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Read The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG novel. [Froze] - Chapter 19 online

Chapter 19: Episode 6 (part 3)

[Your will has prevented you from procrastinating +2 bonus stats to composure. Thank Clare for the training!]

He turned to the empty streets then opened his crafting menu.

"System, please show me some basic armor. Please."

At first, nothing happened. Then the menu flickered, revealing a basic armor set. To his relief, the option was not grayed away.

[Armor you make via this menu or armor you find from enemies will appear equipped but will not physically. This is a form of barrier that will reduce the damage you take without alternating your appearance. You must buy that type of armor from stores.]

Clyde donned the entire armor set. Before he could start what could be a risky solo, his neighbor's door opened, rewarding him with a pleasant site.

"Hi," Harumi said.

"Hey," Clyde said.

"Don't tell me you're going out alone. Wait a second."

She closed the door. A few minutes later, she reemerged dressed in sweatpants and a shirt. He nodded in approval at the wand in a small holster strapped to her leg. He was again reminded of the benefit of an inventory.

"Let's go," she said cheerfully. Clyde nodded, and they set off. Only ten minutes passed before the duo encountered the first enemy of the night. Clyde analyzed the two monsters, both the same. They both were very short humanoid creatures of glass, with large round yellow heads and orange, child-like flat eyes. Two metallic antennae stuck from their heads like horns. They wore purple and gold robes.

"They're so cute," Harumi whispered. Clyde sighed.


Level: 10

Type: Monster

Work under: demon lord spawn.

Special: Electric bubble. [Does electric damage. 2% chance of stun. 1% chance to paralyze].

Weakness: Your hostile detection isn't high enough for this.

Resistances: See above.

Secret: Your hostile detection, luck, and will isn't high enough for this.

[Your party has entered combat!]

To his surprise, Harumi rushed ahead to claim the first attack. She was a whirlwind of martial arts and electrical resistance. Clyde decided not to be outdone by the woman, stepping in and surprised himself with attacks that connected often, delivering higher damage, and even a stun status effect. Something amazing happened after one Ion was left. It dropped to a knee, panting.

[Duo attack triggering].

He and Harumi looked at each other simultaneously, nodded, then lurched forward. When their fists collided with the creature, a green burst of light and energy dissolved it into nothingness.

[Battle completed. Victory! Reward: 100 EXP and $20.]

"Did we overdo that a little," Clyde said as they moved on.

"Maybe," Harumi said then grabbed his arm, "but when the moment came, I just couldn't stop. We moved so well together."

Just then, a scratching sound made the young man spin and nearly pass out. A black spider the size of a greyhound slowly walked toward them. He tried to ignore Harumi's grin.

"I don't like spiders, okay," he finally said. She pinched his cheek.

"It's okay. Harumi is here to take care of you."

He let out a sigh. He found himself sighing a lot. He needed to kill the habit.

"Let's just get this over with."


Level: 11

Type: Monster

Work under: demon lord spawn.

Special: Sticky spray. [Reduces speed by 40%]

Weakness: Your hostile detection isn't high enough for this.

Resistances: See above.

Secret: Your hostile detection, luck, and will isn't high enough for this.

To the beat of the analysis, the spider unleashed a burst of white goo. Weary of the jokes that could be made about this, Clyde dodged with all of his worth. He unleashed an energy ball that untapped a critical.

[Enemy HP has dropped to 50%]

Harumi took a slight amount of damage from its lurch-scratch, but she finished it off with streaks of electricity.

[Battle completed. Victory! Reward: 200 EXP and $30.]

Clyde and Harumi killed a few imps and pumkos before taking a break.

[Congratulations, you have reached level 14! Stats increased.]

As they rounded a corner to find a bench, they noticed a few patrols of enemies pacing, some moving frantically, others stood in groups talking amongst each other. Clyde could tell from the atmosphere that they were angry about something. He gestured at Harumi and they moved closer to two enemies that were engaged colorfully in a heated conversation, backs to the duo.

"Yeah my dingo, she's being such a bitch today," a pumko said. "Ordering us all over the place as if something interesting actually happens in this stupid city."

