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Chapter 7: Lock [1]

Staring at the door to the classroom, I sighed


The letter "A" stood for the floor level which went from A to E, and the number "25" referred to the classroom number

There was a reason for my sigh.

I knew this class

Of course, I knew this classroom. This was the classroom where the protagonist and the other main characters stayed for half of the novel. Many schemes and plots from jealous rivals and competitors happened in this class.

Regardless of how much I didn't want to be involved with the main cast, now that I found myself in this class I would most likely be swept regardless of my will.

"Yo, you going in or not?"

Waking me up from my thoughts was a rough feminine voice

Slowly turning my head I momentarily fell into a daze.

Beautiful would have been an understatement in this case. Standing right before me, was a young girl with short brown hair. She had crystal blue eyes, a small but not too small nose, and a well-proportioned face. Her white skin that did not have any gaps accompanied by her beautiful doll-like appearance made anyone who looked at her lose themselves in her beauty. She had a well-developed body, where everything that should've developed, was developed and her elegant yet slightly arrogant demeanor added more to her charm.

Currently, her cherry red lips were parted in an annoyed pout as she stared at me in annoyance

"Move it!"

Seeing that I was dumbly staring at her, she shoved me to the side in annoyance and entered the classroom.

Letting out a bitter smile, I shook my head.

"That's Emma for you"

One of the main heroines of the novel. Emma Roshfield, daughter of Ashton city's mayor who was also the Vice-director of the union, and S rank warrior. One of the most powerful people in the human domain right now.

When I was designing her character, I made her into a 'tomboyish' style character. She was sometimes rude and impatient, but oftentimes she was kind, making her one of my reader's favorite characters.

For real though, I did expect her to be beautiful but the moment I laid eyes on her I was stunned by her otherworldly beauty. Not even in my previous world did I ever see someone so beautiful

Watching her figure enter the classroom, I couldn't help but express my admiration for her. Even famous actresses that I saw on TV would feel ashamed if they stood next to each other.

It took me a couple of seconds to collect myself before bitterly smiling.

What was wrong with me?

A 32-year-old man getting mesmerized by a 16-year-old kid?

I'm starting to sympathize with all the isekai protagonists out there who experience the same thing.

Since I was reincarnated into a younger body, which was still in its teens, I couldn't help but feel something when looking at the extremely beautiful Emma.

I think the biggest misconception that readers have regarding isekai protagonists was how they assumed that just because they were mentally old that they should no longer have any desires.

You have to take note that older people are not some sages who have no sexual desires, in fact, the only reason their sexual desires decreased overtime was because of their aging bodies. It had nothing to do with their mentality.

So put yourself in my shoes who was reincarnated into a body raging with hormones.

My reaction was totally understandable.

Still, this doesn't mean I was actually in love with Emma. I was just stunned by how beautiful she was.

I mean for one she's 16 so that in itself was a no-go for me, and secondly, she's one of the main protagonists who later falls in love with the protagonist, why would she be attracted to someone like me who has no redeeming quality?


After collecting my breath, I slowly opened the door and entered the classroom.

Looking at the classroom I couldn't help but notice how spotless it was as it almost looked like it was sparkling.

The classroom was split into two descending rows, and each row had a retractable seat that one could sit on.

"Where should I sit?"

As I looked around the classroom for a place to sit, my attention was instantly drawn towards two individuals.

Haughtily sitting on the last row on the right was a blonde youth with clear green eyes and a dignified face. His slightly long hair gently rested on top of his broad shoulders, and his perfectly masculine jawline seemed as if it was chiseled by a sculptor.

From time to time you could see girls secretly taking peeks at his handsome face as they shyly blushed and turned their heads away whenever their eyes met.

Jin Horton

The protagonist's rival.

Descendant of the Horton family that currently owned a majority stake of the second-largest guild in the human domain 'Starlight guild'.

'You could definitely tell he was one of those typical arrogant young master type characters'

I thought as I looked at him from the corner of my eye. His condescending attitude that made people feel like they were below him could be vividly seen by the way he looked down on almost everyone in the class.

