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Chapter 30: The Awakening Ceremony

2 years later

At the Liu Clan training hall

There was a big crowd gathering around the training ground.

Every Clan member was present there because today was the yearly awakening ceremony in the Liu Clan for anyone above 5-8 years to decide their path in life.

As long as someone unlocks his or her attribute within the age of 5-8 years, they begin their cultivation journey. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But, if someone fails to unlock during that period, they will only stay as a mortal.

In the training ground, a gigantic stone stood at the centre.

It was the ancient rune stone.

It had a lot of ancient engravings flickering occasionally.

The stone identified the attribute and rank grading of someone during the awakening ceremony.

This ancient rune stone came from the unknown origin.

An unknown monarch found in a depth of the Forbidden Sea Zone and later, he published the information to everyone.

After everyone verified, it can identify and grade any attribute found in all the Mortal Realm Plane during the ceremony process.

Since then, every clan and sect used this stone in the awakening ceremony.

Next, to the ancient run stone, Grand Elder Li was standing there and waiting to start the ceremony.

Grandpa Zong, Patriarch Fu, and the grand elders were sitting in the podium high above the training ground.

While the elders of the clan managed the whole process.

Everyone was anxiously waiting for grandpa Zong to announce to begin but grandpa Zong only sat and looked toward the exit.

But nobody complained as he was waiting for his grandson to appear.

Finally, after a while, Mother Bing covered with a veil on her face entered the training ground along with Hou and miss Lily following closely behind her.

Hou now was 5 years old this year, but he grew only a little taller than 2 years ago.

While his eyes became bigger like someone around a 10-12years.

During these 2 years, He spent peaceful days and created no major incident.

It made grandpa Zong very anxious and restless as if he could forebode about something big happening soon.

He also got many fire attribute resources from Wong Shi but he could only see them and that was the most painful time for him.

After waiting and thinking about those fire attribute resource every day for almost 2 years, Finally, the day came today.

As for miss Lily, she looked more matured and beautiful. She didn't look happy nor sad as she rarely showed her expression in these past 2 years.

But has already accepted her fate.

Even though she was a prisoner here, everyone only viewed her as a babysitter.

So, she had a peaceful life even while taking care of Hou like a nanny.

Hence, every night she would train hard.

Last month she finally broke through and reached High Stage Spirit Origin Realm.

As soon as Mother Bing arrived, Grandpa Zong stood up and nodded his head to grand Elder Li.

Hence, grand elder Li activated the formation placed on the ancient rune stone before hitting the gong hard.


With that, every child around a 5-8years old entered the training ground. Hou also slowly joined behind them.

While mother Bing and miss Lily headed toward the podium.

After waiting for an hour, finally, Hou's turn came.

Grand elder Li looked at him and spoke in a loud clear voice.

"Place your hand at the top of the ancient rune stone and close your eyes. After, try to sense your attribute in your hand."

"If you noticed any, you can remove it. You got only 15 minutes time."


Hou looked at the ancient rune stone then placed his hand.

After he closed his eyes to sense his attribute at his hand.

But, as soon as closed his eyes, he felt like he was being burned alive.

So, he swiftly withdrew his hand and opened his eyes before examining his body everywhere.

Finally seeing nothing wrong, he sighed in relief.

After a while, with an enraged expression, he glanced at the ancient rune stone then started to curse out loud at the grand elder Li.

"Lazy old geezer, you dumb fuck."

"How am I suppose to sense attribute at my hand when I am being burned everywhere in the body?"

When his voice died, there was a complete silence in the entire training ground.

His words made them too stupefied and speechless.

Finally, someone recovered and said.

"Little brat, stop making a scene and complete the ceremony as a few kids are still waiting behind you."

Afterwards, everything went back to normal.

Since Hou placed his hand less than a sec, everyone thought he was only making a scene.

But, the grand elder Li cared none of that instead, checked on the ancient rune stone.

As soon as he did, he froze for a while before staring at Hou with his eyes wide open.

Finally, he said in a stuttering voice.

"Hou, Fire attribute, grade rank Unknown."

At once, all the grand elders and Patriarch Fu stood up from their seats and stared at Hou.

Because that ancient rune stone could identify any known grade fire attribute found in the whole Mortal Realm Plane.

All those grand elders and Patriarch Fu knew what it meant.

It showed Hou has the highest potential to comprehend the fire attribute and master all the fire attribute skills in the entire Mortal Realm Plane.

Only Mother Bing and grandpa Zong didn't seem surprised seeing that result. 2 years ago they had clearly seen those flickering colourful fires within his eyes.

Green fire among those even brought him back to life.

So, in silence, they watched everything unfold before them.

Meanwhile, Their reaction bewildered everyone, and each wondered what was going.

Before someone asked anything, Mother Bing suddenly stood up and walked toward Hou.

After she took him away out of the training ground along with miss Lily behind her.

After a while, grandpa Zong stood up and scanned everyone before declaring in a loud voice.

"Hou, Fire attribute, grade rank 1."

Afterwards, he at once left along with the grand elders and Patriarch Fu toward the Clan Hall.

Finally, When grandpa Zong disappeared from the spot, everyone laughed, mocked or pitied Hou for grade rank 1.

Meanwhile, grand elder Li just stood there in silence and cursed them for their ignorance.

Before long, It spread around every corner in the city.

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