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Chapter 24: Grandpa Shi Is on the Way

Somewhere up in the air, a massive, monstrous black double-headed crow was flying in a rapid speed toward the Red Mist City.

It was at Early Stage Heavenly Origin Realm.

On top, a blue-haired old man and a mid-aged man were sitting and meditating.

The blue-haired old man was grandpa Shi and the mid-aged man was Wong Lei.

Grandpa Shi opened his eyes and glanced at Wong Lei who was meditating to calm his anger and distract his thoughts.

He took out a Thought Exchange talisman High Rank 10 Origin Mortal Grade.

It had many ancient and unknown engraving with tiny golden outlines twinkling.

This talisman could reach anywhere within Ice Empire.

Once he flowed his Qi at the talisman and activated it, gradually, he sent his thoughts toward the other end and waited.

When it connected to another end, he spoke in a low tone.

"Old Ning, I have an urgent favour to ask you right now."

"Hope you give me a face for old time's sake and do it for me."

After a while, the other end replied.

"Old Shi, Since you're asking me for old time's sake, I cannot decline you."

"Say it, if it's within my reach, I'll do it as soon as I can."

Grandpa Shi was already expecting this reply, he at once explained.

"I need you to handle one of your Liu Clan branch. The grandson of that branch head bullied my granddaughter. In return, my granddaughter retaliated and ordered her guard to kill him in the heat of the moment. After he died, she at once escaped."

"Somehow my granddaughter returned safe but right now they held my adopted-granddaughter along with her guard. I need you to order them to do nothing against her till I reach there. Last, I need you to promise me, you won't interfere in this matter."

"As long as you do, I'll only take care of those involved party and not the whole branch."

The other end stayed in a complete silence. Finally, a long sigh came along with a reply.

"As long as you show the leniency, I promise you to not interfere in this matter."

"But, you will promise me to never ask me any favour from this day."

"Tell me which one is it?"

With a relieved expression, Grandpa Shi said in a hoarse voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"The branch from the Red Mist City."

The other end froze for a sec before dubiously asking again in a shaky voice.

"Which city did you say?"

Grandpa Shi frowned at his shaky voice but still replied.

"Red Mist City."

Instantly, the other end cut off the connection.

This startled grandpa Shi and checked whether It broke the talisman. After checking it, he noticed nothing was wrong. He became a little worried then activated it again to ask.

Before he could try to send his thoughts, another end roared aloud in his mind.

"Old Shi, You Bastard! From today, we have no relation with each other anymore. So you better not step into the Red Mist City."

"Even though you're at Early Stage Supreme Mortal Realm, you are but only one person."

"You might scare most Clan with your Realm but we are not among them. For our old time sake's, I recommend you to better turn back and worry about your granddaughter and hide somewhere far from our reach."

"If you dare to go there, don't say I didn't warn you."

After he heard a loud crash, the connection cut off again.

Grandpa Shi froze before pondering over everything that just happened.

He frowned cause he couldn't comprehend from where his old friend got the guts to talk like that to him.

As he was only giving a respect to him by letting him know beforehand.

So, he doesn't stain on their friendship but instead, he got threatened by him.

Suddenly, he stopped his mount up in the air before releasing his deadly aura everywhere in rage.

Afterwards, He shouted loud in an enraged voice.

"Old Ning, Since you dare to challenge me, let me see how capable your Liu Clan is. If not, then there shall be no Liu Clan in Ice Empire."

When the aura pressure spread, It startled Wong Lei.

After he opened his eyes and found his angered father, he hadn't seen for a long time.

He shuddered and tried to call him but no voice came out in fear.

Finally, after a while, grandpa Shi calmed and noticed his son.

He beckoned at his mount to continued toward the Red Mist City.


At the Imperial Palace City, Main Liu Clan

Right after fiercely crushing the talisman, Liu Ning stood up and walked out from his courtyard.

He was the old Patriarch of the Liu Clan, the Peak Stage Sovereign Mortal Realm.

Usually, he wouldn't interfere with the Clan stuff but now it was very important.

When he entered the Clan hall meeting, everyone bowed and greeted him.

He glanced around and sat on the head seat before sending out everyone, except Clan Patriarch and grand Elders.

After everyone left, with a worried face, Patriarch Fu asked in a cautious tone.

"Old Patriarch Ning, is there something wrong?"

With a grim face, Old Patriarch Ning stared at Patriarch Fu and explained everything he learned from Old Shi.

When they heard, A shocked and an awful expression appeared on their faces.

The hall turned into an absolute silence and depressing atmosphere.

When Patriarch Fu discovered Hou's death as he was waiting for his awakening ceremony in 2 years, he felt sad and pity.

He liked him even though he had an arrogant and shameless demeanour.

With a bitter expression, he sighed.

After remaining silent for a while, at last, Patriarch Fu spoke.

"Old Patriarch Ning, Do you think Wong Shi will go to the Red Mist City?"

Old Patriarch Ning nodded his head and said with a serious face.

"I know that Old Shi too well."

"He'll definitely go there, even if someone warns him, a dead road ahead."

"But that's not the most worrying part."

"It's Empress Bing."

"Even after Crown Prince Xiu successfully inherited Royal legacy and acknowledged by the guardians' of the Monarch Zhu legacy."

"Emperor still maintained the same attitude as waiting for something."

"Since 2 years ago the Imperial Palace City have stayed calm as if getting ready for a big storm."

"So, all the Clans and Sects have been staying extra vigilant. None of them wanted to offend anyone related with Royal Family."

"Now that, Hou is dead. Empress Bing will return in fury in the Imperial Palace City."

"I think Emperor is just waiting for her."

"He definitely will use Empress Bing to direct her anger towards all of those enemies who plotted against them years ago till she calms."

"And if we somehow offend her during this time, she won't even spare us."

"As for what we need to do, we aid Empress Bing in Red Mist City at any cost to show our Liu Clan Loyalty toward her."

With a solemn expression, everyone nodded his or her heads in agreement as they somehow could already guess what will happen.

Patriarch Fu looked at Old Patriarch Ning before saying in a serious tone.

"Don't worry Old Patriarch Ning, I'll summon everyone within an hour before rushing toward the Red Mist City."

"No matter what, we'll give justice to Empress Bing for Hou's Death."

Afterwards, he bowed at Old Patriarch before leaving the hall.

All the grand elders also left to prepare for the upcoming battle.

While Old Patriarch Ning sighed in helpless, thinking it was going be a very brutal battle against Old Shi.

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