"I hope one of those dipshit adventurers kill her," an imp said. "Fucking snobby bitch. She's complaining so much because the lord hasn't given her an allowance. Doesn't she realize he has better things to do. If she just stays at the palace, she'll have all the food she needs."

"She acts like she's too good for demon food," the pumko said. "Did you know the cunt muffin has never eaten a human. She never consumed a soul either. Dumb shit has no idea what's she's missing."

Clyde gestured and then snuck away, undetected.

"So they're upset with a leader that's making them work," Harumi said when they were far out of sight. The two found a bench and took a seat.

"Yep," Clyde said. "And man are they pissed."

"I almost feel sorry for their leader," Harumi said.

Clyde simply shrugged, knowing exactly who the monsters referenced. The only thing that bugged him is that fact that the girl had the option to stay at the demon lord's palace and enjoy as much as food as she wanted. What did that mean?

"I'm going to call the others," Harumi said then dialed away. Two minutes later, she said, "they were already on their way. Apparently doing training on their own. Kitome's still trying to convince her brother to join us. Did you know he's a ninja?"

"Just found out earlier," Clyde said. "I'm a little jealous."

"Me too," Harumi said. They both shared a laugh. The duo carried on a conversation for nearly fifteen minutes until someone interrupted. She pointed at Clyde. Harumi gasped.

"Found you. Now I want cupcakes!"

Toru and Kitome took this opportunity to show up to Clyde's dismay. The system added them to the party.

He was confident that he could prevent any conflict. Judging from the scowl on Toru's face, he had his work cut out for him.

"Don't provoke her—she won't attack us," Clyde said too late. Kitome jumped the gun, unleashing her trademark giant heart-shaped energy blast. Alice easily dodged then grinned. The vibe of the area grew intense. "Kitome, you fucking idiot!"

[Alice's bloodlust has filled the area.]

"So, you want to die, eh? Deny me the cupcakes—I'll kill you all—how dare you attack me!"

[Warning! Warning! It is highly recommended not to engage Alice!]

[Your party has entered a BOSS fight!]

Alice stepped forward then allowed a pink aura to violently flood around her.

[Enemy has used radiance!]

Toru yelled, "take her out!"

[Toru used Brawl shout!]

[Party attack boosted by 15%. Party fighting spirit increased by 20%]

Harumi cast a flurry of electrical balls. The results were pitiful.

[Boss HP has dropped to 499% Enemy is not amused at taking 1% damage. Your party must be mindful of enemy radiance.]

"Five hundred percent," Clyde said in a voice that was nearly a low squeal.

Alice laughed.

"Pathetic! Come on humans, you can do better than that."

Kitome fell for the taunt, not missing a beat as she charged the petite twin-tailed young woman. And she missed every punch, every dagger swipe, every magical girl-enhanced attack. Alice roundhouse-kicked her to the ground, then dashed for Toru. They engaged in a flurry of hand to hand combat straight of Clyde's favorite movies. It didn't take long for her to overpower him. She sent Toru flying into Harumi.

[Kitome's HP has dropped to 50%]

[Toru's HP has dropped to 70%]

[Harumi's HP has dropped to 80%]

The pink-haired anime girl immediately healed the party.

[Kitome's HP has increased to 85% and will slowly heal over time.]

[Toru's HP has been fully restored.]

[Harumi's HP has been fully restored.]

Clyde found himself face to face with Alice, neither attacking each other. He started to say something, but Kitome ruined his chance again, activating a spell.

[Kitome used Lovey-lovey spiral.]

A stream of mini-hearts spiraled from her hands and smashed into Alice with the force of a truck. The demoness didn't budge nor did she take much damage.

[Boss HP has dropped to 497%]

Alice sighed.

"Enough. I'm going to end this." She held up a hand. It began to glow.

[Boss uses Raid ender.]

"Oh fucking come on, you are broken as shit," Clyde said. "This attack is bullshit unfair. How am I supposed to—oof."

The expanded energy felt like lava as it hit. Maybe a lava truck, Clyde wasn't sure.

[Your HP has dropped to 1% Enemy has held back your death. Say your prayers as you are at her mercy.]

[Your party has been wiped.]

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