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Read The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG novel. [Froze] - Chapter 9 online

Chapter 9: Episode 3 (part 3)

[Quest: Defeat one monster. Accept? Reward: $50.]

The prompt startled him a bit. He selected yes in his head. Despite accepting the task, he didn't see anything. After fifteen minutes of walking down the dead streets, he decided to just go home. That's when he felt something... An approaching danger. Something unsettling. Chills iced his veins and the cold sweat set his heart to pounding.

Click. Click. Click.

He turned and saw…something in the distance. A shadow approached him slowly, head tilted to the side, moving step by step, muttering something. It took Clyde a moment to make out what it said

He turned and saw…something in the distance. A shadow approached him slowly, head tilted to the side, moving step by step, muttering something. It took Clyde a moment to make out what it said.

"Smells nice…. smells nice…hungry…smells nice."

"Fuck this," Clyde snarled but for some reason, he didn't feel terrified… He was certain he would've taken off running like a normal person. Why did…Oh, his combat abilities.

When the shadow stepped under a streetlight, he made out its features.

It appeared to be a puppet-like thing, about six feet tall with grotesque features, torn clothes, and wicked claws. Its head looked like a pumpkin with human eyes crying tears of blood. Razor sharp teeth paraded in its mouth. A snake-like tongue wiggled out, tasting the air. Tasting him. As if things weren't obvious enough, the red outline of radiation was perfectly visible around it. Clyde analyzed it.


Level 3

Type: monster.

Work under: N/A

Special: Your hostile detection isn't high enough for this.

Weakness: Your hostile detection isn't high enough for this. Trial and error will do.

Resistances: See above.

Secret: Your hostile detection, luck, and will isn't high enough for this.

Clyde was really tired of the hostile detection restrictions. He needed to level it up as fast as possible or he'd be entering battles blindly. He unsheathed his sword and took aim.

[You have entered combat!]

Clyde dashed toward it, efficiently and quickly, and swung his sword. He surprised himself at his movements—just knowing—connecting the slash.

[Enemy health dropped to 60%]

The monster screeched then took a swipe at Clyde. He dodged, only taking a grazing, but the stinging pain reminded the young man that this wasn't a game. The prompt revealed to him the enemy's activation of a skill.

[Enemy activated blistering howl.]

The pumko let out a deafening howl that made Clyde instinctively cover his ears.

[Your defense has dropped by 10%]

The creature took that opportunity to swat Clyde. But it wasn't a mere tap. The impact sent the young man flying a few yards. He hit the ground, stunned.

[Your health is now at 80%.]

The monster laughed.

"Smells nice. So nice. Hungry."

Clyde quickly got up, his fear of being chomped by this thing snapping him into full alert. As if matters weren't bad enough, the thing blocked his sword. Clyde would have to fight it unarmed. He aimed one hand at it.

[Activated energy ball.]

This seemed to surprise the monster, as its eyes widened as the ball of energy rocketed toward it. It was the like a miniature sun, the size of a basketball. It hit with an impact strong enough to knock the monster over.

[Enemy health dropped to 15%]

[Your MP is now 80%.]

Clyde wanted to activate energy ball again but noticed that it was grayed out within his head. A timer hovered above the text. Less than two minutes remained on the cooldown. Fuck. He shouldn't be surprised that an attack this powerful, with a knockback effect, had limitations. Maybe if he leveled up more, the cooldown would reduce to nothing.

He raced to his sword, scooped it up, and then plunged it through the monster's skull before it had the chance to recover. The monster burst into a purplish flame then vanished. A prompt made Clyde smile.

[Battle completed. Victory! Reward: 100 EXP and $20.]

[Congratulations, you have reached level 5! Stats increased! You have learned Roundhouse kick.]

[Quest completed!]

Clyde was about to take off when someone spoke behind him

"To think someone gifted was my neighbor."

He turned to see Harumi standing with her arms folded. He was a little surprised that she smiled at him.

"It seems like I won't have to fight those things on my own anymore. "

"I kind of want no part of this," Clyde said, backing away. "But I wasn't going to stand there and let it kill me."

"I saw the entire fight," Harumi continued. "You're among the gifted. Well…your power is different, almost foreign, as if you're from another world. But that's why I think if trained, you'll be a force of nature. I'd love your help to make this city safe again."

The minute she mentioned the good cause, Clyde relaxed. But…there was no way this low-leveled…. when he analyzed her, his eyes widened.


Level 15

Type: gentle spirit.

Relationship: friendly-associate

HP: 90%

MP: 40%

Stats: Relationship isn't high enough.

Special abilities: Relationship isn't high enough.

Skills: how many times do I have to tell you, relationship isn't high enough, you dolt.

His eyes widened.

"How are you so strong?"

The pink-haired anime girl smiled.

"You can read power I see." She winked. "I hide mine during the day to seem as harmless as possible."

Clyde nodded, fascinated. In truth, he was glad to not be the only one aware of the levels and monsters.

"If you don't mind having a burden at your side."

"Burden? Clyde, the magic you used is very rare. Maybe even lost." She gave him a glance over. "Meet me here tomorrow at eight. The best way to train is to keep killing those things. There are many demons out there and some of them are incredibly powerful. If we can locate the demon lord of the city, they'll disappear."

"Demons," Clyde said softly. "So, the demon appearances are due to demon lords. Stomp it out and we're clear?"

"Pretty much," Harumi said. "That won't stop another from taking root though. In the meantime, we just keep getting stronger."

"Have you ever faced one?"

"No, but an old friend of mine told me she did before she moved," Harumi said. "She was the one that taught me everything I needed to know. Anyway, it's getting late. Let's head back. Tomorrow, we start strong. Also, good work on buying that awesome sword."

[Harumi has joined your party! Know this, companions are very important. You have their back and they have yours. Do not go into battle without them.]

That night, a smile curled across Clyde's face. His stats were shaping up into something amazing. Soon, he'd drop noob-hood for something impressive.

Clyde's stat sheet. You may skip to the next chapter.

Name: Clyde.

Level: 5

Type: Main character/ Stone.

HP: 100%

MP: 100%

Attack: 12 (+5)

Defense: 10

Speed: 14

Luck: 9

Will: 12

Intellect: 17

Form: 0

Special: ???

Special Abilities: none.


- Athlete: 10% bonus to speed and Will. [Passive].

-Hostile Detection 1: detects hostiles within a certain range of you. [Passive].

-Heart Protection 1: you're 25% less affected by unwanted mental magic or skills from enemies. You gain a 10% bonus to your ability to convince others to do anything that would protect their hearts. [Passive].

- Secret sword and martial arts combination. Random unknown increases to speed, defense, and will during battle. Chance to critical increases by 2%. [Passive].

-Roundhouse kick. [Attack] – does physical damage. Change of knockdown at 5%.

Combat level: basic. Combat style: basic.


-Energy Ball. Type: spiritual. Class: mysterious.


Main character stuff.


10% boost to relationship stats with Harumi and her friends.

+5% damage for a physical attack.


$ 103

-Map of Lot City, Satovia.



-Reminder for practice- note.


-Beginner's sword- +5 to attack.

-School uniform or casual clothes.

-School shoes or casual shoes.

-no accessory.

-no rings.

Classes: (year1).

-Satovia History 1.

-Romance Literature 1.

-Sciences 1.

-Crafting 1.

Phone numbers:



Quest log:

-Find a printer. Optional step: raise money.

Syr456 Syr456

True thanks for reading! Even if it's not your type of story (with all the overpowered characters and whatnot. Thanks for staying with me this far.)

See you in the next episode.

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