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Chapter 114: The Black-Robed Young Man

Hou halted his steps and gazed at the roof with a sly grin plastered on his mouth.

A few cracks appeared on the roof and burst the tiles into tiny pieces, forming a small hole enough for a person to pass through.

One after another, four figures descended from each hole, floating in the air like a feather.

Two figures landed in front of Princess Chu Ci while the other two dropped and surrounded Song Huai and Ping Min with a small barrier, respectively.

Almost at the same time, several figures flashed like a light and surrounded Hou in a circle.

Each one emitted out a chilly aura, revealing their cultivation; Earth Origin Realm, Sky Origin Realm and Heavenly Origin Realm.

Even so, Hou didn't raise his eyebrows since only three people from those four figures had reached Sovereign Mortal Realm, one Early Stage and two Mid Stage.

He made eye contact with Princess Chu Ci and said, "this grandpa only have servants around him. Since you want to see her in action, let me give you a memorial lesson."

As soon as his words ended, Lily stood up from her seat with no emotion and walked toward Hou ignoring all the figures surrounding him. She understood his meaning as she had seen his action all these years and already became numb.

On the way, she raised her hand above her head in the air.

Instantly, as if a call came, the massive sword impaling the headless corpse on the floor quivered before flying toward Lily at light speed.

With a swift movement, Lily grabbed the sword on its handle and scanned the people around the surrounding.

Without a delay nor hesitation, she circulated her Qi at the sword, materialising four tiny purple flames around its edge.

In an instant, those purple flames completed and transformed into flaming birds before rotating around Lily.

That moment, everyone inside the hall felt a cold sensation behind their back while their hairs stood erect discovering Lily's Realm.

Mid Stage Sovereign Mortal Realm!

All of those people surrounding them trembled as their knees lost the strength. After all, once the battle starts, her first strike would befall on them.

Meanwhile, those four figures frowned and hesitated to take action toward her because of the purple flaming birds around her, and the sword gave them a bad vibe.

However, with no option, they readied themselves for a bitter battle even though they knew the outcome would lead them to death.

The hall turned into a deadly quiet atmosphere as everyone formed armour Qi around his or her body and took out weapons to fight her.

Just as they took a step to begin the battle, a calm aged voice resonated throughout the hall.

"Everyone, cease your action."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white-haired old woman slowly revealed her appearance in front of a white-robed young man in the group who had followed Princess Chu Ci and spoken no words in the hall during the entire time.

Startled! Everyone stopped their movement and turned around his or her eyes toward the white-haired old woman.

Princess Chu Ci hurried and greeted the old woman before she cast a meaningful glimpse toward the white-robed young man.

However, she discovered even the white-robed young man was clueless and pondering deep in his thoughts.

The old woman wore a smile on her face and said glancing toward Lily, "Little lady, let's stop this farce for today before things become too ugly."

Lily ignored the old woman and glanced toward Hou with a worried expression since she didn't detect that old woman's cultivation.

Hou gave a slight nod to her and smirked a grin toward the old woman. Without a word, he turned around and disappeared from his spot.

At the same time, Lily channelled her Qi toward those four purple flaming birds.

Those birds let out low-pitched shrieks while the sword hummed producing eerie noises.

Instantly, those four purple flaming birds shot like a beam of light in a straight line toward the four figures.

One purple flaming bird vertically cleaved the figure standing in front of Ping Min into two parts from head to waist along with the barrier.

The other three purple flaming birds stopped at the tip of skin between the eyebrows of the other three figures protecting Princess Chu Ci and Song Huai. Those three figures didn't move an inch because they didn't notice her sudden attack. If they had reacted, those flaming birds also would cleave them into two pieces, like that figure.

Meanwhile, a blurry afterimage flashed through the gap between the two chopped body parts. Then, it returned the same way as it came, adding another two different afterimages before those two body parts dropped to the floor and burned into ashes.

In reality, these happened in a matter of a split second.

By the time the surrounding people even caught Hou disappearing from his spot, he reappeared along with an unconscious figure on that spot.

