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Chapter 33: Zones

Next morning

When Hou woke up, he found himself on his bed.

After he looked around and saw Lily standing beside his bed while waiting for him to wake up.

He then remembered what happen and carefully stared at Lily because he felt her very appealing and closeness toward him.

Hence, He asked her what happen yesterday before getting a shocking reply.

He had never imagined himself to get a life-death contract servant.

A servant who would follow his every order without hesitation.

With an intense gaze, he looked her while circling around her before hopping onto her in joy.

After a while, Hou and Lily headed toward the clan library.

When he entered the library, he saw grandpa Zong, Patriarch Fu and the rest of the grand elders waiting for him at the 1st floor in front of the counter. He sincerely greeted grandpa Zong and Patriarch Fu, however, he arrogantly glanced at rest of the grand elders which made them angry and awkward.

Grandpa Zong showed a warm smile at him before throwing him an old scroll and said.

"Hou, This scroll is a gift for you, having awakened your attribute. It is our clan most precious and valued Breathing technique for meditation, Rhythm Heart Breathing Technique: High Rank 5 Heavenly Mortal Grade Skill."

"Our ancestor left behind it for the youngest talented and geniuses in the clan."

The gift pleasantly surprised Hou and immediately hide it inside his sleeves before thanking grandpa Zong.

Finally, grandpa sternly looked at him and said in a serious tone.

"From now on you'll come here and practice that skill every day at the top of floor till you completely master it."

"While you're at it, all the grand elders will teach you in each floor."

"Work hard Hou, I know you'll make us very proud of you."

Saying that grandpa Zong and Patriarch Fu quickly left, leaving speechless Hou staring at their back.

Hou glared at those grand elders and warned them in a husky voice.

"Old geezer, You better teach me something useful or I'll beat the shit of you!"

Those grand elders glared at him before going up next floor without caring about him.

Only one grand elder remained, and that was grand elder Li who remained at the counter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hou looked at grand elder Li who was standing alone in front of the counter. He shook his head and also left for next floor. While Lily followed behind him, the grand elder Li sighed in relief.

When Hou and Lily entered the 2nd floor, At the end of a corner, a grand elder waiting for them. He looked very old, much older than grandpa Zong, his hair was already white, was wearing a navy-blue coloured cloak along with Liu insignia on his chest.

He was taking out books from the shelves.

When he saw them entered, He forced a fake smile before gesturing Hou to sit down in front of him.

With an arrogant attitude, Hou sat down and stared at him.

The grand elder introduced himself before talking about what he would teach him here.

"Little brat, From now on when you're here, you will address me as grand elder Ru. I will teach and explain all about the geography of our Realm Plane so you'll figure out your location if you get lost."

"There are 6 different zones in our Realm plane."

"1. Dragon Lair Zone: Our Empire actually locates in this zone. This zone locates at the centre of all the zones. 1600 years ago, the inner part of this zone was a Dragon Lair and was most dangerous zone but after Monarch Zhu defeated the Blue Dragon King and established the Ice Empire, merging with outer part completely then called as Dragon Lair Zone."

"2. Forbidden Northern Zone: This zone locates at North of Dragon Lair Zone."

It is the most dangerous and the largest zone out of the 6 zones."

"The reason is unstable climate of the zone with Ice mountain."

"The reason for it, due to the emerge of the Ice fire and the extreme Ice Qi inside the lake around the centre of the zone. Only the most high-grade Realm Spirit beasts and Spirit plants & trees and inhabits there due to it, most cultivator filled with greed enters there for rare natural resources however no one has successfully come out from there."

"While the outer part considered as the safe zone, but still only 4 out of 10 comes out alive."

"3. Green Forest Northern Zone: This zone is the smallest zone out of all and also the most prosperous filled with all kinds of natural resources, spirit beasts and plants/trees."

"Just like the name says the dense forest is every place in this zone and locates at the east of Dragon Lair Zone."

"As you know the Rain Forest Academy owns this zone."

"4. Forbidden Sea Zone: This zone divides into 3 section like a chopped fish, head part locates at the east of the Dragon Lair Zone, while the body part locates in the middle bordering Dragon Lair Zone and Forbidden Northern Zone, and the last, tail part locates between Forbidden Northern Zone and Green Forest Zone."

"This zone has only the sea and the high Realm sea beasts lives there. Not even the most experienced sailor dares to sail there even with high Realm Cultivator."

"5. Forbidden Sky Land Zone: This zone locates at the south of Dragon Lair Zone and also the 2nd smallest zone out of all, filled with different mountains. Many big sects like Sky Sword Sect locates there due to highly dense heavenly Qi surrounding around the mountain.

"6. Forbidden Blood Zone: It locates between Dragon Lair Zone and Forbidden Sky Land Zone and the 2nd largest zone. This zone is actually the den of the spirit beasts."

"Some say there are even few Sage Mortal Realm spirit beasts living there. Every year all the Sects and Clans held the Supreme Sect Gathering Summit at the outer part of this zone."

After Hou finished listening, he directly moved to the next floor without saying a word to the grand elder Ru, leaving him totally speechless.

Obviously, Hou wouldn't listen to something boring to him.

On the 3rd floor of the clan library,

In the corner of the hall, a tall old-man wearing a grey-coloured cloak stood and waited for Hou.

Once Hou entered the hall, like grand elder Ru, he also gestured him to sit before explaining him without letting him speak as he knew his mouth only filled with filth.

"Little Hou, I am grand elder Xuan, Starting today I'll be teaching you all about the grade."

"First We'll talk about alchemy pill and alchemist grade."

"Alchemist and alchemy pill are graded into 3 grades."

"1. Origin Mortal Grade."

"2. Heavenly Mortal Grade."

"3. Unrivalled Mortal Grade."

"These grades sorted into stages; Low, Mid and High."

"Then these stages are rank from 1 to 10."

Grand Elder Xuan looked at Hou who was digesting the information slowly so he waited for a while before continuing.

"Likewise we grade the blacksmith, formation master and talisman master and their Items, natural resources, spirit plants, and fruits in the same way."

"1. Origin Mortal Grade."

"2. Heavenly Mortal Grade."

"3. Unparalleled Mortal Grade."

"Then those grades sorted into stages; Low, Mid and High."

"Those stages are again rank from 1 to 10."

"As for——"

Suddenly Hou at once stood up and disappeared from the spot, also leaving the grand elder Xuan's mouth and eyes wide open.

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