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Chapter 102: Ouyang Clan's Fate

High up in the sky, the hidden people observing the stadium became shocked and baffled after realizing the most notorious Blacksmith died here because of a kid.

One of them spoke in excitement without masking a greedy face while looking at the massive long sword and the book in Hou's hand.

"What a surprise!"

"Brother Sword Yang, Let's take the ancient sword and the blacksmith book back to the Sect since we can't discover our target."

The handsome mid-aged man emitted out a sharp sword aura for a split second and peered toward the 20 stories high building.

When he sensed the familiar aura, he hesitated and closed his eyes reminiscing his younger days.

The surrounding people noticed his changes and seemed confused with his reaction, however, they asked nothing and waited for his reply.

A moment later, the handsome mid-aged man opened his eyes filled with determination and spoke in an indifferent tone.

"No need to meddle for such things, instead we should focus on finding our target sooner. We have already delayed our plan for 2 years."

"Any further delay could mess up our plan. Let's move to the next person," he said and disappeared without their approval.

Those people gave a questioning gaze at each other but they shook their head showing a confused expression.

Although they felt his reasons and decision, correct knowing their current situation, they still seemed reluctant to leave without the ancient sword and the book.

After all, the ancient sword graded as the best sword in the entire Empire, one of the High Stage Rank 10 Heavenly Mortal Grade, though considered as a cursed weapon. While the book was the Blacksmith legacy manual obtained from the Emperors Ancient ruin which made Hong Shun as rank 2nd Blacksmith in the Ice Empire.

In the end, they gave one last glance toward the stadium and left the spot with a helpless and pained expression once they realised, they could not obtain them without battling those people.

Furthermore, they knew the earlier expert still hid somewhere near the stadium and without Sword Yang, they had no chance to win the battle.

After the spot emptied, out of nowhere, a teen boy slowly emerged just like a ghost with a mocking smile plastered on his face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-fate_30889701783166715">;s-fate_30889701783166715</a> for visiting.

"Idiots, still dreaming for impossible when they didn't even figure out after seeing the person," he murmured as he watched Lily resting on the ground at the stadium.

Back at the stadium, the entire stadium reeked with blood and several hundred corpses scattered on the ground.

Some people stood beside the corpses filled with tears and sadness while mourning their death in sorrow.

Their loud cries and wails shrouded the entire stadium with a gloomy atmosphere. At first, when the Blacksmith Hong Shun died, everyone thought those followers and Bu Feng would surrender and end the battle with no losses.

However, those followers and Bu Feng became crazy and fought against them without caring for their lives as if they lost their will to live anymore.

Some unfortunate weak people died when their indiscriminate attacks landed on them.

Finally, with the help of the white-haired old woman, they killed all of those followers and Bu Feng but, in the end, many people lost their lives.

Meanwhile, Hou scanned the stadium thinking he should at least compensate for those unfortunate victims since they came only to attend the wedding because of him.

Hence, Hou called Bai Li and told him to distribute all the loots collected from their corpses toward the victims' families or Sect.

As for the reason for his generosity, he thought that he should continue pretending a righteous person until the end.

Only then, those grieving people calmed down after receiving some benefits, but they still appeared depressed and furious with hatred, ready to erupt anytime.

Hou found the situation still not changing, so he signalled Ying Yue to start the show and divert everyone's attention.

Ying Yue followed his instruction and whispered to one of the singers.

Before long, all the beautiful singers, dancers, and along with musicians gathered and moved toward the centre of the stadium.

Each group stood at the respective spot and started their performances.

The musicians took out their new instruments; Flute, Zither, Lute, Drums. Then, they played a melody to brighten the stadium.

While the beautiful singers and dancers let out their mesmerizing and enchanting voices dazzling the ears of any listener as they moved their body in elegant steps following the melody that attracted the eyes of everyone within the stadium.

Everyone drowned themselves listening to songs and watching the dance to forget their sorrows.

Hou checked everyone's expression and became contended detecting the change in their faces. Though they seemed to force themselves, he knew that he succeeded with his plan.

Hence, Hou turned around and showed his weird smile toward Ouyang Lanyu who had already released him from her grip and lied flat on the ground looking toward the sky with a relieved expression.

When Ouyang Lanyu detected a gaze toward her, she moved her eyes toward the source and panicked upon seeing a smile on Hou's face.

With a confused look, she prepared to question him, however, she quickly realised the situation after she caught the sight of dancers and singers at the stadium's centre.

She understood finally the wedding began and sighed in helpless.

However, suddenly, she looked into Hou's eyes without fear and spoke in a firm tone, "young master Hou, as long as you let my clan leave unscathed, I would follow your every word with no hesitation. If not, you might as well kill me along with them."

Hou placed his fingers on his chin as if considering whether let her clan leave unscathed but his smug grin and glittering eyes showed that he was only pretending in front of her.

After a while, he approached her and move his face at an inch close to her face.

He studied her crystal-clear eyes and her beautiful face and realized she resembled a lot like Lily.

Should I change my decision and let her free?

However, he dismissed that thought as he recalled Aunt Ling's words.

Hence, he asked her in a clear voice.

"Anything I say?"

"Yes," said Ouyang Lanyu without delay since she had already made a decision while nodding her head, bumping their nose a few times.

"Good," Hou jumped in joy and walked toward the tied-up Ouyang Patriarch Min and Ouyang Clan Head.

He halted after a few steps and added in a cold voice, "However, I have to give a memorable lesson."

Before Ouyang Lanyu could voice, Hou pointed his finger toward Ouyang Patriarch Min and Ouyang Clan Head.

"Cripple this old geezer's cultivation for his stupidity and his guts for coming here!"

"As for him, since he's Ouyang Lanyu's father, trash him till his half breath."

"Next time, stupid people should heed the advice."

As soon as his voice rang, Lily opened her eyes and sprinted, instantly appearing in front of Ouyang Patriarch Min.

Without a shred of hesitation, she thrust her hand toward his dantian and pierced his core, crumbling into pieces.

Instantly, Ouyang Patriarch Min's cultivation decreased Realm after Realm until none of Qi remained in his body, turning him into a mortal.

After losing his cultivation, he looked just like an aged old man, ready for his death. Without checking his condition, everyone could tell he would only survive for a few months.

Afterwards, Lily trashed Ouyang Clan Head for a moment before nodding her head toward Hou once she detected only a faint breath of Ouyang Clan Head.

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