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Chapter 111: Imperial Palace City

Hou and the girls were standing and waiting in a long queue in front of a massive steel gate, higher than 1000 meters.

The gate was the entrance toward the Imperial Palace City.

Numerous guards with heavy weapons were inspecting every person in the queue.

High above the walls, a few soldiers were aiming their arrows toward the queue, ready to shoot if any sign of danger appeared.

Even though Hou and the girls could enter the City without bothering anything, they didn't because Hou created a habit to only enter through the gate. He never said his reason.

However, the girls knew he wanted to pretend as a mortal.

An hour later, a few guards came toward Hou and the girls for the inspection.

Before those guards spoke any words, Lily threw a small pouch toward them without looking at their faces.

The pouch landed on one guard's chest, creating a few clacking noises of coins.

The guard peeked into the pouch and hesitated for a split second before he showed a smile toward Lily and left along with other guards.

With no obstruction, Hou and the girls walked and entered through the gate.

A thin guard asked as he watched their backs.

"Senior, why did you let them enter without inspecting? I think one of those girls with a veil is the suspect. What would you do if our superiors find out you let the suspect enter the city?"

The senior guard took a gold coin from the pouch and flung it toward the thin guard.

"Little bastard, don't lie to me, I can see through you. You just wanted to see those girls' faces. Also, as long as you people don't rat on me, who would discover me?" said the senior guard as he placed the pouch in his pocket. He guesstimated it should at least 1000 golds, more than his entire life earning as a guard. Also, he knew they were no ordinary people since they consider money as dirt. As for the suspect, he didn't doubt them because his superiors had told him, someone had already seen that person inside the city.

Once Hou and the girls took a step on the city, they began to sweep their gaze around their surroundings in amazement.

Everywhere, their sights discovered a lot of massive buildings, towers, mansions, a bustling street filled with people and carriages moving every second, countless small stall along the path. It seemed like there was no end. Each place also had insignia representing a Clan or Sect.

Although Hou and the girls knew the Imperial Palace City was the biggest City in the Empire, they had never expected to have a tenfold larger size than any other city.

Meanwhile, the onlookers noticed them and mocked for acting like a hillbilly. Few onlookers hoped those girls would remove the veil from faces and show their beauty.

However, Hou and the girls ignored the onlookers and began to stroll from one place to another. If they found anything interesting, without checking price, they would purchase it.

Later, all the stores discovered a new prodigal young master appeared in the city and prepared for his welcome.

Finally, in the evening, Hou and the girls stopped as a few drops of rain poured down from the sky.

With slight displeased with the weather, Hou and the girls stopped a carriage and gave an address to the driver to lead them there.

After an hour, the carriage arrived at their destination.

A mansion stood with various fragrances emitting from a few rooms around the surroundings.

Lily paid the driver and led Hou and other girls toward the mansion even though she seemed reluctant to enter the place.

Once they entered the mansion, a thin, sexy lady in a revealing dress bowed and welcomed them showing her cleavage.

"Welcome young master and misses to our Paradise Mansion. Please follow me inside. I will lead you toward a room and also show all our girls to you."

Before Hou could speak, Lily shot a cold glare at the lady and said, "lead us to Jum Bo."

The lady shuddered and bowed to Lily while giving a signal with her hands behind her. Then, she led them upstairs toward a room.

As they walked past the rooms, loud laughter, soft moans and breathing along with distinct fragrances came out from each room.

Only now, Long Anqi and Ouyang Lanyu realised they were in a brothel. Their faces turned red and blocked their ears while they took a step toward the exit, but still followed Hou in helpless.

Finally, when they reached the top floor, the lady stopped and knocked twice on a door. Then, she opened the door for Hou and the girls and hurried to her work.

Hou and the girls entered and discovered a naked fat youth sitting inside a small pool on the terrace, and a mid-aged man standing next to the pool.

The fat youth appeared injured as his body and face had bruises and swellings.

However, Hou and the girls still recognised him seeing the mid-aged man beside him.

Hou walked toward a bed in the centre of the room and jumped to take a rest, however, Lily grabbed him in mid-air and placed him on a long green sofa next to the window.

Hou shook his head as he thought; It seems Lily has become a neat freak.

The silk bedding on the bed was still clean even after someone had slept there. Yet she didn't let him sit there.

He placed his feet on the table and spoke glancing at the fat youth, "Fatty Bo, what happened to you?"

Fatty Bo's eyes lit up as if his saviour appeared before him. He prepared to stand up and dashed toward Hou, however, he shuddered and didn't dare to move his body as Lily took out a long massive sword from her baggage aiming toward him, ready to strike if he showed a slight movement.

Fatty Bo struggled and turned his head toward the mid-aged man due to fear since he understood his life almost ended for trying to rush without thinking.

The mid-aged man hurried and grabbed the bedding from the bed. He covered Fatty Bo with the bedding and took him toward the inner room. Even he had sensed a deadly crisis from her small gesture. Furthermore, the long massive sword only added more fear as the sharpness sent a shiver through his spine.

After a few minutes, Fatty Bo and the mid-aged man returned and stood in front of Hou, still trembling with fear.

Fatty Bo glanced at Hou and said in a stuttering voice, "Young Master Hou, as per your order, I followed and pursued the beauty, Ping Min. However, Cao Shan keeps hindering me from approaching her. Today he even defeated me in front of her using an underhand method and threatened to kill me if I approach her again."

Hou nodded his head and waited for Lily to finish pouring a tea on a cup for him. He picked the cup and said, "Fatty Bo, so you are just hiding here and wasting time."

He sipped the tea and added pointing his finger toward the mid-aged man.

"Why don't ask him to kill that person for you? Won't that solve the problem?"

Startled! Both the mid-aged man and Fatty Bo fell to the ground losing the strength from their legs as they listened to his words.

"Young Master Hou, we didn't dare harm him. He is the fourth young master of the Cao Clan Head, the third strongest Clan in Imperial Palace City. If we killed him, Cao Clan would hunt and kill us," Fatty Bo replied. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou showed a weird smile on his face and placed the cup on the table. He cast a playful glance toward them and asked.

"Don't you feel humiliated after getting a beating from him? I can help you returned the favour. Do you need my help?"

Fatty Bo nodded his head in a hurry and grinned after realising Hou would help him take the revenge on Cao Shan. He had planned to beg Hou for his help when he first saw him here.

Meanwhile, the mid-aged man's intuition warned him to stop them, but he didn't have a good reason.

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