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Chapter 25: Rain Forest Academy

At the Liu Clan Library

After grand elder Li left to get Elder Yu from the Clan Hall.

Hou glanced around those grand elder's expression.

It alarmed them when grand elder Li mentioned the Rain Forest Academy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He walked up to mother Bing and asked her in puzzlement.

"Mother, What is this Rain Forest Academy?"

When mother Bing saw him clueless about it, she explained it to him.

"Rain Forest Academy is the best academy in the whole Ice Empire. It located at the heart of the Green Forest Forbidden Zone and founded around 1,200 years ago by the genius Supreme Qiu, Peak Stage Supreme Mortal Realm."

"Since then, every 100 years, a few famous geniuses always emerged from the academy."

"Most of those famous geniuses either became Clan Head or Sect head."

"One of the biggest factors lies at the cultivation resources available and rich battle experiences due to located at the Green Forest Forbidden Zone."

"So, becoming the best academy in the whole Ice Empire."

She stared at him and asked with a sly smile.

"Do you know the owner of Crimson Auction House?"

As Hou listened to her words, he discovered her asking him about the Crimson Auction House.

With a disbelieving look, he stared and asked in doubt.

"Is it the Rain Forest Academy?"

Mother Bing nodded her head before replying.

"It is precisely the Rain Forest Academy behind the Crimson Auction House otherwise It couldn't stay as the best auction without rare resources supplies."

Hou also nodded his head but still, it puzzled him so asked again.

"If the academy has so many rare resources and geniuses, is it the strongest force in this whole Ice Empire?"

Mother Bing sneered at his question in a loft tone.

"No matter how best they are, those students aren't theirs."

"Someday they will return to their Clans or Sects after finishing their studies."

"Also 700 years ago, the Rain Mist Academy had signed a pact with the Clan and Sects in the Supreme Sects Gatherings Summit."

"They'll not take part or influence themselves outside the Green Forest Forbidden Zone. So, those powerful ambitious geniuses will not stay there."

"So, making impossible for them to be strongest in our Ice Empire."

"Then what about establishing Crimson Auction House?"

He quickly asked while gathering and comprehending the information.

Mother Bing glared at him like he was an idiot while still replied.

"All of those rare cultivation resources from the auction came from the Green Forest Forbidden Zone and only found there.

"All Clan and Sects needed those rare resources.

"The easiest and safest way to gain them was through the academy."

"So, they created a leeway for the academy to open an auction house."

"While they provided a protection at the auction house from the danger."

Finally, A weird smile formed on his face, then he posed a question he had in his mind for a while.

"Do they have all kinds of rare cultivation resources?"

Mother Bing slightly nodded her head while grandpa Zong beside them frowned and thought this brat was up to no good.

When he saw mother Bing nodding, Hou smiled and moved in front of miss Lily but his smile looked so creepy that made miss Lily back away at once.

Hou placed his tiny hands at her shoulders and smiled while showing his tiny teeth.

After he asked in a cute voice.

"Miss Lily, Tell me everything about yourself before your negotiator comes here. Or he might just miss you and leave."

But, a tremor ran inside miss Lily, listening to his voice.

She replied in a shaky voice.

"I am Lily, 24 years, Mid Stage Spirit Origin Realm."

"I was an orphan until grandpa Shi found and raised me as her adopted-granddaughter."

"Since then I grew up inside the Rain Forest Academy along with sister Rose."

"But, I was not a genius at the cultivation and I didn't want to depend on grandpa Shi forever."

"So, I joined the Crimson Auction House to earn money for myself and start a new begin."

"That's how I arrived here."

While focusing his thoughts in silence, Hou listened to her words before asking.

"Who is this grandpa Shi? is he a big shot in Rain Forest Academy?"

Miss Lily shot a discreet glare at him before replying.

"Grandpa Shi is the old principle of the Rain Forest Academy, also the real grandpa of sister Rose."

"He is also the one of the strongest person, Early Stage Supreme Mortal Realm in the academy."

"Right after sister Rose's birth, he retired from his principal position of the academy."

"And, He loves and adores sister Rose so stop thinking of trying to harm her."

"Anyway, you can't harm her at all."

When he heard her last sentence, he thought of something shrewd.

After he stared at her with his sparkling eyes, he spoke in a cunning voice.

"Miss Lily, whether I can harm that little biatch."

"But, I can definitely harm you right now. In fact, I can damage her. I'll show you after your negotiator comes here."

After saying, he left the dazed miss Lily.

Shortly after, Elder Li, Elder Yu, miss Nina, and Jia Kong entered the hall.

As soon as they noticed everybody, Elder Yu, and Jia Kong greeted them inside the room.

But, miss Nina dashed and caught Hou in her arms and tightly hold him in her bosom.

After she hugged him tight and a charming smiling appeared on her face.

While she also cried till her tears covered on Hou's clothes.

With a pleasantly surprised gaze, Jia Kong looked at grandpa Zong while it bewildered elder Yu.

Grand Elder Li moved to the corner where the rest of the grand elders stood.

Elder Yu approached miss Lily and examined her from top to bottom to see any sign of injuries.

He sighed in relief after discovering none.

Jia Kong walked toward grandpa Zong and chatted with him.

Meanwhile, mother Bing just sat silently and gazed at miss Nina's face, filled with tears along a bright happy smile.

Hou used all his strength to break free from her but, he couldn't so, he sighed in depress.

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