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Chapter 35: Training II

Just like that every day, Hou followed these routines however he never took a step inside the 2nd and 3rd floor.

After 3 months of his hard work, he finally reached Peak Stage Mortal Origin Realm.

Today like always after coming back from the clan library, he entered the training room. Mother Bing was waiting for him as usual however the water in the pool was dark red reeking blood.

The blood of the various fire spirit beasts filled the pool.

Hou asked nothing and directly entered after undressing himself.

However, this time mother Bing stopped Lily from entering and waited outside with her.

Once he reached in the middle part, he meditated following through the Rhythm Heartbeat technique.

Each heartbeat, he gathered the fire Qi from every part of his body toward his dantain and refined the fire Qi there. Afterwards, on next heartbeat, he released all the fire Qi from inside his dantain toward every part of his body.

Once he completed full one cycle of the refining process, he breathed smoothly and flowed all the refined fire Qi in every heartbeat gathered back inside his dantian.

It gathered at the spot in the centre before forming core like a whirlpool rotating counter-clockwise.

While Hou was forming the core inside his dantian, all the blood water inside the pool seep into his body.

Before long, the pool turned into crystal-clear water.

Finally an hour later Hou formed the core inside his dantian and successfully broke into the Early Stage Spirit Origin Realm.

When he opened his eyes and checked his body, He felt he could easily and speedily release his fire Qi in his hands.

After he looked at the thrilled mother Bing, and Lily with his breakthrough, he grinned like a fool.

Next day, with an arrogant demeanour, Hou burst into the 4th Floor however like always he was smacked down by Disciple Zan till he remained motionless for a while. Before leaving he shot a malicious glare at both grand elder Wu and Disciple Zan.

Like that another 8 months passed, At the late night finally he reached Peak Stage Spirit Origin Realm.

Next day, showing his aloof attitude, he once again entered the 4th floor before getting a cold sweat behind his back.

He saw there was two more youth standing beside Zan. He tried to escape but grand elder Wu caught him before he could escape.

After he got the beating, he stayed motionless like always.

Lily picked him up before leaving toward the 5th floor.

At the 5th floor, watching Hou looking so miserable, grand elder Shui giggled before letting him rest.

After taking a long rest, he finally opened his mouth.

"Old hag, Since you're so proficient at attribute skill, teach me a skill to defend myself using fire Qi."

"Little brat, so you finally found what you were missing all this time." said the grand elder Shui.

Grand elder Shui stood up and walk toward the open space.

She slowly gathered water Qi around her before materializing it into the heavy armour.

This heavy armour looked just like a metal armour but formed with crystallized water.

After she formed a complete armour, she cunningly said.

"Little brat, come punch at the armour as hard as you can muster."

Hou exciting ran seeing how easily she created armour with her water Qi. When he came in front her, then he took a step with his left leg before weighing his force at his right arm then smashing his fists at the armour.

However as soon as he hit at the armour, his face twisted in pain before he sat down on the ground. He wailed and howled while cursing at the grand elder Shui.

"You old hag, you tricked me into this, didn't you?"

"Once I became powerful, I'll smash that armour and you into pieces."

Grand Elder Shui sneered and ignored his insult totally before lecturing him.

"Stupid brat, Lesson no.1 Never physically engage in combat against someone who uses attribute Qi."

"Your physical strength isn't enough to handle it."

"Lesson no.2 Always use attribute Qi or weapon to combat against someone who uses attribute Qi. if you cannot use any of those then you better escape."

"Now let's talk about the materialized armour."

"As you know, the cultivators are highly proficient at controlling their attribute Qi."

"They can use it by forming thin invisible protective coating Qi around their body to protect them."

"However, that is not enough to defend against strong cultivator."

"So here comes the armour."

"We called this armour as Armor Qi, materialized with highly concentrated pure Qi from the core inside dantain."

"This armour can easily withstand the attack of the same Stage Realm cultivator."

"If somehow it shattered, I'll only have to create a new one like discarding old armour and getting a new one." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"However, cultivator has a different attribute thus can create a different kind of Armor Qi. As for you, since you have fire Qi, you can also create armour Qi looking like fire. If you create it, you can withstand attack from below your realm easily as the fire Qi will absorb all the attack without getting damage to your body."

" However the attack of someone with same or higher Stage Realm you'll have to withstand it with your physical body too. So for the fire attributor, creating a weapon Qi is the best choice."

After she quickly formed a weapon in her hand.

