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Chapter 70: Trial

Somewhere at a frozen lake.

A figure was running at a high speed.

Few distances behind, 4 shadows pursed after the figure.

Though their sights were too comical.

If no one spotted their legs, he or she would believe 3 huge bags, and a lady chased after a youth.

Obviously, the youth was Xiang Chu while the 4 shadows were Hou, Shi Lei, Cheng Shuang and Ruby. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After they left the garden, they followed Xiang Chu's trails and finally found him hiding at a cliff.

Since then, they have been pursuing him for 4 days.

As for Xiang Chu, he tried to escape from them every time and find the trial ground's exit. However, he could neither escape nor spot any exit.

Helpless, he only ran ahead without a direction.

Meanwhile, Fan Le kept examining the Heavenly Silkworm in his hand with a disbelief expression.

The Heavenly Silkworm had only a tiny bit remaining Qi left and was on the verge of dying.

Only now did he realized Hou's action at that time.

Hence, he cursed himself and regretted his action. If he only had waited for Hou and resisted the temptation, he would have learned the Heavenly Silkworm's condition sooner.

Furthermore, he couldn't spot any exit from the trial ground.

Also, he stole the Heavenly Silkworm from Hou and formed an enmity with him.

He knew if he didn't escape from the trial ground, soon or later Hou and the rest would chase and catch him.

So, anxious and in hast, he also searched for the exit in every place.

All along, up above the sky, a pair of eyes viewed the whole scene without missing any details.

The eyes shifted its sight toward the burned garden.

A small portal had appeared at the garden's centre and glowing every passing second.

The pair of eyes showed a pitying gaze and blinked once.

As if heeding an order, the small portal slowly dissipated from the spot leaving no traces of it.

Afterwards, the pair of eyes looked toward the frozen lake for a moment before the eyes glowed in a golden light.

In the middle of the frozen lake, a golden light burst out from the small platform towards the sky.

All the gems inside the small platform released Heavenly Qi and the various light gathered at the centre of the platform.

Slowly, a portal formed resembling a small tunnel while unknown arrays surrounded it like a barrier.

When everyone noticed the golden light from the frozen lake, he or she rushed there.

They all thought a heavenly treasure appeared or someone found a legacy from the trial.

Meanwhile, Xiang Chu also headed straight there with a serious expression but hoping only for an exit. If not, he might have to fight with Hou and the rest till death.

When Hou saw the golden light and its direction, he instantly recalled the place. He sprinted while shouting in a loud voice.

"Hurry, don't let this bastard reach there."

Because he knew the light appeared from the platform where he first arrived. Hence, a portal must have appeared there.

So, he had to hurry and catch Xiang Chu before he escaped from here.

His words startled Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang, yet they didn´t ask him.

Instead, they also increased their speed with full strength.

Shi Lei couldn't wait to catch Xiang Chu himself and to tear him into pieces.

Only Ruby thought and wished for a treasure, however she hoped that Hou would let her take it.

Meanwhile, Fan Le hesitated for a moment yet he still headed there while thinking that, if he caught the sight of Hou and the rest, he would retreat.


Outside the trial ground.

When the golden light flashed from the frozen lake, the small tunnel slowly closed and disappeared.

Everyone noticed it which puzzled and surprised them.

In a flash, they appeared in front of the gate and examined the empty spot.

A few people even tried to break the gate since their young master or miss were still inside there.

One among them was Lily. She tried everything before she recalled something and stopped.

Afterwards, she moved and sat on in corner again.

Others felt relieved and also sad for missing their opportunities since they only arrived here today.

Meanwhile, a mid-aged man pointed his finger at Lily and whispered to an old man something.

The old man shot a malicious glare toward her and scanned her body.

When he found a sword on her waist, he instantly stopped and didn't look at her anymore.

He sensed a chilling aura just looking at the sword.

Even though he didn't put his eyes on Lily's Realm. But if he forced her in the corner, he wouldn't win against her without getting a serious injury.

Also, he had no clue about her background.

Moreover, he became worried about Xiang Chu's safety since the entrance closed.

So, he only inspected the entrance's gate and waited for any changes.


Meanwhile, Xiang Chu hastily entered the platform.

Soon after, Hou, Ruby, Shi Lei and Cheng Shuang also entered the platform.

They noticed Xiang Chu hitting the barrier outside the small tunnel.

Hou heaved a sigh of relief and let out his wild laughter.

He pointed at Xiang Chu and mocked him.

"Stupid bastard, why don't you run through the barrier? It might really let you enter."

Xiang Chu stopped his attacks and closed his eyes.

Afterwards, he opened his eyes showing his serious determination and approached them.

Just as he took a step, a few people also entered the platform.

There were 12 people. One among them was Fan Le.

When Fan Le caught sight of Hou and the rest, he wanted to retreat but he saw the tunnel behind Xiang Chu.

So, he braced himself and entered the platform while pondering something.

Hou turned his head back and discovered Fan Le.

A sly smile slowly formed on his face and just as he tried to speak, suddenly an indistinct voice came from above the sky.

"The trial begins now. Kill someone if you want to leave or live here forever."

Afterwards, a few lights shrouded everyone's body and imprinted them with an unknown mark.

TriggeredTurtle TriggeredTurtle

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