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Chapter 9: Meeting Miss Nina

When Hou returned home, he sat down panting on the ground due to running.

He ran to his bed and fell asleep. Mother Bing walked into the room and smiled while looking at him sleeping so peaceful.

The next day, Hou remained at his courtyard, sat in silent near the garden while gazing into the sky.

When Mother Bing noticed him, she approached him and asked.

"Hou, are you not going to the library today?"

Hou unconsciously blurted before halting his words after realizing he almost said those words in front of mother Bing.

"Nope, Shitty gee —-"

He blinked his eyes and gave an innocent look to Mother Bing before pretending to be hurt and said.

"Yesterday I learned a lot of stuff from Grandpa Li."

"But I cannot cultivate before my first awakening ceremony, so I've decided not to go to the library."

Mother Bing stared in helplessness at her son, listening to his shameless lies however she decided to not worry about it.

"Hou, Miss Nina came here to meet you yesterday. But, your Grandpa Zong told her, you could not leave."

"Therefore, your grandpa promised to let you go to meet her once you are free."

It confused Hou, so he asked Mother Bing.

"But, mom, who is this Miss Nina?"

Mother Bing giggled and looked at him in amusement.

"She's the daughter of the Jia Clan head and also known for being a beauty in Red Mist City. You've already met her. The girl, you described as weird. You should go meet her once but behave properly."

"If you say words like last time, forget about leaving this courtyard."

As if remembering her, Hou made a cunning smile and agreed to meet her.

"Ok mom, I'll go see her so, when should I go?"

Mother Bing thought for a second then, reminded of her father's words, she sighed and said.

"You're free and only idling here, go meet her now."

Hou nodded his head and walked toward the exit saying nothing. Mother Bing gazed at him till his back disappeared from her sight.

On the way, Hou found a clan disciple to send his message to Miss Nina.

It said he'll wait for her at the Wind Cloud Tavern. Then, he headed toward the Wind Cloud Tavern.

The bustling streets were filled full of life, the sellers were shouting and making loud noises to sell their goods while the buyers were trying to lower prices.

Meanwhile, the merchants and mercenaries were dragging caged-beasts. A few low-ranked soldiers also patrolled around the city constantly.

The tallest tower located at the alley in the city was the Wind Cloud Tavern. You can view this tower from the most corner of the city. This was the most famous and a very expensive tavern to dine in the city. People were entering and exiting. But, no noise could pass inside.

Hou entered the tavern and went to the 5th floor where most the clan young masters and misses gathered around. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He sat at the corner and looked around the room to find any familiar faces while waiting for Miss Nina.

Sadly, no familiar faces were there because before he entered, all of those familiar faces ran below to the 4th floor.

After feeling bored, Hou looked around one more time.

Suddenly, he saw someone looking too sissy, sitting alone in the center of the room.

He stood up and walked toward the sissy and directly sat opposite at the table. He grinned before greeting sissy.

"Hello big sis, can you keep me accompany till my big sis comes here?"

The Sissy shot a cold glare at him and said.

"Little brat, I'm not your big sis. Leave before I slap you."

Instead of answering, Hou with a shocked expression pointed his index finger at the sissy and asked.

"Are you one of those she-males? Should I call you big-bro-sis?"

The Sissy absurdly stood up and punch with his fist while cursing at him.

"You little bastard, let me teach you what happens when you insult me."

Just as his fist was near Hou, someone grabbed the Sissy's fist an inch before Hou's mocking face.

A teen girl around 17-18 years old looked coldly at the Sissy then raised her right leg to kick in the Sissy's face.

The Sissy flew a meter in the air before dropping with a bang and started coughing blood.

The Sissy shot a malicious glare at the teen girl, however, suddenly, a tiny foot kicked him in his face.

After getting a couple of the heavy stomping, he fainted out.

Hou glance at the teen girl in confusion who seemed familiar yet not.

He nodded and expressed his gratitude. However, he dashed toward the exit.

When his feet almost getting to the exit, the teen girl shouted his name loud enough to resonate inside the room.

"Little Stalker Hou, stop right there!"

He looked back and called out her name to confirm.

"Miss Nina?"

Miss Nina pouted while nodding her head.

She moved and sat in the corner area in the room.

Hou helplessly sat opposite Miss Nina and tried to remember where he met her.

After a second, he couldn't recall so he asked.

"Miss Nina, have we met before?"

Miss Nina couldn't hold back and hit mercilessly on his head until a little bump appeared.

She stopped only once she saw him almost on the verge of crying.

She coldly said.

"Little stalker Hou, do you remember me now?"

Hou stared miss Nina while wiping his eyes. He thought even if he didn't recall her, but, after this, he will remember her for his sweet revenge.

Suddenly, he thought of something, he showed a sly smile and said in a sincere voice.

"Yes, big sis Nina, How can I even forget about you?"

"Eh, I knew it. Anyway, let's hurry to the Crimson Auction House then we'll talk there."

After saying it, miss Nina carried Hou on her bosom and ran toward the Crimson Auction House.


Meanwhile, the Sissy stood up from the ground.

After carefully looking around, he found neither the little brat nor the teen girl. They had already left so he walked toward the 7th floor while rubbing his face.

Once the Sissy entered inside the 7th floor, he saw two old men sitting next to each other at the corner and walked towards them.

The red cloak old man with a spiky messy hair wearing the red flame emblem on his cloth, was the Elder Mo from Red Fire Sect, a Peak Stage Earth Origin Realm practitioner. While the white-black haired old man wearing a pill emblem with 3 pill markings on it, was a High Rank 3 Origin Grade Alchemist, Elder Mu.

The Sissy dropped on the ground and bowed at Elder Mo saying nothing.

Elder Mo noticed his injured body, so he asked.

"Disciple Su, what happened?"

"Elder Mo, you need to seek justice for me. A little brat insulted and provoked me time over time."

"When I tried to teach him a lesson, a random teen girl came and blocked me and beat me up along with that little brat."

Disciple Su shuddered when he remembered that kick, however, when he thought about the little brat, he gritted his teeth in anger.

When Elder Mo noticed disciple Su's expression, he shook his head and sighed in pity.

Elder Mu smiled toward disciple Su and threw a pill.

Su grabbed the pill and checked it.

When he realized it was Low Rank 2 Origin Grade Rejuvenate Pill, he ate it and then he bowed and delightedly thanked Elder Mu.

Elder Mo peeked at Elder Mu before staring at Su and said in a causal tone.

"Disciple Su, we came here on a mission, we'll complete our mission first. After the Auction, we will catch them, so you can vent your anger, however, you like."

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