Born with a silver spoon, and provided with whatever he desired, it was almost inevitable for his character to become like that.

But don't get me wrong, although he had the vibe of a villain, he was actually part of the 'goods guys'.

It was only after I made some adjustments to his character that he started becoming a fan favorite.

He may be a villain now but later as the story progresses and his character goes through a series of hurdles, he starts to mature and slowly becomes more bearable to stay with.

Just as he attracted most of the girl's attention, seated in front of him was a slender beauty that matched Emma's looks and attracted the majority of the boy's gazes. Her sleek black hair, which was randomly restricted by a small hairpin, gathered at her waist. her exquisite small face that was devoid of any makeup, displayed an image of natural beauty and innocence that made anyone that was near her have an urge to protect her.

Ignoring everyone that was trying to talk to her, the young girl focused on her book. She had a cold and aloof air around her that made her extremely hard to approach.

Amanda Stern

Daughter of Edward Stern. Guildmaster of 'Demon hunter' guild, the current number 1 guild in the human domain.

Like Jin, she was also born with a silver spoon, but unlike him, she did not become haughty. In fact, she was quite the opposite of Jin, well-mannered, intelligent, and oftentimes kind. Whenever the protagonist would get in trouble she would always find ways to help him.

If I had to point out a flaw about her though, it would be the fact that she was cold. Very cold.

Born in such a prestigious family she had no choice but to learn and suffer all the schemes that were directed at her family. Oftentimes she would be targeted by other guilds or organizations so that they could use her as leverage.

As she was constantly exposed to such schemes and ploys, she was left with no choice but to mature earlier than normal people, thus giving rise to her cold character.

Seeing how aloof she was, I shook my head and looked for a seat.

Glancing around a couple of seconds, I decided to sit down on the second row on the left. As far as way from the main characters as possible.

There was no way I was going to interact with them.

I'm just gonna sit here like a proper mob and pretend to be air.


Simple. The main characters were literal calamity magnets!

Whatever could go wrong will go wrong if you were with them. Like hell am I going to bother getting close to them! I'm here to live not to die.

Well, even if I did try to interact with them in the most likely scenario I would most likely be ignored.

Currently, it was 7:30 A.M and class began at 8:00

Seeing that I had 30 minutes to spare before class started, I rested my head on my arms and closed my eyes.

I had actually arrived at the academy an hour ago.

By the time I had come back from the Clayton ridge, it was already 6:45 A.M. and as I couldn't skip class I took a quick shower, put on my new uniform, and hurriedly made my way towards class.

I was honestly exhausted.

I did not sleep for almost 24 hours, and to be honest, I don't even know if I could even manage to keep my eyes open during class.

Fortunately, today was orientation day so they shouldn't be talking much, which sits well with me.


As I was soundly sleeping on the desk, a loud voice echoed across the classroom waking me up.

When I opened my eyes, the instructor stood behind the podium as she looked at the class.

"Today is your first day, so there won't be anything special planned, but I sure hope you haven't slacked off during the short interval where you were accepted here. How do you expect to graduate from this place if you can't be diligent?"


Slapping her hand on the table a small shockwave spread across the classroom. Apart from Emma, Jin, Amanda, and a couple of other students, everyone in the classroom was pushed back, I included.

"There will be no slacking off in my classroom!"

Scanning the whole classroom, her eyes briefly paused on Emma, Jin, and Amanda, and the few others that managed to withstand her shockwave. If one looked closely you could see traces of satisfaction on her face as she looked at them.

Placing both hands on the podium she looked at the classroom

"Now, let's start with the self-introductions. I'm Donna Longbern, your personal instructor for this year and possibly future years."

That name, I knew it.

Of course, I knew it. She was one of the characters which I spent the most time designing. She looked exactly how I imagined.

'The calamity witch, Donna Longbern'

I muttered as I tried to suppress my raging heartbeat.

Her black hair gently cascaded along her shoulders stopping right above her raised butt that reminded one of a fully ripe peach. Her tempting figure that could cause any man to go insane, drew the ire of every boy in the class causing their hearts to boil.

But what truly stood out the most about her, was not her figure, but her beautiful violet eyes that made one lose themselves if they looked at them for too long.

