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Chapter 87: Rebels

As Hou was feeding 2 Scarlet Tailed Tiger babies beside a purple fire sphere; those baby tigers were at most half his height and happily eating their foods; out of nowhere, popping and bursting sounds echoed around his surroundings.  

He scanned around before absurdly sprinting towards the purple fire sphere and watching it with a delighted expression.  

The purple fire around the sphere crumbled into pieces just like a hatching egg.  

A naked female figure with purple hair and eyes appeared before him.  

He jumped onto her and hugged her tightly while laughing in a wild tone.  

After waiting for 2 years, finally, Lily emerged out of the purple fire sphere.  

She looked perfectly fine while her aura didn't emit out at all.  

However, she gave an extremely overbearing feeling towards those who glanced at her.  

Though he wanted to talk and ask a lot, when he saw her puzzled and a dazed expression, he parted apart before he grabbed a long blanket and wrapped it around her.  

Finally, Lily recovered from her vivid memories and scanned around her with clarity.  

Tears poured down from her eyes when she realised she is still alive and standing in front of Hou.  

She noticed Hou's height a little higher than before while staring into double-circled white-colour pupils within his eyes.  

With her dazzling smile, she clutched onto his waist and closed her eyes.  

Hou didn't resist her and also closed his eyes in silence.  

As they mesmerized in their happy reunion, suddenly, running footsteps resonated and halted near them before an anxious voice rang, breaking their peaceful moment.  

"Young master Hou, a big trouble appeared. We need to escape soon."  

Somewhat displeased and annoyed with the voice, Hou snapped open his eyes and shouted in anger.  

"Damn Fatty, didn't I say not to disturb me when I am inside this room?"  

"Scram before I thrashed you."  

Fatty Hai stuttered and trembled with fear but didn't leave and spoke in a nervous tone.  

"Young Master Hou, few strong people joined a group with a Peak Stage Earth Origin Realm expert and rebelled against us. They'll arrive here soon. We need to leave this trial ground now."  

Instantly, a weapon Qi bruised past Fatty Hai's face.   

Slowly, Hou emerged out of the room and glared at him with a furious face.  

However, Fatty Hai froze and stared at the figure behind Hou with his eyes wide open.  

He stood rooted on the ground with a single question in his mind.  

How did she appear inside here?  

Only below Sky Origin Realm could enter the trial ground.  

He remembered meeting her outside the trial ground and knew she was way stronger than his elders.  

Yet he didn't dare question them, rather he heaved a sigh of relief.  

He hastily ran towards a room before he rushed back with a few women clothes and passed them to Lily.  

Afterwards, he stood behind them.  

With amusement, Hou glanced at Fatty Hai's action and expressions before slowly heading towards the roof of the building.  

Once he reached it, he discovered Gu Qing and a few girls trembling and watching below the building in fear.  

He swept his gaze below the building and found his guards intensely fighting against a few groups.  

His guards seemed at a disadvantage due to the sheer numbers and losing their lives.  

Although Hou showed no pity toward them, he still became enraged and howled in a loud voice.   

"Bastards, weak rebels, come out and show your faces."  

Killing his guards meant challenging his authorities in this place.  

His loud voice startled and surprised everyone, they stopped their battle and looked toward him.  

Meanwhile, Gu Qing and the other girls jumped in a fright and became terrified of knowing the moment to decide their fate finally arrived.  

A few figures stepped out of their hiding spot from 5 different directions with mocking and malicious smiles hanging on their faces.  

They were the rebel leaders and had entered the trial ground to dethrone him from this place a year ago.  

As for their reason for entering, their clan and sect send them on a mission after the fake information event about the rare resources and heavenly treasures at the frozen lake.   

After all, their clan and sect spend a lot of time and rare resources to send all their best disciples to the trial ground.  

However, nobody discovered any rare resources nor heavenly treasures.  

Furthermore, none of those disciples returned. So, they selected their strongest geniuses on a mission to kill Hou here.  

In the beginning, they thought their mission would be complete in a day. But, none of the assassins they sent succeeded in their mission instead none returned alive.    Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hence, they created groups to rebel against him, yet everyone declined and didn't want to be associate with them.  

Later, they learned those people lived and cultivated peacefully as long as they didn't break his rules.  

Without options, they lured those people with rare cultivation resources or higher position in their Sects or Clan while threatening others who didn't join them.  

It took almost a year for them to gather enough manpower to begin their mission.  

Just as one among them tried to speak, they detected a smug grin plastered on Hou's face.  

Then, they heard his playful remarks.  

"I only shouted, and they truly came out from their hiding."  

"Should I praise them for their courage or stupidity to jump into a fire pit?"  

Hou stretched his body and glanced behind him before signalling Lily to handle them.   

Only now, those rebel leaders spotted a matured and beautiful lady beside him.  

Before they could think anything, Lily created a tiny purple flame on one of her palms and slammed it with the other palm.  

A tiny shock wave appeared around her hand before she flung it toward those rebel leaders.  

Instantly, it landed on them and created 5 ground shattering loud explosions while burning them into the ashes.  

The purple flames disappeared once the ground turn black with no signs plants or grasses nor the heavenly Qi.  

Afterwards, Hou's loud voice echoed everywhere.  

"I am the only ruler of this trial ground as long as I am around here. If you want a change, come to challenge me."  

However, his words only alarmed and confused everyone. 

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