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Chapter 112: The Flowery Teahouse

Inside a room within the Paradise Mansion, the earlier sexy lady was standing in front of a dressing chamber and reading reports from a scroll.

Inside the dressing chamber, someone was rustling the clothes and wearing them every once in a while.

After 15 minutes, the sexy lady finished with her reports and waited for an order.

"Did you say someone came here for Jum Bo?" a matured female voice rang from the dressing chamber.

"Yes, Madam Liao, they have just left the mansion along with Jum Bo," said the sexy lady while wondering why she showed concern toward Jum Bo instead of solving their other immediate matters.

The dressing chamber door opened and a fat mid-aged woman in a purple gown stepped out from there.

Even though she was fat, with blue eyes, a green hair, a fair skin, an oval face, anyone would call her a beautiful woman.

"Did you learn their identities?" asked Madam Liao as she adjusted her gown looking at a big mirror on the wall.

"Just earlier, they have arrived in the city. It seemed like they came from a wealthy Clan or Sect as they had bought a lot of expensive items from the famous stores," the sexy lady responded to her after recalling everything she learned from their informers.

Madam Liao frowned and paced back and forth inside the room considering something in silence.

After a moment, she spoke.

"Did anything unusual happened when they left the mansion?"

The sexy lady closed her eyes and began to recall the memory of them leaving the mansion. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and said in a high-pitched voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Jum Bo and his elder kept a safe distance from one of the ladies."

Somewhat startled! Madam Liao halted her step and glanced at the sexy lady with her eyes wide open. She didn't discover any lies within her expression. Thus, she shifted her sight at an empty corner in the room and said.

"Find out their location within an hour!"

Suddenly, a shadow of a person formed at the empty corner and bowed toward her before disappearing from the spot.

Madam Liao once again entered the dressing chamber and started to change her gown while waiting for the report.

After an hour, the shadow returned at the corner and reported her in a hoarse female voice.

"Madam Liao, they are attending the party of Princess Chu Ci at the Flowery Teahouse."

Madam Liao stepped out from the dressing chamber, wearing a new red sexy outfit. She peeked her half revealed cleavage at the mirror and murmured, "Jum Bo, this time for sure I will have you know my true beauty."

The sexy lady and the shadow pretended not to hear anything and only stood in silence.

"Let's visit the Flowery Teahouse," said Madam Liao as she walked toward the exit.

Meanwhile, Hou, the girls, Fatty Bo and his elder were sitting at a round table in the corner of a big hall.

Inside the big hall, several young boys and girls were gathering and greeting the people around a long table.

Five young women and three men were sitting on the long table greeting them back with a smile. Each one was a beautiful woman or handsome man with a tiny insignia on their elegant and gorgeous outfit representing their Clan or Sect.

However, the most noticeable thing about them was their cultivation Realm. Four young women and two men had reached Earth Origin Realm while a young woman and a man with the same insignia on their outfits were at Sky Origin Realm.

It seemed like these people were celebrating something as the Teahouse had stopped doing their business and focused only on the party.

After an hour, all the boys and girls took their seats and waited for the people at the long table to start the show. They seemed quite excited.

A young woman in an aqua-coloured robe around the 20s stepped out of the long table and stood at a high spot facing toward everyone. She scanned the hall and prepared to speak her speech.

However, a young man in a red robe stood from his seat at the long table and said, "Princess Chu Ci, please stop for a moment. It seems we have a few uninvited guests."

The red-robed young man shifted his eyes toward a corner of the hall.

Everyone discovered Hou, the girls, Fatty Bo and his elder sitting there, drinking wine without bothering them.

Instantly, the boys and girls whispered knowing the red-robed young man was creating a scene to flaunt his authority in front of Princess Chu Ci.

The red-robed young man slowly walked toward them and said, "Damn Fatty Bo, didn't I tell you that you must never appear in front of us? Also, why you didn't come to greet Princess Chu Ci? Do you need more beating?"

Fatty Bo stood in a hurry and bowed toward Princess Chu Ci.

"Jum Bo greets Princess Chu Ci. Please, take no offence. I did not recognise your presence here, or I would have come to greet you."

Then, Fatty Bo took a fighting stance toward the red-robed young man and said, "Cao Shan, don't try to scare me with that underhand victor. If you want, do you dare to fight me here?"

Ha ha ha ha.

The red-robed young man let out his laughter for a while.

Then, he glanced toward Hou and the girls and asked, "Why are you not greeting Princess Chu Ci?"

Hou stood with a sly smile on his face and scanned the hall. He slightly lowered his head and disappeared from his spot, leaving an afterimage.

In a flash, Hou appeared in front of the red-robed young man and gave a kick in his crotch who slumped down to the floor, clutching his groin and wailing in excruciating pain.

Hou placed his feet on the red-robed young man's head and spoke while glaring at the people around the hall.

"Your grandpa here decides himself whether he wants to greet someone. If you don't like it, you can come and join him."

A complete silence! Everyone held their breath and stood frozen after hearing his words. They could not understand where his guts came since they were inside the Imperial Palace City.

Nowadays, if someone even showed a hint of disrespect toward the Royal family, the Royal guards would destroy them without leaving their traces.

However, someone in front of them didn't greet Princess Chu Ci instead he showed his arrogant attitude.

They glanced toward Princess Chu Ci and discovered she seemed slightly annoyed and displeased yet showed no reaction. They didn't want to interfere, so they waited for further development.

Suddenly, a mid-aged man appeared behind Hou and aimed a powerful strike on his back.

However, a massive sword flew in light speed, piercing the mid-age man's shoulder and impaled him to the ground.

Hou tilted his head toward the mid-aged man and examined his appearance. With a slight nod, he stomped his feet on the mid-aged man, squashing his head into meat pieces.

A few pieces landed over the red-robed young man's face. He shuddered at the sight and started to sob while wiping his faces as tears kept pouring from his eyes.

Several figures appeared inside the hall and stood in front of each of the boys and girls. They glanced toward Lily in a defensive form, fearing that she would harm their young master or miss. Even from the outside, they had sensed the dreadful aura for a split second.

Before someone could question them, Hou kicked the red-robed young man toward fatty Bo and said, "Fatty Bo, thrash him as you like. You can even kill him if you want."

Fatty Bo and his elder nodded their head with a reluctant expression but hesitated to take action. However, when they discovered Hou watching at them with a cold glare, they advanced toward the red-robed young man. With no option, they braced themselves and began to thrash the red-robed young man, ignoring his pleadings and threats.

Despite their enmity, they didn't dare to kill him.

Once the red-robed young man became unrecognisable with injuries and scars all over his body, they stopped with the beating and stood behind Hou.

Hou scanned the people in the hall and smirked after seeing their frightened complexion, though a few had no changes in their expression; like Princess Chu Ci and two young men at the long table.

He shook his head in disappointment as no one came to protect the red-robed young man. So, he returned to his seat and drank his wine.

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