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Chapter 50: Siblings

When Hou killed the black-cloaked man, some distance away, Few black cloaked people were watching him.

One of the black-cloaked people stepped out and charged, but, another man raised his hand to stop him.

The man was the commander among them. He stared at Hou, quickly scanned at the fatty and the teen girl, before turning his gaze on Lily. He reluctantly said.

"We're not a match against that lady guarding the child over there. Don't lose your life meaninglessly. let's finish cleaning up the rest. After we meet with everyone, we can come back to take vengeance for no.17."

Stating that, all of them dispersed toward the other way.

Lily lifted her head peering at the direction, those people had stood. She slightly glanced at the fatty and the teen girl, but, expressed nothing.

After a while, Hou opened his eyes and rose before strolling toward the fatty and the teen girl.

He thoughtfully stared at them before circling around them and said.

"As agreed, I'll leave your lives as long as you say everything you know."

The fatty and the teen girl shuddered to see his action, the fatty dubiously asked.

"Will you truly spare us?"

Hou nonchalantly glanced at him then slightly nodded his head.

Seeing that, It relieved both the fatty and the teen girl but thinking he easily killed that black cloak man, they still feared him and carefully replied.

"My name is Gu Hai, and she is my sister Gu Qing, We are from Gu Clan. We've arrived here with our 2 elders here for a month now."

"When we were exploring here, we discovered a small lake. So we settled there for a few days but from within the lake emerged dense heavenly Qi. Our elders checked there and discovered, a lotus blooming and leaking the heavenly Qi out."

"But before they could move any further, few men in a black cloak appeared and claimed the lotus was theirs and assaulted us. Our elder somehow created an opening for escape and we fled from there but on the way, we split from them, and that's how we arrived here."

Hou smilingly nodded his head as he finally discovered the cultivation resources ever since he arrived here. Then he excitingly told.

"Fatty Hai, Lead the way."

Hearing his words, Fatty Hai wanted to refuse but suddenly realized he had no choice in this matter and cautiously advanced. While Gu Qing shook her head in dismay and nudging him to not led them there.

Hou pondered about the lotus while Lily considered if there'll be any threat, so, slowly followed behind them.

Once their figure disappeared from the sight, Zhao Ruge and his guard Meng slowly arrived there.

The guard Meng closely observed around, spotted the traces left behind by the battle then was highly alert but after probing in the area, no one was around then he relaxed and reported.

"Young master Ruge, there seem to be more people showing up and battling each other around these areas. I think some rare spirit fruits or plants are within these areas. We should hurry or we might miss them."

Zhao Ruge also realized that.

However, when he recalled the elders also somewhere here, he didn't worry anymore as they won't let anybody take these rare cultivation resources.

But he nevertheless decided whether he could obtain any before speaking.

"We don't have to deal with whether someone obtains all of those resources before us. But I should at least seek to some myself. Let's go."

He and his guard Meng headed in the same path as Hou's.

Meanwhile, fatty Hai and Gu Qing stared ahead at the spirit beast's corpses, just wiped out by Hou but he was still staying behind them. They peeked at each other, then proceeded ahead again.

After a while, they discovered a golden tiger, Mid Stage Spirit Origin Realm in front.

This time, they shifted their head to look back at Hou. However, he was still standing behind them and smirking at them. When they glanced back at the tiger, they watched in a daze as its head was already missing from the body while a blurry afterimage was vanishing gradually.

They stopped thinking and just thought Hou was using and cultivating High-Rank Heavenly Mortal Grade Skill. Like that, they slowly advanced forward while Hou cleared all the obstacle for them.

After 4 days, Finally, they could see the small lake ahead and already feel the concentrated Heavenly Qi around the surrounding, better than outside the ruin.

Lily appeared at the front before surveying around. After discovering many shattered people hiding there, She searched for a convenient spot then led them.

Once they entered at the small cliff, they could clearly observe the entire view around the lake. Lily stared at Hou and spoke.

"The Lotus haven't blossom yet, even though we don't know what kind of spirit plant that is. With already leaking out these amount of heavenly Qi. It should be a High-Rank Heavenly Mortal Grade. However, many people are hiding and eying that. We might not easily able to seize the lotus from them."

Hou also considered and nodded his head then pondered for a moment. But he could not think any, then he just sat down lazily before saying.

"We'll just let someone take it and fight themselves for it, later when there is a winner then we'll seize from them."

Saying that Hou slowly closed his eyes. Lily also thought it might work but she still felt it won't be simple. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While fatty Hai and Gu Qing anxiously scanned outside to see if their elders were there.

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Proofread by SpacePhoenix.

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