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Chapter 59: Outside the Ruins

At the corner of the ruin's entrance.

There was a small unstable hut.

It looked like someone recently spent a lot of time to build it.

However, that person had no skill at all as nobody would dare to think even stepping inside the hut.

Behind the hut, an enormous beast laid and slept there.

In front of the hut, 2 figures stood next to each other without any words.

One was a beautiful matured lady while the other was a dandy girl.

The matured lady glanced at the hut and giggled with her bewitching smile.

While, with a nervous and an awkward expression, the dandy girl stood next to her.

They were Ying Yue and Long Anqi.

Ying Yue stared at the hut and spoke in a sweet voice:

"Little sister, do you need help?"

Long Anqi ignored her question and only asked her about coming here.

"Wench Yue, say what do you need from me."

Ying Yue turned her head and stared directly into her eyes before asking her in a serious tone.

"Who are you?"

Her question slightly startled Long Anqi but she smiled at once and replied.

"I'm Long Anqi. A lifelong companion of Hou."

Feeling annoyed, Ying Yue shot a cold glare at her and shouted at her.

"Little girl, don't try to hide it from me. I'm a member of the Shadowless Sect."

"I know everything that happens around Ice Empire."

"Even after 2 weeks search, no information came for a person such as Long Anqi in the entire Empire. It´s like you appeared here out of nowhere."

"So, stop pretending and say your real name and motive for approaching Hou."

In an instant, Long Anqi jumped up in fright and dashed inside the hut.

Later, a weak stuttering voice came from the hut.

"I'm just a lost and a runaway girl. Also, my meeting with Hou and big sister Lily was only a coincidence."

"As for me staying with them, I just want an easy and peaceful life."

"Wench Yue, please leave me alone."

Suddenly, an overwhelming aura released out from Ying Yue, she took a step forward and shouted in a loud angry voice.

"Little girl, I'll count to 3. And, if you don't come out and speak the truth, I'll use my own method on you to spill everything."



A loud mocking laughter came out from the hut and rang everywhere near the area.

Slowly, Long Anqi stepped out of the hut and sat down on a wood that somewhat resembled a chair.

She stared into Ying Yue's eyes and sneered.

"Wench Yue, not everyone has a motive to do something like you."

"I don't know your schemes for approaching Hou, but you should drop that thought."

"Hou will never do anything for you."

"As for harming me, you can try. But, when Hou returns here, you better not appear in front him. After all, he promised me, he will let me live with them for the rest of my life."

When Ying Yue heard her words, she calmed down and remained silent while pondering.

After a while, she snorted and walked away without saying a word.

Long Anqi gazed after her till her figure disappear before she wiped her sweaty hands.

Finally, with a relieved expression, she lied on the ground with her hands placed on her chest while listening to her rapid heartbeat.

Just when she closed her eyes, a few footsteps echoed near the hut.

In an instant, she dashed toward the Purple Snow Dove and jumped on its back.

Afterwards, she stared in fear at the path of the footsteps.

She decided to run if Ying Yue's figure appeared in her sight.

After a while, she caught the figures in her sight.

But, it was not Ying Yue instead, 2 mid-aged men.

One wore a black-cloaked cloth while the other wore a green-cloaked cloth.

She relaxed and jumped down from the Purple Snow dove.

Then, she stood and waited for them.

When the 2 mid-aged men found her next to the spirit beast, with an anxious expression, they dashed and appeared in front her.

The green-cloaked mid-aged man asked with a greedy look.

"Little girl, is this your pet?"

Long Anqi saw his greed for the beast, but instead, she raised her hand and posed a question.

"Uncles, are you both famous and powerful?"

Both the mid-aged men showed a delighted expression when they heard her question.

When they arrived and found the spirit beast, they wanted to come here and snatched the beast.

But they needed to accomplish something so waited till they finish it.

After completing their tasks, when they headed here, they discovered a bewitching lady appeared in front of the girl.

They thought the lady also wanted the beast and could only sigh.

However, they saw the lady leaving without the beast. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

So, they at once rushed here.

They looked at each other with meaningful glances and nodded their head.

After, the black-cloaked mid-aged man spoke in an arrogant tone.

"Little girl, I don't want to boast about myself."

"But you can find no one as famous and stronger than me in this area."

Long Anqi panicked and looked around before she suddenly remembered something.

She still asked in a nervous voice.

"How strong are you compared to Bai Li from the Five Dragon Sect?"

Both the mid-aged men froze and stared each other with wide-open eyes.

But, they at once recovered after they realized it was only a question.

Also, they were the only strong persons in the ruin's area.

The green-cloaked mid-aged man spoke in a husky voice.

"Even though we are not as strong as Bai Li, but he would still give us some face without hesitation."

"Anyway, Little girl, we came here for your pet."

"As long as you will give it to us, we won't harm you and let you leave."

When Long Anqi realized they were not even as strong as Bai Li, she ignored their threats and walked toward the hut.

Both the mid-aged men watched her entered the hut as they thought she became too scared to answer them and wanted to grab her stuff.

Just when a trace of pride smeared across their faces, a mocking voice came from the hut.

"Even that greedy Bai Li almost peed himself in front of Hou, now you want to take his pet."

"Do you know no fear?"

"Well, if you want it, you can take it."

"But when he comes back, you better hide somewhere we can't find you."

Both mid-aged men's complexion changed and stood dumbstruck on the ground.

After recovering, the green-cloaked mid-aged man asked in agitation.

"Young miss, is there something we can do for you? Please do order us, we'll complete it as soon as possible."

Long Anqi peeked her head out and spoke in a cheerful voice.

"My hut needs some adjustment. Try to create it like your own home."

Afterwards, Long Anqi lied on the ground and slept peacefully.

In the meantime, the mid-aged men, with bitter smiles and helpless expressions started to work hard.

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