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Chapter 51: Gathered

A few miles away from the small lake. An intense and tragic battle was taking place.

Cheng Shuang and Shi Lei looked awful, helplessly lying on the ground. They were bleeding and had a few broken bones, yet it was not mortal.

In front them, three dead bodies were on the ground. Two of those belong to the guards, and the other one was their assaulter.

Somewhat further ahead, a mid-aged woman in a red cloak was anxiously fighting against a mid-aged man, even though, she was an equal match.

She slightly glanced above the cliff. Then she gritted her teeth before mustering all her strength and strike a powerful blow once at him. The mid-aged man showed a slight opening, she speedily rushed at Cheng Shuang and Shi Lei before grabbing them both in each hand and escaped from there.

Just as the mid-aged man chased after them, an old man floated down, slowly like a feather, in front him and indifferently said.

"Let them leave, you've already achieved the tasks I told you to do."

The old man glanced at the deceased bodies on the ground. He slightly shook his head in pity.

Then he gazed toward the direction at the small lake. He had a perplexed expression and tried to remember but couldn't, so, he just headed there.

The mid-aged man walked up to the dead corpse of his friend. Then, buried it under the ground before following after the old man. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Meanwhile, When Hou closed his eyes, he cultivated his breathing technique knowing the Heavenly Qi was dense around the surrounding.

When the Heavenly Qi entered his body, he could only absorb a tiny bit of pure Heavenly Qi inside his core at his Dantian.

Meanwhile, rest of the heavenly qi dispersed chaotically everywhere inside his body.

Feeling that, he became alarmed when he circulated his fire Qi out from his dantian toward the chaotic Heavenly Qi inside his body.

Noticing no sign of danger, he felt relieved but he still didn't like it.

So, he deliberately directed the chaotic Heavenly Qi toward one spot before pouring out through his body.

Finally, after extracting all those Qi, he felt something was mixed and hiding within the chaotic Heavenly but he couldn't tell so decided to not think about it.

Hou opened his eyes then looked at Lily, sitting next to him, quietly observing the small lake. He immediately reminded her.

"Lily, circulate none of the Heavenly Qi from this area. Something is mixed within it, though not dangerous. It's better not to absorb it."

Hearing that, Lily, Fatty Hai, and Gu Qing became startled and confused. Lily thought he was over thinking but nevertheless didn't dare to absorb any.

While Fatty Hai and Gu Qing tried to circulate and absorb to experience it themselves, Hou swiftly slapped hard on their check before coldly said.

"Little stupid, did you not hear anything I had said? If you dare try again, I'll throw you both out towards the small lake. "

Hou stood up then, watched the Heavenly Qi emitting out of the small lake.

Both Fatty Hai and Gu Qing felt he was being utterly unreasonable and a bully.

But they could only endure as he was too powerful and their only protection for them to stay alive and survive here.

After watching for a moment, Hou couldn't differentiate, so, he sat down while murmuring to himself.

"Well, at least there'll be a show to watch. "

Only, Lily heard him but she still couldn't understand his words.


After a while, Zhao Ruge and his guard Meng also arrived near the small lake.

Guard Meng surveyed around for a moment. Then he too noticed many people hiding around the small lake, waiting for something.

He glanced in surprise at the lake seeing the condensed Heavenly Qi pouring out from there.

Finally, he looked at one of the hiding people, the other 2 youths who came here with them. Thus, Guard Meng notified Zhao Ruge before they headed there.

Meanwhile, at the side near the lake. Few people in black-cloaked were standing behind a youth and an old man.

The youth wore a pink-cloaked while the old man was in a grey cloak.

The leader among the black-cloaked group walked forward and reported the findings around the surrounding.

After listening to the report, the old man raised his eyebrows, but he still didn't feel anxious or concerned. Instead, he lovingly looked at the pink cloaked youth and said.

"Young master Le, we should let these people do the work and instead, let us head towards the trial grounds. It is better and smoother for you breakthrough your Realm there."

Fan Le flirtingly looked back at the old man while thinking something for a second, before showing his bewitching smile and said.

"Elder Mang, since we're already here. We should at least see how does the lotus look once it blooms. If we leave now, we might miss seeing the real beauty."

Chu Mang's face turned slightly red seeing his face, but, he forcibly resisted the temptation to jump on him as he was straight. He nodded his head in helpless, but did not withdraw his gaze from him.

The black cloaked people behind them started to sweat seeing how the old man intensely was gazing at Fan Le.

But, they already knew that Fan Le had captivated the old man with his cultivation skill.

Suddenly, the lotus stopped emitting out the Heavenly Qi around the surroundings, slowly, it turned into blood red.

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Proofread by SpacePhoenix.

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