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3.4% The Aquarian Crown / Chapter 6: Complications

Complications - The Aquarian Crown - Chapter 6 by Sara_Wilcox full book limited free

Chapter 6: Complications

Before the Leviathan could ask what 'Mushy' was, a knock came from the main door. After they made sure that the tiny dragon was hidden away, Selena answered the door.

 The guard that had gone to fetch food swam into the room with a tray full of different colored bubble bites. After he set the tray down, he wished the Queen a speedy recovery, then left to return to his post.

Iris did her best to look regal, but highly doubted that she had pulled it off. The guard had obviously been surprised by the Queen's eye color, but he didn't say anything about it. All Undines had the same ocean blue eyes, or so Selena explained.

"Our tiny, flexible dorsal fin below our buttock area, and our uniquely bright and vivid colors are what separate our physical appearance from the Merfolk."

Most Merfolk had random colors for hair, but all their tails were green, and their eyes matched whatever shade they were. Undines rarely went up to the Dry, but Merfolk often sunbathed like Selkies. They also weren't as susceptible to pressure sickness as the Undines were.

 The Sirens were the only ones who rarely went up to the Dry. Only when they were young, and when the weather was rough were they able to withstand the lack of pressure.

The Gorgons weren't really affected by pressure since most had exoskeletons and water-like organs. Some preferred the Dry, while some couldn't even breach the surface.

 The way Selena was explaining everything; the Gorgons didn't have a standard physical appearance. Some resembled jellyfish and octopi, while some resembled different fish or crustaceans. It was a lot of information for her to digest.

"So there's no humans here? Umm.. I guess they would look like Merfolk with legs," Iris asked while doing her best to sound nonchalant about it.

Selena gave her an awkward smile; "Not that I'm aware of. The Selkies seem to be the closest to these human things you speak of.. Do you not have Aquarians in your old world?"

"Umm.. My world has stories about all of you, but I'm not sure they're real.. Used to, anyways.. We have lots of artists and authors that create entire worlds within books and movies. I'm Really gonna miss movie theater candy.."

A sad expression overcame Iris' features again, making Selena's heart ache for the poor girl as she sat down next to her. She was in a completely different body, in a completely different world, trying to cope with her new reality as well as she could..

"What is a movie theater? Is it like a play?" came a deep voice from underneath the bed, startling both Iris and Selena.

He was about to come out when someone started pounding on the door. After about six beats, the door flung open. Four guards and two male Undines came in to the room, and turned their spears on the Queen and Selena.

Iris had wanted to instantly run away, but she could barely swim at the moment! A strange instinct told her to maintain a regal exterior, but her insides churned as she stared at the spear tips pointed at her. Selena wasn't moving either; she just sat glaring at the men who entered with the guards.

Their smirks were all Iris needed to automatically not like them. 'Isn't this my room? Why did they just barge in like they own the place?!' As her thoughts started to turn angry and frantic, Selena stood up from the bed.

She held her head high with straight shoulders as a hard voice pierced the air; "This is the Queen's Private Chambers! How dare you enter without permission."

The taller of the two spoke first; "That depends on whether or not that female IS the Queen or not.. Did you really think we wouldn't know what you were up to?"

"Your appeal to the council was declined, yet the storm that was outside the palace moments ago tells us that you ignored the ruling. And look! Her eyes are different! You DID do the ritual! Didn't you?!" the shorter, but stockier Undine male practically screamed.

Selena crossed her arms over her chest as she smiled at the two; "Oh? Is that what you think it was? Well, I can honestly say that you are completely wrong."

The two shared an unsure look between them before the taller one turned back to her; "Don't play stupid, Selena.. We felt a spike in magic a few hours ago, and then another one just a little bit ago! Don't lie! You're the Acolyte: act like it!"

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Selena chuckled almost maniacally before replying; "It is because I am the Acolyte that I am privy to what is happening.. Do not waste your guards' lives on your foolish power grab! They'll be needed shortly when war starts.."

The short one scoffed; "War won't start if the Queen marries! Like the council suggested-"

Selena's voice turned hard; "Queen Iris will Not Marry unless her true mate is found! That is one of the oldest rules of the kingdoms! That is Fate's territory, not yours or the council's!"

"The Acolyte speaks the truth. Only a fool would risk Fate's wrath, and Queen Iris is wise not to give in to your foolish demands."

A deep voice rang out, startling the guards and two men, but not the two women. They looked around the room frantically, but didn't see anyone or anything. The two glared at Selena and their queen before stammering.

"T-Trickery! Who else is in here?! Show yourself or we'll-"

"Or You Will What?!" the Leviathan bellowed out in a low, guttural voice.

A large streak of lightning shot across the cloudless sky right outside the window as ear-shattering thunder followed. Every hair on every body in the room stood straight up as the air within the room became dense and still.

The Leviathan seemingly slithered out from under the bed, causing one guard to drop his spear and run. Another actually screamed, while the other two froze in fear. He was now close to six feet long with glowing red eyes. If Iris hadn't seen him in his tiny form first, she'd probably be wetting herself right then.. Which turned out to be the case for the guard that screamed.

Once he was completely out from under the bed, the Leviathan put his feet on the ground and stood up to his full height right next to Iris. A low growl could be heard mixing in with the dead silence. Seeing the extreme fear that all of the males in the room were feeling, Serenity-now-Iris took a gamble...

"You're right: I am not the original Queen Iris. Under the instruction of the gods, your Queen preformed a ritual that pulled me from my world into this one.. I am NOT happy about this. I am an extremely powerful being in my world, so your God Leviathan was making sure I was ok.. He understands what the wrath of my world would do to this one, so he was making sure I was comfortable."

Serenity stood up to be as straight as she could without looking like she was trying; "I will keep the name Iris, and you Will keep my secret.. If you don't, not only will you face the wrath of your gods, but something much more powerful: ME."

All of the Undine men were the same pearl pale as her and Selena, but now they all had a slight tint of green to them. It took about five seconds before the five remaining men bowed down before their Queen. The two begged for forgiveness with terror and tears in their eyes as the three guards shook with their heads down.

As Iris looked down at the men with a stoically cold expression, internally she was freaking out. 'WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?! I can't Believe they bought that! That story has more holes in it than a fishing net! Even if I was a powerful being in my old world, which-HAHAHA! I got a bloody nose from a rebounding punching bag the ONE time I tried actually work out!'

'I was right! They were already scared shitless from Levi, they just needed that little nudge to get them to cooperate.' As Iris stared at the men, lost in her thoughts; Selena was barely keeping herself together.

The main thing she was fighting now was amusement, but it was quickly losing to fear. 'That was great! Drake and Cleitus are too young and too overly ambitious. They needed to be put in their place! I wonder if what she'd said was true? About who she is in her world.. No matter. Even if she is, her powers can't cross over. Their energy wouldn't be compatible here.'

'I wonder what the God Leviathan is thinking? Is he going to stay? He is a god, he must have some duties..'

As Selena's mind began to wonder, she heard one of the men ask; "Are.. Are you really going to save us?"

A large, cocky smile spread across the queen's face as she replied; "Bet your sushi I am!"

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