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23.07% The Aquarian Crown / Chapter 39: Atlas Triton(Part One)

Atlas Triton(Part One) - The Aquarian Crown - Chapter 39 by Sara_Wilcox full book limited free

Chapter 39: Atlas Triton(Part One)


As Iris stared at the soft, glowing blue light; her brain flooded with information. Every ruler had a Fate's Spindle necklace, and were supposed to wear them at all times if they hadn't found their mate. When the necklace glowed, it meant that the wearer was in the presence of their life mate.

Looking down at her own necklace that she had only worn twice; Iris saw that hers was glowing, too. Her jaw dropped, then she looked back up at the Merfolk King. A faint memory tugged at the back of her head..

Upon realizing, Iris snapped; "Wait-The night I met you, you had a weird blue glow.. You've known this whole time?! What the Fuck, Trident-Atlas: whatever your sheisty-ass is called!"

Atlas swam closer to her; "I'm So sorry, Iris. I..Didn't know how to tell you-"

"Well last night would've been Better than HERE! Why didn't you just Tell me who you were?! Why did I have to-"

The Siren's King sat up with a scowl on his face; "What's the meaning of this?! What are you two plotting?!"

The Selkie's King added; "And why are your necklaces glowing now? Shouldn't they have glowed years ago if you two were destined to be together?"

"I don't care about the damn necklaces! What did you mean 'last night'? Are you two conspiring together?!" the Siren's King bellowed.

"Oh come on! We're friends-WERE friends.. How could you Lie to me about something like this?! About all of it?! Not a Damn thing you said was true!"

Atlas panicked, not caring at all about the other royals as he explained; "I didn't tell you who I was because I didn't want you to freak you out! What was I supposed to say? 'Hi, I'm the King of the Merfolk! By the way, I'm also your future husband?!' You would've flipped out on me!"

"I was gonna freak out Anyways!"

"Why Didn't you already know who he is? You've met a bunch of times. You two better start explaining yourselves, or else-"

"Or else what?!" Selena broke away from Levi as the Gorgon King threatened her Queen.

Levi sighed at the mortals before him as they began to bicker and scream at each other. It was a pointless argument, and he was already irritated by the Gorgon King's excessive yammering.

Atlas was arguing with the King of the Sirens about conspiracies. Selena and the Gorgon King were screaming at each other, and the Selkie's King was just sitting there: glaring at Iris.. Whom looked like she was ready to either cry, or explode.


Levi's harsh, booming voice cut through all of the chatter, drawing everyone's attention. Atlas looked back at Iris, whom now had bloodshot eyes from shedding angry, unseen tears. He said her name softly, but all it got him was a look that screamed animosity.

He tried to close the gap he'd created between them amidst his arguing with the Siren, but she automatically swam back as he inched closer. The extreme contempt in her gaze was like a dagger in his heart..

Twisting the knife; Iris stated in a heartbroken tone, "I fucking hate you," then swam out of the room.

As the heavy doors closed behind her, the Selkie's King stared at Atlas with contempt as he said; "I have yet to deal with you two about my two dead scouts. But I don't think she'll come back without coaxing.."

Swimming out of his chair, the Selkie's King's voice rang out; "Let me make this clear: I don't know or care what's going on between you and the Undine Queen."

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"Considering that the last any of Us knew, you two were ready to go to war: you two Definitely have much explaining to do here today. However, I suggest you disclose some things to Her, before you explain everything to us.."

"And give them time to conspire?! No! They can talk everything over in front of us!" the King of the Sirens protested vehemently.

"Oh shut up, Baskil! They're gonna be married soon enough. They'll have plenty of conversations without us. Give them their privacy!" Draxzel yelled.

"How can you two take this so lightly?! And what happened to your scouts, Actaeon?" Baskil nearly snarled as he asked.

"That's what I would like to know, but I can't until the Undine Queen returns. So the sooner the Merfolk king retrieves his fiancée, the better," the King of the Selkies replied with an even tone.

Baskil made another snarl noise, then sat back in his seat. He was a king, and used to getting his way, but these people were his equals. They weren't bound to his authority in any way, and it infuriated him..

'Medeva better know what she's doing.. I'm getting sick of waiting to kill these fools..'

After a few assurances of attempting to be back in a timely manner; Atlas took off after Iris. 'I hope she hasn't gone far. She was so furious with me.. Said she hates me.. What do I even say to her? She was so pissed that she actually cussed at me-?!!'

Atlas stopped in his tracks, the truth of it slapping him in the face: the Aquarians don't say 'fuck'. He knew that because of an incident shortly after he'd woken up in this hellish water world..

Urgency coursed through Atlas as he swam outside to find Iris. She wasn't immediately visible, but a loud explosion drew his attention. She was venting her frustrations by taking them out on a giant chuck on rock that was sticking out of the sand. Small, but impressive whirlpools jutted out from her hands as angry sniffles echoed within Atlas' head and heart.

'She HAS to be from my world! I Know that no one here has ever heard that word before! But how do I ask? What do I say about anything that's happened?! Would she even tell me if she wasn't from here?!'

'Why didn't she tell me the first time we met; when I slipped up?! Anyone from my world would've called me out for what I said! At least anyone that's ever heard of Annie!'

Staring at Iris: memories of loneliness and pain filled his mind's eye...


Three Years Ago:

"REN!" Matt called out to her as he shot up in his bed.

He was disoriented and his vision was a bit muddled, but he knew that something was wrong. Matt's body felt heavier than normal as he relaxed while sitting up. The room was unfamiliar, and the air didn't smell right.

'Were we pulled out of the water? But how? We were so deep that I'd literally felt my body being crushed from the pressure.. Serenity! Where is she?! Where am I? This is too fancy to be the sickbay of a ship..'

Throwing his blanket back to get up and find someone; Matt screamed like a girl when he looked down and saw a green fin where his legs should've been. He tried to move around in the water, which he'd finally realized he was in; unsuccessfully. As he flipped out, a maid came into the room with a tray full of bubble bites.

Seeing the Crowned Prince flailing about caused her to panic. She cried out for help, screaming at the top of her lungs; "Doctor! We need a doctor! The Prince! There's something wrong with Prince Atlas!"

Moments later; an older man with the same green tail and tan skin as him came into the room with four guards in tow. His hair was salt and pepper colored, and the stern expression on his face made his wrinkles stand out even more.

"Prince Atlas, you must calm yourself! You've been unconscious for several days, and I need to check you over before you move around too much."

"Who the fuck is Atlas?! Where am I?! Where's Serenity?! What did you do with her?! Hey! Don't touch me! Let me go!"

As Matthew freaked out, the doctor told the guards to restrain him until he could sedate him. Being much stronger in his strange, new body; It took all four of the large-sized guards to hold him down.

Matt was expecting to see a syringe or needle of some kind, but instead; they placed a thing that looked like a bright-yellow slug on his neck. It bit down on him, spreading it's venom throughout his body within seconds.

He'd never taken hallucinogenic drugs before, but Matt imagined that what he was currently feeling was what people went through. The room's walls waved and swirled like the ocean as the golden trinkets and things came to life. They danced around happily for a few moments, then everything began to melt and pool.

The objects cried out in pain before disappearing into a puff of smoke, then were magically back on the shelves; looking normal. Matt screamed a few times, then passed out. Overwhelmed by the shock and the slug...

When Matt awoke a few hours later, his head pounded as he tried to make sense of where and what he was. Looking around the room, he realized he was alone. It was both a relief and a saddening thought.

'Guess I don't get a Toto..'

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