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Chapter 5: Unexpected Visitor

Mother Bing grounded Hou for a month.

Hou thought about his mistakes and why she treated him like this.

Even after thinking for a few days, he still couldn't figure it out. So, he decided to walk around the clan.

As he was considering returning to his own courtyard, unknowingly, he ended behind the mountain.

With a curious look, he scanned everywhere around the place to spot any interesting kinds of stuff as he has never been here.

But, he already knew from the clan members that the Clan Head privately occupied this place.

He ran toward the mountain's edge while wondering if he could find anything new to explore here.

A slightly old hut appeared at the mountain's edge yet had spotless surroundings with the different spirit plants and trees.

Next to the hut was a small clear pond.

But, no signs of fish in it.

A lone boat was floating amidst the pond.

Two white-haired old men were sitting in the boat while silently drinking wine without talking.

After a long-running, Hou finally caught the sight of the hut and sprinted toward it, resembling a hopping rabbit.

Suddenly, both old men detected a figure running towards them. So, they glanced toward the figure.

It surprised them for a moment before they let out a laughter.

One of the white-haired men was the Clan Head of Liu Clan, Liu Zong, and the father of Mother Bing.

He had reached the Early Stage Sovereign Mortal Realm and was one of the strongest people in the entire clan.

Grandpa Zong glanced at Hou, then shifted his sight at the other old man. He spoke in a low volume pitch:


As Hou was running, he heard his name next to his ears.

He looked far ahead at the boat in the pond instead of getting a panic or shock. Then, he continued running ahead.

Finally, he could see both the white-haired old men. He recognized one old man, his grandpa while he had no clue about the other old man.

After inspecting them, Hou tilted his sight toward a huge wine gourd on the boat. He fished out a jumbo bowl from his sleeves and placed it in front him. Then he grabbed and poured wine from the huge wine gourd next to the table.

He peeked at them and drank every drop of the wine from his bowl.

After a minute, his face appeared bright red then he swayed left and right, almost falling.

He looked at his bowl and said.

"Excellent wine, always drink the wine to forget worries."

As soon as he said that, Grandpa Zong sweated heavily and felt a pain in his stomach.

The other old man had a strange expression. He chuckled as he glanced toward them.

"Ha Ha Brother Zong, your grandson words were very much like how you used to express when you drank."

Grandpa Zong wanted to cry, but he could only blame himself as he allowed Hou to follow him and showed his drunkard manners in front him.

But it still made him better knowing at least these aspects resembled him, unlike his weird stalking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Finally, he suppressed his pain and asked.

"Hou, what are you loitering around here?"

Hou blinked at his grandpa and told him everything about Mother Bing grounding him for a month. Thus, he ended up here.

He peeked at the other old man and showed a meaningful smile to his grandpa.

Grandpa Zong smiled as if he knew what he had inside his mind and introduced him to the other old man.

"Hou, he's the current Liu Patriarch of our main Clan in Imperial Palace City, my sworn-brother and also your mothers master, Liu Fu."

Liu Fu, the Liu Patriarch from the main Liu Clan was the other old man. Also, at the Early Stage Sovereign Mortal Realm.

Hou bowed and greeted.

"Greeting Grandpa Fu."

He blinked his eyes showing an innocent look on his face toward Grandpa Fu.

Baffled! Grandpa Fu as he narrowed his eyes and shot a glance toward his sworn-brother. Finally knowing what was happening, he flinched his eyes and flashed his sleeves by taking out a small box storing for pills.

He threw them and smiled at Hou.

Hou caught it and hopped in joy but after he opened the box and looked inside, he became disappointed and confused.

Inside the box was only one round red pill contained.

The pill had the sign of five dragon marks engraved on it but had no lustre, and looked like an ordinary pill.

With a confusing expression, he asked Grandpa Fu.

"What is this pill?"

Grandpa Fu expected him to ask this as he explained.

"This pill looks ordinary but in fact, it is a Low Rank 2 Heavenly Mortal Grade: Growth Pill. I found it a few years ago inside the Ancient Forbidden Tomb Zone."

"A pill that lets the consumer change the body, increases strength and has opportunities to unlock the hidden attributes faster."

"But only someone below 5 years must consume it."

"If anyone above the required age eats this, they will not get any benefits instead they will only get a change in the body—,"

Grandpa Fu paused for a sec and continued.

"an excessive amount of fat in the body."

"I've been keeping it with me for a long time. Since you are qualified to take it. You should eat it before your awakening ceremony. Your mother will guide you to process it."

As Hou listened to his speeches, his eyes glittered like a star and his grin turned out more like from a creepy pervert old man.

However, it didn't escape from Grandpa Zong.

Worried! "Hou, thank your Grandpa Fu," Grandpa Zong said and took out a token in front of him.

"Go visit the clan library and spend more time reading there and learn everything you can."

"When you visit, take this token along with you."

"Then, you can read any books on every floor without restriction."

"Ok, return to your mother before she comes looking for you."

Hou thanked Grandpa Fu and Grandpa Zong and fled the mountain to his courtyard, remembering his mother might go searching for him again.

Grandpa Zong watched at his dashing figure and sighed as if knowing the oncoming outcome. Finally, he stared into Grandpa Fu eyes and asked.

"With his ability and that pill, do you think he'll achieve the same shattering events at his awakening ceremony like his mother?"

Grandpa Fu grinned and replied to him while noticing nothing.

"Well, if he eats the pill and trains well, not only can he break his mother records."

"He'll become a dragon among the dragons."

"I just cannot wait for his grand awakening ceremony."

"I hope you are correct."

"If not, it's all your responsibility."

Grandpa Zong gave a long sigh.

A moment later, his expression changed, with a serious gaze, he looked at Grandpa Fu and asked.

"How is the situation in the Imperial Palace City?"

"Everything has become too much a mess with Sects involvement. Every clan and nobles are trying to join or keep their relationships with the Sects for benefits."

"Due to Princess Cui Ci backing, the Palace will survive. However, the Empire won't last, if the Sects do not stop swaying all concubines, princes, and princesses."

"Why isn't Emperor De stopping this?"

"About that, I came here to talk with Empress Bing if she knows anything."


"She isn't saying anything."

"Leave it as it is. After all, she has already deceased as Empress Bing."

" But — -"

" Say no more, we should prepare for the Supreme Sects Gathering Summit."

Grandpa Fu remained silent for a moment and nodded his head before disappearing from the spot into a thin air.

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