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Chapter 115: Ping Clan Head

Inside the Paradise Mansion within a deluxe room on the top floor.

Several beautiful teen girls were singing and dancing in a circle with their best abilities to please the figures ahead them. A few girls even loosened their clothes and sent flirtatious smiles with deep hidden meaning.

Ahead of them on a silver table, Hou was sipping a tea and watching those beautiful teen girls with his lecherous eyes.

However, he ignored their hidden signals with hollow laughs and only threw a few golds toward them occasionally.

Beside Hou, Fatty Bo was avoiding Madam Liao's gaze filled with affection and trying to ignore her like she didn't exist but she would lean on his shoulder every time once she found an opportunity.

Because of that, Fatty Bo found no time to clear his doubts with Hou. In reality, Madam Liao was interrupting him for his own sake. After all, Hou has offended too many people with the powerful Clan or Sect earlier.

So, she hoped Fatty Bo to not involve himself too deep with Hou.

At a corner of the room, Lily, Long Anqi and Ouyang Lanyu were collecting small pouches and counting gold before placing them inside their baggage.

In front of them, several dishevelled young and old men were checking inside their clothes for anything valuable and presenting them to a mid-aged man.

When these young and old men discovered the Paradise Mansion was closing their business for the day, they came here to meet with the owner to learn the reason behind it.

However, they discovered all the girls performing dances and singing songs for an unknown man. Enraged! They began a protest and demanded if Madam Liao didn't give them sufficient justification and compensation for today's deception, they would turn the Paradise Mansion into ruins and never return.

However, who would have predicted the next outcome?

Without delay, Hou ordered Lily to thrash them and demanded them to pay for all the damages they have done on his little heart due to their sudden interruption on his fun time.

No suspension, Lily thrashed them so much that her hatred toward horny perverts clearly showed on her action. Furthermore, she also ordered them to work at the Paradise Mansion for a week. If not, she would turn them into eunuchs for the Palace.

After an hour, those young and old men hurried and left the top floor once they finished paying everything.

Around that time, a figure in a hooded black-cloak entered the top floor and approached Hou.

Without any word, the figure stood in front of Hou and glimpsed toward an unconscious young woman lying on a bed near the window.

Hou smiled at the figure and gave a nod to Madam Liao who then clapped her hand signalling the girls to leave the floor.

As the girls stopped and left the floor, Lily woke the unconscious young woman at the bed and dragged her toward Hou.

Before the young woman could regain complete sense and understand her situation, the hooded black-robed figure passed a cup of water to her and motioned to the seat beside him/her.

Then the hooded black-robed figure peeked toward Madam Liao before looking at Hou.

"No need to worry about her," said Hou while stretching his shoulders from tiredness as he understood the hooded black-robed figure's worries.

The hooded black-robed figure heaved a sigh of relief and removed his hood.


"Ping Clan Head!"

Two loud shouts reverberated in the entire floor after discovering the figure's identity. They came from the young woman and Fatty Bo.

The young woman jumped onto her father and began to cry after her mind cleared and recalled everything that happened to her. She felt relieved but also became horrified once she discovered that she ended here even when so many people were fighting with them at the Flowery Teahouse.

On the other hand, Fatty Bo stood up from his seat and dashed as far away from the table.

However, Ping Clan Head didn't react toward them. Instead, he took out a wooden token from his sleeves and presented in front of Hou. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Young master Hou, As promised, here is the reward for the job. With this token, you can meet with Blacksmith Zheng at the Blacksmith Union Hall and ask him to craft any one thing," said Ping Clan Head in a polite tone with respect. Three years ago, he had doubted Hou's abilities and kept looking for other people. However, none of those people succeeded instead finally now Hou completed the task as soon as he arrived. Furthermore, he had heard of his rumours and his association with a mysterious group.

Hou grabbed the wooden token and threw toward Lily without even checking it. He scanned around and smirked a sly grin discovering shocked and confused expression of Madam Liao, Fatty Bo and the young woman.

However, he didn't need to explain anything to them. So, he stood up from his seat and said, "Lily, let us return to Liu Clan."

Ping Clan Head bowed toward Hou and took his leave along with the young woman who seemed speechless with the outcome. She thought her father had come here to rescue her and redress her suffering.

Instead, her father paid them with the token which her Clan had hidden in a safe for all these years without letting anyone learned about it.

Once they exited the mansion and entered a carriage, Ping Clan Head stared at his daughter and said, "Ping Min, from this day, you have no relation with Ping Clan. You must leave with your aunt today and hide somewhere far from the empire. Your aunt is waiting for you outside the City entrance. Also, always remember, never disclose your origin to anyone nor return here without my permission. Do you understand?"

Startled by the sudden changes, Ping Min didn't know what she should do. Drops of tears poured from her eyes before she began to wail and beg to stay.

Even so, Ping Clan Head didn't change his decision and put a firm expression on his face.

After a while, Ping Min wiped her tears and asked to clear her doubts, "father, why are you doing this?"

"Because you are my precious daughter. Thus, I must do everything in my power to protect you. You should have noticed the guard assigned to you was not our Clan actual member instead he was a spy planted by the Sky Sword Sect. Our grand elders have already sided with Sky Sword Sect and planned to use our Clan for the upcoming Supreme Sects Gathering Summit," said Ping Clan Head as he rubbed her head.

With a helpless expression, he continued, "Once I discovered their intentions, I confronted all the grand elders, but I couldn't convince them to change their minds. For caution, they placed the spy as your guard and held you as a hostage to threaten me, so that I wouldn't foil their plans."

Ping Clan Head wore a gentle smile on his face and added, "now we have nothing to worry. You only need to hide until everything ends here."

Ping Min pondered everything in silence and understood the entire situation. No wonder she didn't even receive a slight injury from them since her father had planned everything. As for her guard, she had only known him for four years and always felt uncomfortable around him. Hence, she didn't pity the guard.

However, she still became worried and asked, "father, what will happen to you and mother after I leave the city?"

In response, Ping Clan Head gave a mysterious smile and replied, "Nothing to worry about us. Your abductor would assume all the blame and deal with the grand elders and the Sky Sword Sect. Even if they learn the truth, without you, they cannot force me anymore."

Ping Min nodded her head and hugged her father.

Slowly, their carriage left the place toward the city exit.

Meanwhile, after Hou and the girls left, Fatty Bo tried to follow them, but Madam Liao grabbed him and threw him on the bed.

Just as Fatty Bo wanted to shout at Madam Liao, she gave a cold stare and said, "Do you wish to die early? If so, follow them, however, brace yourself to face the wrath of those powerful Clans and Sects. Also, don't forget the Royal family."

Fatty Bo shuddered and wrapped himself with the blankets. Only now he remembered how Hou disrespected and offended Princess Chu Ci.

Madam Liao let out a sly smile and left the floor.

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