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Chapter 117: Liu Clan

Countless new and old weapons; sword, axe, bow and arrows, spear, long blade, shield, hammer, whip, halberd, sabre, staff wand, dagger, and knives were hanging on a rope in the branches of each tree surrounding a training ground. Each weapon had a name and year.

Each year on the annual tournament, Liu Clan would add weapons on those trees according to the participants' names symbolising it as a record for the event.

Hou was sitting on a chair in the centre of the training ground while the girls were standing behind him, glancing around the surrounding area and admiring the Liu Clan.

In front of them, around a hundred guards and disciples were lying on the ground and clutching their body in pain as they forced themselves to stop their wails.

Earlier, when Hou and the girls had arrived at the training ground, those disciples stopped them from entering further and questioned their identity and reasons for the visit.

Hou told them he came from the Liu Clan of the Red Mist City and asked them to lead him towards his mother.

However, those disciples mocked him and even threatened to beat him saying that he was disrespecting the main Liu Clan for entering the mansion without permission.

A few even said if he doesn't kneel in front of them and beg for mercy, they will issue the Clan Law and punished all the people from the Liu Clan branch of Red Mist City.

He lost his patience and ordered Lily to thrash them. Furthermore, he didn't like their greedy and lecherous look toward the girls.

Before long, more disciples came after finding the disturbance, however, Hou didn't recognise anyone. So, he let Lily continue thrashing them until he finds someone he knew here.

Even after an hour, Hou discovered no one familiar amidst those disciples. Hence, he decided to wait for them knowing the commotion would reach everyone.

Meanwhile, at the Liu Clan Hall, all the elders, grand elders and Patriarch Fu were racking their brains to solve the problem they had just heard.

A few hours ago, an informer came and reported someone named Hou offended all the young masters and misses who attended the party at the Flowery Teahouse, even Princess Chu Ci.

Furthermore, Cao Clan were preparing for a battle and gathering a few Clans to rally against Liu Clan.

At the start of the meeting, some elders had argued and suggested they should capture Hou and give him to Cao Clan. However, the grand elders thrashed those elders without explanation.

Only then, the rest of the elders understood the Clan valued Hou more than anyone. They also remembered how the grand elders and the Patriarch Fu had once left for the Red Mist City.

After an hour discussion, they still didn't find a better solution.

Patriarch Fu shook his head and said, "activate all the defensive arrays for now. I'll meet with Old Patriarch and asked for his opinion."

Just as he stood up from his seat, suddenly, a maid entered the hall at a hurried pace panting and stumbled to the floor once she reached near them.

The maid didn't even stand up and bowed toward them before speaking in a stuttering voice, "Patriarch Fu, a group of people are creating trouble at the training ground. They have already beaten most of the disciples."

Enraged! Patriarch Fu crushed his seat with his aura and dashed toward the exit. He already had a headache after being unable to solve the oncoming trouble, and now someone dared to provoke inside the Clan.

With a laugh, all the elders and grand elders too followed behind him. They wanted to see who dared to challenge them inside the Clan.

Meanwhile, the maid tried to speak more words, but she discovered no one in the hall. So, she too left toward the servant's quarter, though to start gossips with other maids.

When Patriarch Fu arrived at the training ground and discovered the sight, his blood boiled as his veins became visible.

Around a thousand disciples were lying and groaning in pain on the ground. Each disciple had a broken bone and would need a few months to heal it.

Just as Patriarch Fu took a step toward the culprits, suddenly he froze and became speechless after recognising Lily. As if cold water poured on his body, all his rage disappeared. He didn't need to guess the identity of the young man.

With a forced smile on face, Patriarch Fu approached them and said, "Little Hou, you sure have grown up into a fine young man. Come here and give a hug to your grandpa."

Hou stood up from the chair with a sly smile and walked in a circle around Patriarch Fu.

Patriarch Fu understood the underlining meaning behind his smile and action. Helpless, he took out a tiny green gem from his sleeves and passed it to Hou.

Instantly, Hou grabbed the gem and gave a bear hug to Patriarch Fu.

With a contented smile, Hou placed the gem in his sleeves and said, "grandpa Fu, where is my mother?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Let us go inside and talk," replied Patriarch Fu wearing a weird smile on his face.

Amidst the bewildered gazes of the miserable disciples, Patriarch Fu took Hou and the girls toward his resident.

Once they disappeared from their sight, all of those miserable disciples began to question who provoke Hou and how everything started.

Before long, they discovered those culprits and thrashed them until they lost their strength. All these things started because those disciples were too jealous seeing those girls with Hou.

They regretted jumping without learning anything beforehand while wondering why they never heard of Hou as Patriarch Fu was fawning over him even more than his precious grandson.

Meanwhile, Patriarch Fu, Hou and the girls arrived in front of a small cottage near a pond.

A few arrays glittered around the cottage and emitted Heavenly Qi outwards toward the entire Liu Clan area.

Patriarch Fu and Hou took a seat outside the cottage while the girls started to unload their baggage to the ground.

After hesitating for a while, Patriarch Fu said as he fished out a wine gourd from his sleeves, "Hou, do you know what you did today? You have offended too many powerful Clans. Now those Clans are planning on attacking our Liu Clan. So, tell me, how do we avoid this trouble?"

Hou grabbed a bowl and placed it in front of Patriarch Fu who poured the wine into it. In a gulp, Hou drank the wine then gave an odd look toward Patriarch Fu and said, "Grandpa Fu, why would you worry over something so minor? Since I created it, let me handle it too."

A surprised expression formed on Patriarch Fu's face but he still didn't believe his words. Hence, he asked, "how do you plan to solve it?"

Hou showed his creepy smile toward Patriarch Fu and pointed his finger at the baggage besides the girls.

When Lily caught Hou's gesture, she dragged the baggage toward them and opened it before showing the contents to Patriarch Fu.

Numerous glittering spirit gems shone from the baggage and blinded Patriarch Fu for a second. Before he could grasp his breath in shock, Long Anqi and Ouyang Lanyu appeared and showed stacks of spirits fruits and plants emitting heavenly Qi, and spirit weapons releasing an overbearing aura.

"With these items as rewards, anyone would protect our Clan and even destroy those Clans in a day. Let see who dares to challenge us," said Hou showing his pointy teeth toward the shocked Patriarch Fu.

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