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Chapter 119: Young Master Wuying

Somewhere inside a luxurious room within the most famous inn in the Imperial Palace City.

A pale, naked young man was lying unconscious on a bed. Beads of sweat kept flowing out from his skin pores while weak wails came out from his mouth as if he was experiencing torturous nightmares.

Several old men were applying herb paste mixed with various rare spirit medicinal plants on the young man's entire body to ease his pain. They had already given sufficient treatment for his injuries.

Besides them, a few maids were pouring potions into a massive bathtub which had already filled with red sticky liquids.

Behind at a corner in the room, nine people wearing a sword emblem on their robe were standing with a solemn expression and worrying whether they should return to their Sect for the better treatments.

Just as one of them took out a talisman to contact their Sect Master, the young man slowly opened his eyes and coughed. He touched his neck and screamed in tears. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Two old men stepped forward and held his body before another old man feed a pill in the young man's mouth.

Instantly, the pill acted, and the young man fell into a deep sleep.

After an hour later, the young man once again opened his eyes, however, he didn't act like earlier. Instead, he stood up from the bed and closed his eyes to remember what happened to him. He shuddered and almost fell to the bed after recalling the events.

Those old men dashed and supported on his both shoulder before leading him toward the massive bathtub.

The young man sat inside the bathtub and soaked his entire body deep inside the red sticky liquids. As the clock ticked, his injuries healed while the pain faded.

After several hours, the young man poked his head out from the red, sticky liquid and asked glancing the nine people at the corner, "explain everything that happened after I passed out!"

"Young master Wuying, nothing happened after you passed out. That white-haired old woman left along with Crown Prince Xiu without explaining anything. Princess Chu Ci also returned with Song Huai, but she agreed to guide you around the Imperial Palace City once you healed your wounds. As for the rest people, they too returned their Clan to report everything." said one among the nine people while worrying whether the white-haired old woman would become his inner demon, but the young man seemed not bothered with it.

Young master Wuying nodded his head and smiled after learning he would meet with Princess Chu Ci. However, as he felt a stinging pain from his wounds, he remembered how everything started. With a malicious expression, he asked, "what happen to that boy?"

When the nine people heard his question, they clenched their fists so tight and became agitated and angered as their blood veins appeared visible on their faces.

"That bastard is hiding at the Liu Clan," one of them replied exhaling hot air from his mouth and nose. "Those corpses at the Flowery Teahouse were our spies planted inside the Cao Clan and Ping Clan. He has even kidnapped Ping Min from there right in front our noses. As of now, Ping Clan is out of our control. Their grand elders have sent a letter saying as long as we return Ping Min to them, they would continue cooperating with us. However, they suspected that Ping Clan Head played a part in it and kidnapped his daughter to hide her away from our reach."

Another person added remembering something, "meanwhile, Cao Clan is preparing to attack the Liu Clan together with several other clans. However, the outcome of the battle is unpredictable. Because Liu Clan has never involved them with the power struggle, instead only have massed wealth all these years."

Young master Wuying stepped out of the bathtub and stood in front of the maids who wiped his body and put on his clothes. With no change in his complexion, he spoke, "forget about that kid for now. We can take care of him after we complete our mission."

Young master Wuying motioned the maids and the old men to take their leave the room and continued after they left, "did those Four Heavenly Saviours already arrived here in the Imperial Palace City?"

Silence reigned the room as the nine people had an odd expression hung on their faces.

After short moments, one among them hesitated and spoke in a low voice, " young master Wuying, you've already met them today. That kid and his companions are the Four Heavenly Saviours. Just as Elder Sword Yang predicted, these people are targeting our Sky Sword Sect and killing all our spies."

Enraged, young master Wuying raised his leg infusing his Qi and sent relentless attacks on the bathtub.

Bang! Bang!

The bathtub burst into pieces, and the red, sticky liquid flooded sweeping toward the room.

Before the liquids could reach his feet, one of the nine people flung his sleeves and created a swirling storm.

All the liquids and broken pieces of the bathtub floated toward the swirling storm and flew outside the room through the window.

Young master Wuying frowned and paced around the room with a gloomy expression. That time, he didn't suspect them even after knowing those 4 Heavenly Saviours would arrive here. He also knew the rumours that the other three Heavenly Saviours always wore a veil on their faces. In truth, he was in a hurry to meet with Princess Chu. Thus, he had neglected them.

Roar! Young master Wuying tugged his hair and cursed his luck as he let out his maniacal roar. No wonder, only now he understood why those nine people were acting weird earlier.

With a deep breath, he forced himself to calm his boiling blood and then he spoke, "order some people to assist Cao Clan to destroy Liu Clan while send a few to monitor Liu Clan for that kid movements. No matter what, don't let those Heavenly Saviours escape. As long as we retrieve the Millennium Beech tree fruit, you all would receive an opportunity to meet our Patriarch."

Those nine people nodded and just took a step toward the exit, suddenly, young master Wuying added, "inform everything to the Sect and issue an order to search for Ping Min in the Ice Empire to find her as soon as possible."

He realised Ping Clan Head must have asked for their help learning their deeds. If so, he needed to control Ping Clan sooner before Ping Clan Head took any action. Even with Cao Clan and other clans, it would take a long time to end the battle against Liu Clan.

Furthermore, he had heard of those Heavenly Saviours' rumours. Each one was a righteous action in front of the public, but for the Sky Sword Sect, it was the deadliest blow, crippling their power every time.

Even for the Millennium Beech tree fruit, the Sky Sword Sect had sent their top twenty genius disciples and two elders to obtain it from the infamous Hornet Beast Bandits. Just as those elders and disciples managed to create a deal with the bandits, right at that time, those Heavenly Saviours appeared claiming those disciples' parents sent them to rescue those disciples from the bandits.

However, those Heavenly Saviours massacred all the bandits, including even those elders and disciples while declaring to the world that those disciples too had become bandits and done many heinous crimes.

Only after this event, the Sky Sword Sect decided to take action against those Heavenly Saviours. Thus, young master Wuying had arrived here with orders.

However, after the white-haired old woman's warning, he kept feeling he would need his master's help to complete the mission successfully.

Young master Wuying took a golden talisman from his sleeves, but he only stared at it with hesitation. 'Should I use it?' he thought.

If he used it and asked for help, he could complete his mission.

However, he would lose his opportunity to complete another mission.

In the end, he put it back in his sleeves and glanced at the Palace from the window.

A vicious glint appeared in his eyes as a sly smile formed on his face.

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