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The Bad Boy Prince in Love

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Author: Carolee Croft

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Hallie pretends to date a bad boy just to annoy her parents, but who knew the same guy she thought was a stupid loser is actually a charming prince?
Keeping Luke in her life could be the key to earning her parents’ respect and finally getting to run the family ranch like she’d always dreamed. But how can Hallie maintain the illusion of a relationship with a bad boy who flirts with every woman he sees?
She’s going to have to use all her ingenuity to prevent Luke from seeing other women while also trying to keep him out of the media spotlight. But the deeper her involvement in the fake relationship, the more she gets to know Luke. She may just find out how dangerous this bad boy’s charm can be…
The Bad Boy Prince in Love is created by Carolee Croft, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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    I'm the biggest sucker for a bad boy romance! the story was well written and the passion and chemistry between the characters was *chefs kiss*

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    A fun book with amazing characters and an awesome plotline. I was instantly hooked and can't wait to get to the end!

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    I love this book so much! the secrets, the drama, the tension! It's so well written that it just draws you in and doesn't let you leave until you've read the whole thing! So worth the read!

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    This is such a great novel! You get immediately drawn into the plot; it is impossible to put it down. The characters are lively, and their sprightly dialogues are my favourite part of the book. Did I mention this novel is FUNNY? It is beautifully written and full of unexpected turns, Highly recommended!

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    I can't get enough of this novel... it's so hilarious and romantic 🤣🤣🤣 I love the relationship Luke and Hallie have in the beginning, constantly playing mind games with each other but it gets even better and more complicated from there. Slow burn! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    😍Such a breath of fresh air! I am hooked by the clear and evocative way you write Hallie and i love the humorous start! I'm such a fan of how she solves her parents misogyny by bringing back the drunk tourist! Can't wait to keep reading!!!

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    Hello, I am so excited to be writing this novel and sharing it with you! The Bad Boy Prince in Love is very special to me because it's the first time I tried to write a pure comedy romance, and I think it's the funniest story I've ever written. I hope you enjoy it with me 😀 Please let me know any comments or questions you have! You can also find me on Instagram @caroleecroft

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    I love all the crazy characters in this book! It's a classic romcom with lots of laughs, drama, and romantic tension. I especially love the 'reformed playboy' path that Luke takes.

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    I LOVE fake relationships. Add to that a bad boy and some scenes on a ranch, and my goodness. Love, love, LOVE! This story had me hooked and I can't wait to finish it.

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    Caralee Croft is one of my favorite authors! All of her books are so well-written and entertaining. As soon as I saw this cover, I knew I'd love this book, and I was not disappointed!

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    Author Carolee Croft