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Chapter 77: Organizer

Somewhere at the Lowest God Realm Plane  

An old man opened his eyes and puked a mouth full of blood while shuddering in fear before taking a long breath.  

In front of him, 3 tiny arrays flickered and rotated in the air.  

When he noticed someone's presence, the old man quickly healed and turned normal like nothing had happened to him.  

However, he could not hide the fear within his eyes.  

A youth stood behind him and looked at him with a worried and solemn expression. Yet he didn't speak fearing it might distract the old man.  

Finally, the old man hastily crushed one of the tiny arrays and it crumbled into pieces.  

Only then did the man sighed in relief before focusing his eyes on the other 2 tiny arrays.  

Later, one after another, both the tiny arrays shone in a twinkling light before the old man grabbed and placed them inside boxes.  

Afterwards, he spoke in a low voice.  

"Highest Mortal Realm Plane; 6 chosen."  

"Mid Mortal Realm Plane; 4 chosen."  

"Lowest Mortal Realm Plane; none."  

When the old man said none, the youth noticed his slightly stuttering voice.  

Even so, he didn't ask and only noted everything on a scroll.  

Then, he flowed his Qi inside the scroll before it flew towards some place.  

Once the scroll left his sight, he waited for the old man to give his next order.  

Just as the old man spoke, suddenly, a shadow materialized in front of them.  

A bone-chilling voice came from its mouth.  

"Did you complete the task?"  

Both the old man and the youth bowed and kneeled toward the shadow on the ground.  

The old man didn't dare to raise his head and only replied in a humble tone.  

"Yes, my lord, 10 chosen emerged from the trial more than the earlier trials."  

Somewhat hesitant, the old man continued.  

"But, a mishap happened at the lowest Mortal Realm. I discovered a---"  

Before he could finish his sentences, a massive suppression fell on his body and slammed him on the ground.  

Then, a loud enraged voice rang inside his mind.  

"Say a word any further and I'll smash this whole Lowest God Realm Plane into smithereens."  

"Forget everything you saw there."  

The old man speedily nodded his head with a terrorized expression.  

Afterwards, the shadow disappeared along with its suppressive aura before flinging a small box toward the old man.  

The old man caught the box before opening it.  

There were 5 tiny glittering cores inside the box.  

Each one emitted a pure Qi such as fire, water, wood, metal and earth.  

Abruptly, the old man's expression changed in astonishment while the youth grasped in a shocked and even forgot the earlier event.  

The old man quickly tore the space and created 5 different voids. Each void lead toward different places.  

Afterwards, he picked the glittering cores and flung them inside the void, one after another.  

Once he finished, he made a few hand-seals flowing his Qi toward the voids.  

Soon each void shone in a bright color, each representing green, red, blue, white, and black.  

Then he gazed up in the sky waiting for something.  

Suddenly, 5 rays of different colors pierced the sky from the 5 different places before forming a barrier around the lowest God Realm Plane.  

Slowly, Heavenly Qi gathered and filled everywhere within the barrier.  

Every person discovered the pure Heavenly Qi around them.  

They instantly absorbed it before shouting and roaring in joy.  

Meanwhile, the old man and the youth felt a tycoon of heavenly Qi around them as they stood in the center of the formation.  

When the old man received an order from the shadow to open his trial grounds in the Mortal Realm Planes, he seemed reluctant but still followed in fear.  

Hence, he paid numerous rare resources to run those trial grounds.  

However, he never expected himself to get a reward greater than his achievements.  

He let out a crazy laughter and sat down drinking wine.  

But when he recalled the scene from the trial, he stopped his laugh and ordered the youth.  

"From today, our clan will cut off all ties with the rest and remain secluded for 1,000 years."  

"Send a summon to everyone and relay my order."  

"If someone doesn't follow, then expel him or her from the clan."  

The youth looked at him in puzzlement but did not question him and disappeared from the spot.  

The old man closed his eyes and murmured himself. 

"I hope I do not meet him ever again."   Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Outside the ancient ruins.  

A dandy girl and a bewitching lady stared into each other inside the small building.  

They were Long Anqi and Ying Yue.  

When Ying Yue learned Hou jumped into the endless flames, she came here and waited for his return.  

But already 3 weeks passed and still, no news of him came.  

Not a single person seen him nor Lily inside the ruins.  

While a change appeared in the endless flame along with slowly diminishing Heavenly Qi inside there.  

They didn't link him with the changes.  

Ying Yue sighed and asked in a weak voice.  

"Do you think he already died there?"  

Long Anqi slightly panicked since she also had that thought.  

However, she furiously shook her head in dismissal because she didn't want to believe any of it.  

She sprinted toward the window and glanced at the sleeping Purple Snow Dove and sighed in relief.  

Only the Purple Snow Dove appearance gave her a hope and kept her continued waiting for their return.  

Furthermore, Lily had a contract with the beast and it still followed her orders.  

She turned around and glared at Ying Yue with her misty eyes before speaking.  

"Wench Yue, if you talk like that again, you can leave this place. No one asked you to wait for them."  

Afterwards, she dashed toward her room.  

A soft weeping sound came out from her room. 

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