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93.63% The Bandaged Lady / Chapter 145: Apprentice

Apprentice - The Bandaged Lady - Chapter 145 by Innaru full book limited free

Chapter 145: Apprentice


She has never felt exhausted ever since Ceza and Angeli took her out for a whole day. Natalie fell flat on her bed. Her body sore. Stomach empty. Sleepy right in the afternoon. She buried her face on her bed, groaning at how bad her decision was.

"Military." Utensils fell on their table. The smile across her parents' face froze. Natalie gulped the food down to her throat before speaking again. "I want to join the military."

Oh, how the horror on their face was liked by Jarvis as he spectates.

"Wha-cough!" Gerald choked on his food while his wife dropped her jaw as she stares at her daughter.

"Just… w-what in the world…?" Her lips shake as she spoke. "J-Jane. Please beware at your words. Don't talk things like that all of a sudden as a joke. It's no-."

"It's not a joke." She cuts. "I want to be a soldier." She confessed.

"Dear, that-s not suited for someone like you at all." Her father joined with a persuasive tone. "You should try b-ballet… uh… painting and…" He trailed off, thinking of another to example. His wife looked at him with a crumpled face while Jane remained looking at her plate. "…and a doctor! Ah! You aunt! You can learn from her! Alchemy, technology and-."

"Is it because of my prowess?" She asked calmly as she played with her left-over food. She stabbed a potato until her utensil touched her plate. "Because of that deficiency?"

Her question alarmed the two. "Of course not! Even with your deficiency, you can still have a career you want to take!" Her father quickly responded. A hint of sadness on his eyes. "You know that your ability can go back to normal, right?"

"I don't know what you're talking about with 'normal'. father." She took the potato right in front of her mouth. "This ability had never gone to a normal state. Thus, the word 'go back' is not the right word for it." She munched on her food.

Gerald gulped before looking away with teary eyes. 'Was I just corrected with my words by my own daughter? Am I that dumb?' He sniffed. Jarvis giggled at the funny sight of his father crying.

"With deficiency or not, did you really think we will permit you on joining?" From a worried mother, her tone changed into something strict. Natalie had never heard of anything like that tone. For some reason, her heart began to pound with nervousness eating her system. "Military isn't something we'll let you walk into. Out of all things, Natalie, why must you choose that?"

"You mother's right, Jane." Gerald said, picking his utensils to resume on eating. He knew the conversation was about to end with his wife's tone. "Even if you proved yourself skilled by sparring with veteran fighters like Vallen, military isn't for you-."

Natalie bit her lip; her eyes were at the verge of tears. She resorted to her last option "I'm calling auntie."

With one sentence, the couple froze. They were unable to stop her from leaving the table and eventually returned to her room. Yana laughed drily; her soul was leaving her cold body while Gerald fell depressed at the thought of his sister.

"What more does she have against us, Gerald?" The soulless body asked.

"…" A tear fell on his plate. "…Not under fifty."

In sync, the couple cried at their unexpected loss.

Perhaps, Gerald was a bit confident at the victory that suddenly closed its door for them. Angeli, who holds key of their secrets, locked that victory from showing itself from the couple. Like a devil, Angeli laughed maniacally in their imagination. How awful that the mighty couple were to be leashed by their sister.

And with her mighty skill called 'Summon: Angeli Devinna', she instantly got victory even when her parents pursued the aunt to think it over. Thus, she was permitted to join the military. But as the face of the harsh reality was still the same even she won against her parents.

"I told you…" Yana shook her head at the sight of her exhausted daughter who can't even lift a finger. "Give up?"


The question repeated every single time she went home. The pain in her body was brand new every day. The mockery she expected inside the base were not as she expected. It was still there but not as bad as she underwent through two years of primary school. She, who isolated herself, talked and socialized with someone who she didn't know. Military was another year to mark for a starting line for changes.

She was taught, trained and improved. The performance she showed was praiseworthy. She became humble but when things went rough when she was promoted to a Sergeant.

"How about that day? When Scarlet first showed herself in front of us?" Back to the current timeline, Brian asked the question he was intrigued with. But truth to be told, he wasn't the only one to think about it day and night. It was most likely the first question they'd ever ask on her.

"Lilith was in the vicinity one time when I was out, patrolling in secret." She answered. "I left a message and the things she would need to stand-in as Violet. I left it where she would notice where it was and played as I asked." She smiled at how her cousin acted like her before. "Didn't you ever entertained the idea of Lilith taking over as Violet? I wasn't as dumb as her to fail a test that miserably, don't you think?"

"Now you said that…" Virgo nodded, enlightened with how it worked. "It was the weirdest thing I ever encountered. A genius, failing a test."

