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4.5% The Aquarian Crown / Chapter 5: Leviathan

Leviathan - The Aquarian Crown - Chapter 5 by Sara_Wilcox full book limited free

Chapter 5: Leviathan

Iris wanted to jolt out of bed, but she still had no idea how to move around properly. The only thing she could do was straighten her 'legs', and act like a human imitating a dolphin while swimming. It looked terrible and awkward, but she managed get out of the bed and remain vertical.. And just in time to see what made Undines different from Merfolk.

Selena had lifted both of her hands up, and had created what looked like tiny whirlpools in each one. Iris' jaw dropped as she watch them grow larger. The faint light that was coming in through the window was suddenly and completely blacked out. Another loud boom that could blow out eardrums rang out before a deep, malevolent voice spoke.

"Where is my summoner?! For what reason was I called to the Mortal Realm?!"

Selena released her power, swam over to the window, gasped, then quickly backed away. If Iris didn't know any better, she would have to say that Selena had turned at Least two shades whiter from fright. Her breathing was quick and erratic, and her eyes bulged as she almost whispered a single word: "Leviathan..."

'I know that word! It's as famous as Kraken! Oh god, do they have Krakens here?! Crap.. What did a mythological Leviathan even look like again?! All I can think of is that one TV show where you can kill them with household cleaner!'

As Iris began to inwardly panic, the voice called out again; "Who Has Summoned Me?! Tell me now or I will destroy this city!"

Not knowing what else to do, Iris called out; "Umm! Sorry! That was my bad! I'm kinda new at this! I didn't summon you, per say! I just asked the gods for help, but! It's cool! I got this! Thank you! Umm.. Have a nice day?!"

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Silence hung heavily in the air before another earth-shattering boom was heard. The temporary silence right before it made the noise seem even louder. Another minute went by before Iris realized that the darkness had gone away.

Both women exhaled a deep breath of relief, then immediately inhaled a sharp one out of surprise; "What exactly does the High Priestess of the Undines need help with?"

The voice wasn't nearly as deep as it had been, but one could tell it was from the same being as before. Fear gripped Iris' heart as she slowly turned to face the mysterious creature..

It was Not what she was expecting.

The tyrannical voice from earlier was coming from the cutest, little chrome-blue colored dragon Iris had ever seen. It kind of looked like a traditional Chinese dragon: long, snake-like body with an almost mane-like display of flowing scales. His tiny claws and feet were the final straw for her.

Iris ungracefully swam over to the windowsill, and gushed; "Oh my god! You're SO cute! Look at you! I apologize, but I have to hug you!"

"Hey-!" was all the little dragon could get out before Iris said; "I'm gonna call you Levi!"

The Leviathan tried to crawl out of her arms, but Iris had pinned his back legs against her chest. The only way to break free was to hurt her, and the other gods would surely punish him for that. As he looked up at her to yell again, his eyes went stern as he said; "You are Not the Priestess."

Selena had been in a state of shock throughout Iris' cuteness overload episode, but was brought crashing back with the leviathan's assessment. She straightened her posture, and swam forward a bit to gain the God's attention. She bowed gracefully to it, then re-straightened her back.

It was the first time Iris had fully paid attention to Selena's appearance. Her vibrant, dark-purple hair matched the scales on her tail, and the wraps across her upper body. The only difference in their physical color scheme was that her eyes didn't match the rest of her coloring. They were an bright ocean blue color.

"Forgive me, great God Leviathan. I had not yet had the chance to explain to the Candidate the depths of her powers. If you must punish someone, please make it me," Selena bowed so deeply that she was nearly touching the floor.

Iris released the tiny dragon, allowing him to float about at will. It took everything she had not to grab and cuddle on him again. Her life was now officially twilight zone material. If she was going to be stuck here, then Serenity-now-Iris was going to enjoy it when she could. And cuddling on a baby-sized dragon, even a surly one, was fun.