Ever since young, she practiced an extremely rare enchantress art, which caused her to become extremely seductive to the opposite gender, as well as demons.

What made her especially fearsome was that she could completely tip the scale of a battlefield by turning allies against each other.

Currently, she was only 28 which was quite young considering that now the people lived for up to 200 years of age, more than double than before, prior to the Cataclysm.

Every one of her movements was extremely alluring, and if she wanted to she could turn any man in the classroom a puppet of her will. Even now as she stood in front of the podium her every movement attracted the gaze of every male in the classroom. Even Jin wasn't an exception as his face became red.

What about me?

I popped a boner.

Fortunately for me, I hid it well and no one could see it, or else I would've died of humiliation.

Couldn't help it. She was literally the incarnation of my sexual desires.

Of course, I wouldn't be as stupid as to hit on her. Not only was she strong, but she was actually an S rank member of the union, and ranked 156th on the Hero ranking.

Moreover, she had her fair share of suitors. Hitting on her was like asking to be killed.

"I'm sure I don't have to say more as most of you may already know about me"

Donna calmly spoke as she looked around the classroom.

She seemed to have gotten used to the boy's reactions, as she feigned ignorance to their reddening faces.

"As it is your first day I won't take too much of your time. I can already see some people who look exhausted in the classroom. Perhaps they did not sleep enough because they were too excited or they trained all night, so I'll make this first session short."

An angel

She was an angel sent by the heaves.

I had sinned. How could I have possibly had such devious thoughts about such an angel?

She could even tell how exhausted I was and was trying to be considerate of me and the others.


I am one with the sky

"Alright first things first, let's take attendance"

Taking out a small tablet, she quickly called out names

"Rank 1750, Ren Dover"

Hearing my name I enthusiastically raised my hand and said


Nodding she continued

"Rank 1232, Troy Morrison"


"Rank 845, Julius Halfwing"




She was totally reading in Ascending order, wasn't she....

As she read the names on the list, I couldn't help but notice the rank getting smaller each time a new name was called. And it just so happens that I was the first person she called, suggesting that I was the weakest person in the class.

I should've realized before. Letting out a sigh, I slumped on the table and quietly waited for her to finish reading out the names.

"Rank 15, Emma Roshfield"


"Rank 12, Timmothy Bartman"


"Rank 8, Amanda Stern"


"Rank 5, Han yufei"


"Rank 3, Jin Horton"


"Rank 2, Melissa Hall"


"Rank 1, Kevin Voss"


"Rank 1, Kevin Voss"

Raising her brow, Donna looked around the classroom and asked once again

"Is Rank 1 Kevin Voss in the classroom?"

Absolute silence. Not even a pin could be heard.

Everyone looked around, but they all shook their head.

Looking at her tablet, Donna frowned. Just as she was about to cross Kevin's name off the list, the door to the classroom slowly opened.

Soon a figure walked out, and instantly the whole room's attention was on him.

Short black hair, deep red eyes, muscular jawline, and well-built body. His entire presence and aura were like that of a newly forged sword straight from the furnace, with keen and sharp edges that threatened to cut anything that obstructed its path. His looks, which rivaled that of Jin Horton, who could've been regarded as one of the most handsome individuals in the whole academy, instantly drew the attention of most of the girls in the class.

"Pardon for my tardiness. I had a slight accident before coming here, hence I was not able to make it in time"

Taking a small bow, his eyes never drifted away from Donna's eyes.

Taking a quick look at Kevin, Donna couldn't help but be stunned at his indifferent attitude towards her, who practiced an extremely potent 4-star seductive art.


Letting out a small grin, she nodded

"Very well find a spot and sit down"

"Thank you"

Nodding his head, Kevin made his way towards the first row on the right side of the classroom and sat down.


Letting out a long sigh, I bitterly shook my head

That's the protagonist for you

Whatever he does, no one would find fault against him as he was both handsome and capable.

The world just wasn't fair.

If I had been the one who had arrived late, I would've probably been burned alive by now.

As a mob, you just don't get the same privileges the protagonist gets.

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