Once the surrounding people realised what just happened, one after another, they fell to the ground and began to examine their body whether any injuries on them.

A few people jumped back from the ground as they discovered a very long smooth chopped mark on the floor, an inch near where they had once stood.

Meanwhile, the old woman stood rooted on the ground, staring at Hou and Lily with wide her eyes and mouth open. She had detected their sudden movements and planned to stop them.

However, she let them do as they please after recognising their skills.

Even Princess Chu Ci and the white-robed young man knew Hou's movements skills. That skill originated from the Royal family and would only pass it to their descendant.

Hou glared at the old woman and said, "This grandpa here will stop for today, but if you dare interrupt again, I don't mind leaving behind a bloody sight."

He threw the unconscious figure toward Lily and advanced toward the exit.

Lily, Long Anqi, Ying Yue, Ouyang Lanyu, Madam Liao, Fatty Bo and his elder, hurried after him.

Before Hou could step toward the exit, the white-robed young man spoke, "wait a minute, brother, can you please tell me your name?"

Hou stopped his pace and replied without looking back.

"Hou. If you want revenge, come to find me at Liu Clan."

Then, he disappeared and appeared outside the Flowery Teahouse.

Right at that moment, a group with a sword emblem on their robes, same as Princess Chu Ci, passed beside Hou and others and entered the Flowery Teahouse.

Inside the hall, after Hou said his name and clan, Cao Shan woke up at the time and heard it. He stood up staggering on his feet and laughed out so loud that a few people around him almost lost their hearing.

"Ha ha ha ha, Liu Clan, you all are dead now!"

Cao Shan walked toward the exit while ignoring all the weird gazes on him.

A moment later, the group with the sword emblem on their robes appeared inside the hall and scanned the people.

They approached Princess Chu Ci once they spotted her.

Although they found two corpses on the floor, they showed no expression.

A young man in a black-cloaked smiled toward Princess Chu Ci and said, "Junior Sister Chu Ci, finally we meet again. Won't you guide me around the city?"

Instead of a reply, Princess Chu Ci didn't discover him and kept frowning thinking something in her mind.

Annoyed! The black-cloaked young man moved his hand to shake her shoulder, but a figure beside Princess Chu Ci came and began to whisper everything that happened earlier in detail.

A vicious glint flashed in his eyes as the black-cloaked young man listened. With a cold smile on his mouth, he said, "Junior Sister Chu Ci, let me handle those people for you."

Then, the black-cloaked young man tilted his head back at the group and ordered.

"Kill those people and bring me their heads."

Instantly, five figures from the group dispersed toward the exit.

Only then, Princess Chu Ci recovered from her thoughts and noticed their presences.

"Stop!" shouted Princess Chu Ci as she glared toward the black-cloaked young man beside her.

However, those people didn't stop instead continued rushing toward the exit.

As they took a foot toward the exit, suddenly, a few drops of tiny glittering blue ice pieces fell on those people.

Instantly, those people turned into an ice block and fell to the ground after losing the balance.


Each ice block burst into tiny pieces before it slowly melted. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This place is not your Sky Sword Sect where you can decide the fate of our people. If you dare again, I won't mind turning you into like them and return you to the Sky Sword Sect."

A voice rang beside the black-cloaked young man then it spread outwards toward the entire hall.

The white-haired old woman touched the black-cloaked young man's neck with her long fingernails and showed a creepy smile.

When the surrounding people saw her smile, they froze and held their breath as long as they could muster while a few even peed their pants.

With her overbearing aura along with a creepy smile on her wrinkled face, she resembled a sinister Spirit Beast or a fiendish monster ready to hunt its prey.

Meanwhile, the black-cloaked young man fainted puking a mouthful of blood. She had scared him out of life because only he understood what happened to him.

The white-haired old woman had scratched his neck on his soul and left a few wounds there. He would need a few years of recuperating to heal those wounds if not done an immediate treatment with rare resources.

The white-haired old woman gave a light laugh toward everyone and began to walk toward the exit.

The white-robed young man rushed and followed behind her.

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Kinda losing interest right now. T^T

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Lastly, thank you for reading and enjoying this novel.

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