It turned into crystallized water and form into a sword shape.

She looked at Hou and saw his eyes sparkling, she knew he was totally immersed in this while trying to digest all the information.

Hence she waited for a while and explained how to form it.

"I'll start with forming the invisible protective coating Qi around the body."

"First, you'll have to refine your core Qi inside your dantain again. Once you refined and turned into purer Qi, seep it outside your body before coating with it around your whole body."

"When you completely coat with it around your body, you successfully form the invisible protective coating Qi."

"You can withstand it against anyone under Mortal Origin Realm attack or surrounding climate like heat, cold, rain."

"Next we'll talk about forming Armor Qi, This process is also the same. After you flow out the purer Qi from your core, you'll need to surround it around only your upper body before forming into the armour. However, you'll need an enormous amount of that purer Qi to form into the armour Qi."

"As for Weapon Qi, This process is also the same as Armor Qi. Channel the pure Qi from your core around your hand and form into a shape of a weapon."

"You'll need to concentrate on the detail and keep it stable so it doesn't break out easily."

" However powerful cultivator doesn't only use attribute Qi but also uses the weapon and armour."

Here she paused and moved at the corner of the hall before picking an old armour and a sword from the shelves.

After she wore it, she came in front of Hou. She pointed at the middle part at the armour and the handle of the sword then carefully explained it.

"Little brat, watch this old armour."

"In the chest part is a tiny formation, also the core of the armour. The blacksmith forged the rare gems in every part in this armour and kept as the source of the formation. You'll need to get your Qi to activate and keep flowing your Qi in it."

"You can also form armour Qi around it to boost it to the higher level."

"If you have higher grade Armor, you can even survive the attack from high Realm experts. Though you'll need a tremendous amount of Qi to activate it and keep it running."

"As for this sword, at the handle is also a tiny formation. you'll need to flow your Qi toward the formation to activate and keep flowing for using its effect. While you can also use the high-grade weapon to kill above your Realm expert, however amount of QI you need to flow requires tremendous."

"In some cases, the high-grade weapon would suck your Qi dry and kill you before you can activate."

"So you should always remember not to bite off more than you can actually chew."

She activated both armour and sword showing their effects with her attribute Qi.

Afterwards, she quietly left him alone to comprehend everything.

Next day, Hou went to the Clan vault and stole a shining red armour and a black dagger.

The shinning red armour was Red Stone Armor High Rank 4 Origin Mortal Grade, its effect was only to protect the heart from anyone below Sky Origin Realm.

And, the black dagger was Dark Horn High Rank 5 Origin Mortal Grade, sharp enough to cut any below Low Rank 5 Heavenly Mortal Grade Diamond. Its effect depended on the attribute of the user.

Afterwards, he returned to his courtyard.

After that day, Hou never stepped out of his courtyard and practised forming armour Qi and weapon Qi.

Though he meditated with Lily on the medicine pool in the training room.

Finally, after 10 months of hard work and painful failures, he successfully formed to materialize armour Qi and weapon Qi.

Next day Hou wearing Red Stone Armor and holding Dark Horn in his body proudly headed toward the clan library. While he was walking, he put an aloof attitude around all those disciples and elders who were staring at him. Meanwhile, Lily behind him, giggled seeing his act.

Finally Hou and Lily entered the 4th floor. Just like before grand elder Wu, disciple Zan and 2 more disciples were waiting for him. Before they could speak, Hou already entered the training spot and pointed his dagger at those disciples.

With a helpless expression, Disciples could only enter and surrounded him to give a beating for the rest of his day. Without saying anything, Hou quickly activated armour Qi and weapon Qi and charged at them.

However, a big hand stopped him in the mid-air before plummeting to the ground. Grand elder Wu appeared in front of him and sneered.

"Little brat, who told you can use attribute Qi here? Did that old wench Shui teach to this? or did you get trick into learning? aha aha, stupid brat."

Saying that he took the dagger and passed it to Lily while motioning the disciples to beat the shit out of him again.

Finally, after a heavy beating, Hou stormed while dragging his weak body and madly fuming into the 5th floor.

He cursed in a loud voice before he could enter the hall.

"Old hag, get out right now or I'll skin your already skinny hides."

However no one was there, he searched around everywhere in the hall for a few minutes.

After he left while still raging and feeling distressed.

Once he left the hall, Grand elder Shui slowly appeared out the wall.

Soon her laughter rang inside the hall.

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