The Leviathan scoffed; "And what exactly Have you been teaching her? Certainly not decorum."

"Sorry about that. We don't have dragons in my world, so I kinda freaked out.. But to be fair, you're pretty damn cute for a god," Iris replied with a cheeky grin.

Selena was ready to have a heart attack. 'Does this girl have a death wish?! I JUST Called him a god-she just did! But still she speaks to him like that?! What is Wrong with her?! Was dying once not good enough?! I doubt it ever becomes pleasant!'

"Great Leviathan, I apologize-"

Selena was about to start profusely begging for forgiveness when she heard the tiny god laughing. She snapped her head up and stared in awe as the Leviathan swam over to Iris. She couldn't tell if it was meant to be a maniacal laugh, or a purely amused one, but she feared for Iris either way.

Moving to float just a couple feet from her, the Leviathan ask her; "Tell me, Aquarian Candidate: do you know what a god is?"

Iris let out a sharp bark of laughter; "Yes.. And that does not make me want to cuddle you any less."

Selena couldn't believe what she was witnessing. 'The Great Leviathan is Smiling! What in Poseidon's creation is going on here?! He's known as the Terrible Serpent, for crying out loud!'

 As Selena watched the two, she started to wonder if the Aquarians even actually knew anything about their gods. If they truly did, then the Gorgons probably wouldn't worship the not-so 'Terrible Serpent'.

The Gorgons worshipped the Great Leviathan because he was considered the God of Wrath. Not to mention that Gorgons, generally speaking; looked similar to him in one way or another. Unlike the other Aquarian races, their physical features greatly varied from one Gorgon to the next.

 Most of the other races only slightly varied from one to the next in colors and features. That combined with their love of fighting; they assumed that the Great Leviathan was the best god to devote themselves to.

'I wish I could shove this tiny little eel in Draxzel's face. That cretin was always far too arrogant for my liking. Etiquette dictates we be gracious hosts, but he's lucky he didn't get skewered! How dare he propose to the Queen like that! His necklace never turned blue; he had No right! Like my Little Flower would've Ever accepted such a vulgar male as a partner!'

As Selena internally fumed, Iris and the Leviathan began to discuss her. He asked about her world and what humans were like. She was a little surprised he'd known what she was, but didn't press him how. She felt that was a discussion meant to be had in privacy; no offense to Selena.

After she elaborated on a few questions he'd had, the Leviathan asked; "So why did you call for help? You cannot return to your world unless your role is completed."

Iris looked at the tiny dragon with bulging eyes; "I Can go home?! HOW?! What do I need to do?!"

"Stop the Charybdis and save the Aquarian Kingdoms," the Leviathan said matter-of-factly.

"Oh.." Iris had a distraught expression; "Outsourcing the rough part, are you? Well, I quit!"

"What?! Why?!" Selena nearly shrieked.

"Why?! Because I can barely keep myself upright just floating here! How the Hell am I supposed to beat a giant whirlpool monster that the gods themselves won't mess with?!"

Iris whipped her head back to the tiny dragon; "And yes I know what Charybdis is! My professor told us about it when he was covering the dangers of underwater whirlpools. It's the gatekeeper that guards the entrance to the Sea of Monsters.. Oh shit. Is that where I am?! Am I in the-"

"No," the Leviathan cut Iris off; "That's merely a gateway between our worlds. However, I am shocked that you know of it's existence."

"I think I need to sit down," Iris stated as she struggled to get back over to the clam bed.

The Leviathan followed the High Priestess and Acolyte as she helped her to the bed; "I have come here to help. I will teach you everything I know about the power you wield, as will your High Acolyte here. I will gift you with the basic knowledge of this world so you won't appear so out of place here. The High Acolyte can instruct you on how to act as well.. This world needs you, and you need to save this world to get home."

Not having any other choice in the matter, Iris replied; "Whatever you say, Mushu.."

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