him and asked him in a low voice.  

"Kid, is there anything happening in the trial ground?"  

Hou glanced the mid-aged man from head to toe with a cunning smile and spoke in a childish voice.  

"Mister, a few rare resources and heavenly treasures emerged on the frozen lake. However, no one has discovered them even after searching every day." 

"Also, this information came out from the trial ground's "great ruler" so, no one has stopped the search."  

"Hence, I came here to inform everyone and send more people inside the trial ground. After all, we don't have to pay any tribute if we find those rare resources and treasures."  

Instantly, the mid-aged man fished a bag full of gold and passed it to him.  

With a greedy and surprised expression, the mid-aged man dashed toward his group.  

Soon, everyone learned about it and dispersed toward the exit to report it to their clan or sect.  

They needed to gather more people as soon as possible or other would gain all of those rare resources and treasures.  

Meanwhile, Hou leisurely walked toward the small lake, with a few bags.  


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