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Chapter 26: Little Brat, Why Are You Still Alive?

Eventually, Hou struggled hard and gained his freedom.

He quickly escaped from the miss Nina's bosom,

Feeling utter depressed, he walked back to mother Bing.

Afterwards, he sat on her lap while he shot an insidious glare at Elder Yu.

When Elder Yu ensured miss Lily safe and treated well, Elder Yu sighed in relief.

After he stood opposite mother Bing, with a nervous expression, he spoke in a cautious tone.

"I've come here on behalf of Senior Shi to represent for miss Lily."

"Even though young miss Rose harmed young master Hou, it was a wrong decision done in anger and without full conscious."

"But, miss Lily had no part in making that decision."

"We hope that the Liu Clan would not blame the bystanders." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"We would compensate for any amount of the resources for leaving miss Lily out of this."

Grandpa Zong glared over him before he chuckled.

"So, you have come here to represent for miss Lily on behalf of Wong Shi instead of the Rain Forest Academy."

Elder Yu at once nodded his head, with an anxious face.

Mother Bing ignored him, while grandpa Zong gave a meaningful stare at Hou, offering him to deal with himself.

When Hou saw grandpa Zong's look, he stared at Elder Yu before speaking with an arrogant attitude.

"Old dog!"

"Stop talking nonsense and say the message since you here on behalf of that geezer Senior Shi."

After he realized he failed the negotiate, Elder Yu could only sigh in helpless and say the truth.

"Senior Shi would arrive here soon and he hopes no harm or injustices befall on miss Lily."

As soon as Elder Yu's words came out, everyone had a different expression.

The name startled the grand elders after they became afraid.

When miss Lily discovered, she saw hope though still had a complicated expression.

It didn't bother Sissy as he wasn't a part of it though he worried his poor fate.

While it surprised miss Nina for a moment before she fumed in anger.

Jia Kong just laughed in awkward.

But, grandpa Zong and mother Bing showed no expression at all.

Meanwhile, Hou hopped off from mother Bing's lap and strolled in an arrogant demeanour.

He stood in front of Elder Yu.

With a wicked smile and glittering shiny eyes, he looked at elder Yu and spoke in a happy voice.

"So that old geezer Shi will arrive here for miss Lily."

"I better prepare the best gifts for him."

After He showed a bizarre smile at miss Lily before asking her in a cunning voice.

"Miss Lily, Can you guess what will happen now?"

The instant, his voice came out, all the hairs behind miss Lily stood up as the intense fear crept her.

While trembling, She looked at him in fear and wanted to plead for a mercy.

But, no words came from her mouth.

Hou shook his head watching her tremble in fear.

So he shifted his sight at Sissy and spoke in an angry voice.

"Damn Sissy, Why are you so terrified?"

"I've said it before, you'll only get the benefits serving me."

"And even if you did something wrong, I won't kill you."

"But, instead, will let you experience a life worse than death."

Once Sissy listened to him saying he won't kill him, a relieved and happy emotion appeared on his face.

Just when he wanted to relax his body and take a deep breath, his last sentence almost gave him a heart attack.

He swore he will not even blink his eyes to follow his orders and will commit no mistake until he dies.

Afterwards, Hou stood in front the frozen barbaric bald old man and stared around the hall, with an evil glare.

He spoke in a vicious tone.

"Old geezers grand elders, come here and hack this into pieces."

At once, the grand elders hacked it into pieces before looking timidly at him.

When they saw him happily throwing those pieces out from the top of the building.

While he kept only the frozen head of that barbaric old-man and laughed aloud.

It frightened them.

They finally realised he was not only a weird and an arrogant but also a cruel.

Afterwards, Hou kicked the frozen head toward frightened and terrorized miss Lily.

As he walked towards her.

Suddenly, a few old men in full armoured, completely ready to battle entered the hall.

These old men were the grand elders, the current Patriarch and the old Patriarch from the main Liu Clan.

They had just arrived here and came to greet Empress Bing before the battle.

As soon as they entered, they scanned the room before walking up to mother Bing.

Suddenly, Patriarch Fu discovered a baby standing there. staring at them in puzzled.

He cried in surprise.

"Little brat, Why are you still alive?"

But, before he could hear his reply, a kick landed precisely on his face, plummeting him on the ground.

Afterwards, a few heavy punch and kick bombarded on his entire body until he looked haggard with a panda's eyes.

Finally, he stood up twitching his body non-stop and watched his assaulter in fear and asking in a loud hoarse voice.

"Brother Zong, Why did you hit me and what wrong did I do?"

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