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Chapter 30: Bridge

It was 4:30 PM.

Nathan was currently invisible and inside a bus which was parked in the middle of the road at the end of a bridge.

Despite having 31 points of strength, he doesn't know how to drive so it took quite the effort to set this up.

Below the bridge was a river which he believed was a perfect spot.

Although he has yet to encounter a water-type zombie (if there is even one) or if zombies could even swim, he wasn't interested in finding out. Nevertheless, he was confident that people would think twice in jumping into the river. Who knows what monsters lurk there.

Right now, he was waiting for a convoy to cross the bridge and rob them.

As for how he will move the loots, he will keep at least one who knows how to drive and then kill that person afterward.

Regarding the zombies nearby, he cleared them, making his exp 8.10546875%.

As for his equipment, he hid his backpack inside one of the buildings nearby. He had his [Grade D] Sword, [Grade D] Long Dagger, [Grade D] Dagger, Revolver, 3 grenades, fanny pack, and police vest.

He had been waiting here for almost two hours now, but so far no one came. He promised himself that once it reaches 5:00 PM he will leave and find someplace to rest for the night.


After 5 minutes, finally, a convoy came and was about to cross the bridge.

At the front was a black SUV with two trucks behind it. There were also a couple of zombies chasing the convoy from behind which were being shot by the people at the back of the second truck. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Nathan quickly got off the bus, stood on top of it. He deactivated his invisibility as he lit a cigarette and rested his [Grade D] Sword on his shoulders.

<Author's note: Is "rested" the correct term or should've I used "lay"? Or perhaps another word? I really don't know.>

He was confident that they won't shoot him right away without any warning. He believes that this convoy would stop and try to negotiate with him, believing that Nathan's companions are hiding nearby and the bridge is planted with explosives.


Inside the black SUV.

There were three people inside the black SUV. One was the driver, another was Derek who was sitting on the front passenger's seat, and the person was a man with black hair at the backseat.

"We have company," the driver said as he saw a man standing on top of a bus blocking the road at the other end of the bridge.

Derek looked at the rearview mirror and asked the person sitting on the backseat, "Captain, what are your orders?"

This man's face was similar to that wannabe Ada Wong woman. His name was Lester and his relationship with her is that they were first cousins.

"Tell the men to quickly kill the zombies. As for that issue up ahead, stop 15 meters away from the bus and ask that person to surrender and join us. If that person refuses, kill him," Lester said.

"Lester, there may be some explosives planted on the bridge and enemies hiding nearby. I suggest we turn back or try to negotiate with them," Derek advised.

"Derek's right. It's not too late to turn back," the driver added.

Lester had an annoyed expression written on his face and said, "Don't question my orders. Just follow them!"

"Let's at least inform the teams nearby --" the driver said but was immediately cut off by Lester.

"No need!"

Derek could only let out a sigh. He pulled out a radio which had a 15km range and said, "This is Vice Captain Derek. Truck 2, quickly kill the Zs. We've got company. Over."

"Truck 2 to Vice Captain Derek. Roger that. Over," a voice replied on the radio.

When the black SUV finally reach about 15 meters away from the bus, the vehicle stopped and the three got out. The two trucks stopped and people got out as well. Everyone was carrying a gun on their hands except for Derek and Lester.

Derek looked at the face of the man standing on top of the bus and was surprised.


When Nathan heard his name, he immediately looked at the person who said it.

'Booty warrior Derek?' he was surprised to see him.

With his eyes still locked on Derek, he thought, 'Heh~ It looks like he has his teeth back. Or are those fake?'

He remembered Derek losing a few teeth during his fight with the D1 zombie.

Lester looked at Derek and asked, "You know him?"

Derek nodded and said, "Yeah, we used to live in the same apartment building. I also suspect he's a Chosen One."

Lester's eyes shined. If he could recruit Nathan and have him part of his team, not only will his team be more powerful because he will have two Chosen Ones on his team, but his standing within their organization will be higher as well. He even started fantasizing their organization conquering Cram city with him playing a major role and holding a very high position.

Even though he wasn't a Chosen One, he was ambitious and thought brightly of the future, especially his future.

In his mind, although Chosen Ones get +1 to all stats each time they level up, they only have one skill. They may be powerful now, but in the later stages, non-Chosen Ones like him will have many skills, making his attacks more versatile.

Lester had a smug look on his face as he looked at Nathan and said, "Come join our organization, Red Dust. We have three Chosen Ones. In no time, we will conquer Cram city and be its leaders. Decide now before I change my mind. Don't waste your time with petty actions like this!"

<Author's thoughts: This is the 2nd chapter for June 2 - 8. It took me a while to post this because originally, this Bridge scene had 5 chapters but I decided to make it less. I'm still planning how to combine the 3rd-5th chapter. Will I go with 1 or 2? I don't know. But what I do know is that I will post it either today or tomorrow.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reading and for the powerstones. I really appreciate it.>

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