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18.07% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 32: Bridge (3)

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Chapter 32: Bridge (3)


"Ahhh!" a woman screamed in agony as she was sliced in half by Nathan who immediately disappeared.

Out of the 12 people in this team, there were only 6 people left.

<Author's note: On the previous chapter I forgot to mention the number of enemies. I already edited it. Sorry about that.>

Nathan, who was currently invisible, looked at the remaining members.

Derek, Lester and the driver were behind the black SUV, while the other three were running away.

"Tch!" he made a clicking sound with his tongue.

He pulled out his Revolver and aimed at one of the people who were running away. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


The moment he fired the gun, he immediately lost his invisibility. However, he missed the target.

He fired again.


This time, he finally hit the target. The person was shot in the back and immediately fell to the ground.

'Three bullets left in the chamber. My shooting skills are really bad,' Nathan thought as he activated [Coward's Way].

His revolver was the type that could only carry 6 rounds on its chamber.

He was about to shoot at another target when suddenly he heard Derek's voice.


He looked at Derek who transformed into a 2.5m tall giant and was charging to his direction, while Lester and the driver were getting inside the black SUV.

'Heh~ Trying to get away?'

He ignored Derek and headed to the black SUV.

'No one's getting away!'


Derek's POV.

He saw how Nathan fired his second shot and he quickly disappeared after killing one of his teammates. With that, he had no choice but to charge to where he last saw Nathan.

His goal was to have Nathan fight him while his teammates escapes.

As for his status chart...


Level: 14

Experience Points: 0%

• Strength: 48 (24)

• Vitally: 52 (26)

• Agility: 8 (24) (+12)

• Intelligence: 23


• [Grade D] Leather Cap (13/15): +1 Agi

• [Grade D] Leather Armor (10/15): +2 Agi

• [Grade D] Leather Gloves (7/15): +2 Agi

• [Grade D] Leather Boots (9/15): +2 Agi

• [Grade D] Ring: +1 Agi

• [Grade D] Ring: +2 Agi

• [Grade D] Necklace: +2 Agi


• Level X [Maximize]


When he finally got to the area where he last saw Nathan, nothing happened to him so he picked up a rifle from one of his slain team members and reloaded it.

"Everyone! Jump off the bridge!" he said as he began firing randomly, but was careful not to hit any of his teammates, be it dead or alive, and the black SUV.

Tata! Tata! Tata!

Out of the two members who were running, one heard Derek and quickly jumped off the bridge without any hesitation, while the other one just continued running.


Nathan's POV.

He was already just 3 meters away from the black SUV where Lester and the driver were already inside trying to start the engine.

Suddenly, he heard gunshots behind him.

Tata! Tata Tata!

He immediately dived to the ground and lie on his stomach.

The black SUV roared to life.


<Author's note: I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct word. It sounds more like for a motorcycle or perhaps a sports car, but you get what I was trying to say. If you can, please leave me a comment so I can know what proper word to use next time. Thank you.>

'Fuck!' he cursed and looked behind him who was firing, 'This damn booty warrior!'

He flipped over, lying on his back, and placed his [Grade D] Sword on top of his chest because it will lose its invisibility once an object is no longer touching him which will in return give out his location.

He took out two hand grenades from the sides of his police vest and pulled the pins.

He waited for 2 seconds before throwing them.

During the past few days while he was doing his experiments, he also tested the non-System items weapons that he looted. One of them was the hand grenade. And in his findings, it took about 4 seconds before a hand grenade explodes once its pin is pulled out.

As for why he decided to use two hand grenades for Derek, he remembered that it took 2 grenade rounds to severely injure that D1 zombie.

Once he uses these 2 hand grenades, he will only have 1 left in his possession.

Two seconds passed.

He tossed the 2 hand grenades at Derek.

The moment the grenades left his hand, he immediately lost his invisibility, because his skill considered the action that he did as an attack.

Derek who was still randomly shooting immediately saw Nathan appear so he quickly aimed his gun at him. However, he didn't notice the 2 hand grenades.

Boom! Boom!

The 2 hand grenades exploded right in front of him, blasting him away, leaving him injured and unconscious.

Nathan quickly got up and looked at the black SUV which was already moving away.

It hit the tail-end of the bus blocking the road that Nathan set up earlier, pushing it out of its way.

'Fucking hell!'

He looked at Derek, who was lying on the floor injured and unconscious, and the other remaining members.

He saw one running away towards the end of the bridge and was already a distance away so he pulled out his Revolver and fired.


He hit the target.

As for the other one, he saw the person swimming in the river and was headed to the river bank.

'Where do you think you're going?'

He dropped his [Grade D] Sword, picked up a rifle from one of the enemies, reloaded it, and started shooting at the swimmer.

Tata! Tata! Tata!

After a couple of shots, the swimmer stopped moving and blood started spreading out.

He threw away the rifle, picked up his [Grade D] Sword and activated [Coward's Way].

He was headed to finish off Derek.

As he turned to look at Derek, he was surprised to see him trying to get up.

Derek was injured and struggling to get up. When he finally got up, he couldn't stand straight with his two feet and could only slouch while he breathlessly roared, "Na... than! Come... face me!"

Seeing Derek, he couldn't help but smirk as he pulled out his [Grade D] Long Dagger from his left thigh. With his [Grade D] Long Dagger on his left hand and [Grade D] Sword on his right, he charged towards Derek.

'This dumbass booty warrior can't even think straight. Why isn't he drinking a healing potion? Doesn't he have one? What's the use of that utility belt around his waist?'

When he finally got close to Derek, he stabbed his blades on him.

Suuup! Suuup!

His [Grade D] Long Dagger on the throat and the [Grade D] Sword on the left chest.

He then started pushing Derek to the corner of the bridge with all his strength as he shouted, "Graaaah!"

"O... oh..." With the [Grade D] Long Dagger on his throat and being pushed, Derek was making choking sounds and was about to bear hug Nathan.

Nathan's eyes shined. He was expecting something like this was going to happen so he twisted his blades, causing Derek to cry out in pain, and then delivered a front kick with his right leg, kicking him away from him, out of the bridge and into the river.


He looked over at the bridge, overlooking Derek's body as it lifelessly submerged into the depths of the river.

'Not bad, booty warrior. You purposely didn't heal so you can lure me to attack you and give your teammates time to escape. And with your strong body, you planned to bear hug me and then crush me to death. However... like hell I'd fall for that!'

After what he experienced with the D1 zombie, where he almost died, he was expecting a follow-up attack from Derek. And plus... he has seen episode 9 of Overlord S1.

'But to think that he would sacrifice himself for the sake of others... What a waste of power...' he shook his head and then thought about the exp and skill, 'Even after killing him, there was no exp and I didn't absorb his skill...'

Although he wasn't expecting any exp, he was hoping to at least absorb a skill or something. Unfortunately, such a convenient thing didn't happen.

He turned away and look at the direction where the black SUV ran off to.

<Author's thoughts: This is the 1st chapter for June 9 - 15. Thank you for reading this chapter. I hope you guys enjoyed it.>

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