"Geez." She tittered. "Any genius would fail a test if they wanted to but I asked her to completely act like how a Natalie Jane would do. In short, I asked her to do well in academics as well."

"Why bother though? It's not like you haven't graduated." Lily asked. "Oh, they heard from me that you already passed through hell years of studying."

"It's okay. The moment I told you I already graduated; I was unbothered by all of you knowing it."

"…Why share it to me though?"

"…" The lady stared right into her eyes. The two was locked in a world connected by stares. "…Because I only got to talk to you?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Her lips twitched. "And there I thought I was special of something. How delusional of me."

"You're right." She immediately agreed to which cackled some of the circle. "Also, you're staying behind after the rest graduates, right?" Lily frowned at her question yet nodded as an answer. "Interesting." She mumbled that confused the circle.

"Interesting? How?" Delora asked. She was right next to her that she heard what she mumbled.

She shrugged. "I just thought it was interesting because I wanted to talk with my brother, Jarvis, to enter this institute."

Lily's face became sour. "The mere thought of dealing with your brother is already horrifying me."

Once again, she shrugged. "Any more questions? The clock is ticking, my departure is coming." She crossed her legs and rested her back. "Shoot them all while the target is still here."



"I dunno." She shrugged and resumed on eating. She was invited to her aunt Ceza's palace and was invited over for dinner after an outstanding performance on a championship by winning it in her first try. Niel shook his head as he watched his niece eating the mountain of tangerines she liked the most. "You want to adopt her or something?" The teen asked.

Just by sadly smiling, the teen got the answer she wanted from the two. "It won't be much for you to adopt her so what's with the hesitation? The fact that a new lady will be selected won't change by you two having an adopted child. She won't inherit the throne even if she wishes to."

"Dummy. Of course, we know that." Ceza threw a fork to her niece who caught it easily. "But…" The lady became gloom.

"But what?" She was curious enough to stop from her tangerine. "Anyways, you, being gloomy is a good thing. You're not loud at all."

Ceza suddenly wanted to threw a plate this time.

"Kesha's a chosen one." Niel spoke in behalf of his wife. "She's going to serve the next lady. That fact is hindering us from adopting her."

"Hm? Why though?"

The door bursts open with Angeli emerging with her lab coat. "Because if something bad happens with the next Lady during her reign, the pests meddling and camouflaging in this palace would make a great deal about it. They would probably say that, 'Due to the previous monarchs' affection towards their adopted child, they asked her to kill the current lady and that child will take over the throne' or something." She even portrayed the line awfully with a mocking expression on her face.


"Oh dear, don't worry about the little things." She immediately said and sat beside her. "By the way, congratulations on winning! I knew you would win it with a flick of your fingers."

Sourly looking at her aunt, she replied. "My leg awfully damaged with my last opponent, don't you know?"

"Of course, I knew. I was the one who assigned you your doctor when I was teaching over some students."

"Wow? You? Teaching? How come the world haven't ended yet?"

"Right?" The aunt agreed, knowing it fully how much of a damage she would do by teaching. "But you see, there's this one girl who knew what would happen on the things I wanted to fail in purpose."

"Surely, you weren't going to confess you just failed."

"Oh dear, as if someone as great as me would fail!" The woman laughed hysterically but the three who was in the room was used to it. Still, it didn't change the fact on how annoying it was. "I just wanted to bully them with a massive explosion-."

"Oh goddess-." Ceza gritted her teeth in regret

"-and laugh at how a mess they would turn into once I return by teleportation magic."

"You know how to teleport?" Niel asked the new news to him.

"Not yet but I'm working on it. I just got to hold some teleportation spell so I could." Angeli smirked. "Behold, the genius in front of you! A doctor, alchemist, technician and a spell caster! Oh, how perfect of me."

"Still single for the rest of her life, though." Her niece threw a grenade to her overconfident aunt.

"Why you…." And the grenade was a lot effective than she thought it would be. "Hmp!"

The three looked at her with pure disgust. 'Ew.'

"And I was going to say this genius would take an apprentice. Tsk. Looks like I don't need to."

"It's because you already said it."

"Why do you keep on killing my fun?"

"Because you're no fun." Natalie rolled her eyes. "So, then? Who's that unlucky soon-to-be-apprentice of yours? Oh, how I pity her for having to learn from you."

"You really don't have a single word that could make me feel good, huh?" Angeli clicked her tongue. A total defeat against her niece. "She's a daughter of a council-."

"Jirile Pelysi?!" Both Ceza and Niel exasperated that startled the two in front of them. Confused, Angeli still nodded to answer. "Oh, goddess." The two fell, depressed.

Angeli's face twitched at the couple. "These two are weird." She whispered to her niece who continued eating,

"Believe me, you're even weirder."

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