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Chapter 37: The Carriage

Few miles far away from the Red Mist City

On the side of a narrow path, a child and a lady sat and stared the path. The child looked extremely weary and exhausted yet the lady looked so refreshing as if she just took a bath.

The child was obviously Hou, and the lady was Lily.

Instead of travelling through the carriage, Hou insisted to run so he could practice 9 Mirage Dash Step on the way. However, he couldn't even control his body at all, always getting a face plant on the ground. After a week, he realized that he made a very big mistake by not travelling on the carriage.

Thus he became depressed and distress about it.

After a while, a carriage stopped in front, a mid-20s youth peeked out his head before beckoning them to enter to travel together.

Hou and Lily happily entered the carriage.

There were 4 people already sitting there, 2 old-men, mid-20s youth from the earlier and a lady. The old man next to lady had a long white beard, brown hair while wearing a blue-white coloured stripe cloak.

The other old man next to the youth wore a green coloured cloak.

The lady had a veil covered on her face and hide her body figure under her white cloak.

Finally, the mid-20s youth wearing a red cloak who looked like a scholar.

The mid-20s youth looked at them and elegantly introduced himself.

"Hello, my fellow cultivators. nice to meet you, I'm Fang Lao."

"We're now travelling toward Snow Silk City. If you like, we'll drop you on the way at the next city."

Instead of answering, Hou scanned the carriage and grinned at Fang Lao.

With an arrogant demeanour, he sat on the seat. Lily too sat without saying anything, leaving Fang Lao awkward.

The old-man wearing green coloured cloak slightly flinch his eyebrows, however, didn't dare to rebuke because he had already scanned their cultivation before they entered.

He was at Peak Stage Sky Origin Mortal while the lady over there was already Peak Stage Heavenly Origin Mortal. He whispered something at Fang Lao who stopped looking at them.

For a few hours, everyone remained quiet.

Later, Hou glanced at the lady with a veil before standing.

He glared at the Fang Lao before taking out his dagger and said with a sly smile.

"Shady pervert, take a peek at Lily again and I'll cut your third leg."

"Little friend, I don't understand your words," said Fang Lao with his squeezed smile.

Hou turned his head at Lily and gave her a nod before staring at Fang Lao.

Lily understood everything just by his look, She dashed and appeared in front of Fang Lao before clutching him by the neck.

It startled both the old man and the lady as it happened too fast before they could react. While Fang Lao turned terrified yet didn't let out a shriek.

The green-cloaked old man became terrified and dejected because he knew what the real character of Fang Lao, a pervert who pretends to be a scholar. He didn't think Fang Lao had the guts to dare to peek at the lady even after warning him about her. However, he had to protect his young master. So he hurriedly got on his knee on the floor and spoke in a panicking voice.

"Senior, please show your mercy on young master Lao. It won't happen again at all."

"Young master, What do you want? " Suddenly, the lady asked in a cold voice, glaring at Hou.

As she already knew about Fang Lao and he had not peeked at all due to fear.

Hou gazed at her veil and said in an arrogant tone." Take that damn veil off and come to entertain me till we reach the next city."

However, the lady didn't instead only shot a cold glare at him and said.

"Young master, Please do not bully the weak."

"Even though we're weak right now."

"Our Clan isn't weak enough to trampled by anyone."

Instead of replying to the lady, Hou tilted his head at Lily and said.

"Cut that shady pervert into pieces and also those both old men."

As soon as he said that, the lady removed her veil in a lightning fast and with a reluctant expression, walked over before standing in front him.

Meanwhile, Fang Lao and those old men got goosebumps and terrified before dropping to their knees and hands, ready to beg for mercy.

When Lily saw that, she relaxed her body before sending a swift kick at the stomach of Fang Lao and returned to her seat. While Fang Lao crouched down twitching in pain on the floor, forcibly holding his wail.

Hou examined the lady's face whose beauty, was almost comparable with Lily. But, he couldn't see her whole body as she was wearing a baggy cloak hiding her body figure.

He put back his dagger and lied down his head on Lily's lap while deliberately stretched his small legs at the lady.

Showing his cunning smile at the lady, he said.

"Tell me about yourself and why you all are going to Snow Silk City?"

The lady helplessly sat down beside him and massaged him while she spoke about herself.

"My name is Hu Jiao, 21 years from Hu Clan, the 2nd strongest Clan in the Aurora City. Also the 3rd daughter of the grand elder. Last month I broke through and reached Early Earth Origin Mortal Realm."

"I wanted a flying pet thus I begged my father to let me go to Snow Silk City. Coincidentally, I met 2nd young master Lao who was also heading there, so we headed together there."

"As for us heading to Snow Silk City, the city is the most famous city for the spirit beast Auction House in the entire Empire."

Hou slightly nodded and closed his eyes like deeply pondering something but was clearly faking it.

He said in a low voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ok, we'll also go there."

"Don't worry I'll take care of you till we reach there."

While Hu Jiao showed a bitter smile, discovering at his shameless act.

Meanwhile, the trio at the corner only shuddered and blamed their luck for stopping the carriage for them.

During the whole journey, Hou kept Hu Jiao by his side and enjoyed listening to her childhood experiences. Meanwhile bossing the trio like his lackeys to handle all the dangers like spirit beast and bandits which they faced something on their travel.

After 3 weeks, they appeared at the Aurora City.

Hou watched at the hastily escaping carriage into the city before also slowly entering with Lily into the City.

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