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Chapter 141: Burrow City

<Author's note: The things (racism, sexism, political views, etc.) depicted or mentioned in this story do not reflect the real world and are purely coincidences. If they do, please keep in mind that they are simply for world-building and are only work of fiction. Thank you for your understanding.>

Burrow City, Northwest Government Shelter.

9:01 am.


A door was kicked open and a group of 10 fully-armed people stormed inside a building.

They were wearing System equipment and carrying both System and non-System weapons.

"Who are you people?! What are you doing inside here?! What do you want?!" shouted a black woman dressed in civilian clothing.

7 of the people that stormed inside the building ignored the woman and continued searching inside the building.

A 6'7" Caucasian man in his late 50s in full-gear stood by the entrance. Beside him were a brown-Caucasian man, and half-black and half-Caucasian woman. They too were dressed in full-gear.

If Derek was here, he would've recognized the 6'7" Caucasian man because it was none other than Sweet Dave. Moreover, he didn't have any knife scars anymore on his face. It was all thanks to the [Small] Healing Potions.

Sweet Dave went over to the tenant and showed her a search warrant.

"We're the Riot Control Task Force. We've received a report that you're sheltering people that were part of the government."

Two days ago, when the government was still in control of the shelter, there was already tension between the government and the civilians here.

In the first week, the civilians still followed the rules and regulations imposed by the government and were expecting that by the end of the week the government would be able to eradicate all the zombies within the city.

However, a week later, the zombies were still roaming around and the government still hasn't used all of its military might, causing the civilians to become dissatisfied.

It was then the civilians started protesting.

At first, the protests were still peaceful. But as days gone by and rumors started to circulate, such as human experiments, the start of the Second Phase and many other things, the protesters started to become violent.

However, despite all that, things were still under control by the government.

A day before the civilians took over the shelter, a rumor was leaked to the leaders of the civilian groups saying that the government officials and a number of important people were planning to escape to another base via the helicopters.

The leaders of the civilian groups didn't know whether the rumor was true or not. And even if it was true, they didn't know when exactly it will happen. So they decided not to just keep a watchful eye instead.

The next day, some of the government officials and important people were caught boarding helicopters and that's when all hell broke loose.

And during the chaos, some of the government officials and important people were able to escape, while others were either killed or hid inside one of the buildings.

"There's nothing here but empty shelves of medical supplies! Just because there we're in a zombie apocalypse, that doesn't mean you people have the right to trample on my rights as a human being! I am a legal citizen in this country and I pay my taxes!" said the tenant.

"Ma'am, please cooperate and let us do our job. If we can't find anything, we will compensate you with whatever damages we've caused. You have my word," said Sweet Dave.

"Your word?! What good is that?! That means nothing! For all I know, you could be --"

"Bitch, if you don't shut your fucking mouth, I swear that I'll shove this down your throat!" said the half-black and half-Caucasian woman beside Sweet Dave and aimed her rifle.

"W-W-What are you doing?! Does anyone see this?! You can't do this! You're violating my human rights! Someone help! Please save me! I'm being physically and sexually assaulted! Help me please! HELP ME!!! I'M BEING ASSAULTED!!!" the tenant screamed and began thrashing around on the floor.

"Why you…!" said the half-black and half-Caucasian woman and she was about to go over to the tenant to teach her a lesson.

"Lisa, stop," said Sweet Dave.

The half-black and half-Caucasian woman turned to Sweet Dave and said, "But…!"

"No buts! We're here to maintain the peace and order in this shelter, not terrorize its people!"

Sweet Dave then turned to the brown-Caucasian man beside him.


Nur nodded back and went over to the tenant.

He grabbed her wrists to calm her down and said, "Ma'am, if you refused to cooperate peacefully, I will be forced to handcuff you. And if you still continue to be uncooperative even after that, we will have no choice but to send you to the holding center."

The holding center was where all the "criminals" were being kept.

Due to the zombie apocalypse and the power granted by the System, there was a sharp rise of criminals.

However, despite the rise of criminals, if they were able to capture them, they wouldn't kill them. And for the extremely violent and powerful criminals, they would be given a remote-controlled metal collar bomb around their neck. It was one of the tools created by the government to control the unruly people.

To the new owners of the base, it was the most humane thing to do than killing them.

However, there weren't that many available remote-controlled bombs so it's a complicated issue.

Hearing what Nur said, the tenant stopped thrashing around and screaming.

She got up and grumbled as she went to the side.

"This world is falling apart…" the tenant said under her breath.

Both Sweet Dave and Nur man sighed.

Aside from the growing number of criminals, some people were also losing their minds from being unable to cope with the new reality that the world was currently in.

Some went crazy, others committed suicide.

There were even people who were totally in denial that they started claiming that the zombie apocalypse was nothing but a hologram or illusion created by the elites of the society to control the masses. And when asked to explain how these holograms work, they argued that the government has been mixing drugs and microchips into food and medicine for years now. Others even claimed that the zombie apocalypse was only happening in Womania.

But who could blame them?

The life that everyone used to know was completely toppled upside down ever since that so-called God unleashed the zombie apocalypse.

And the best part of it all? The zombies were only getting stronger and stronger.

Take for example the Second Phase, the zombies evolved into those 3m-tall skinless zombies and there were now Rank 2s.

It was already a headache to deal with the normal zombies. But now they had to deal with much stronger zombies.

With the way how things are going, some couldn't help but think that taking back the world from the zombies seemed like a fool's errand.

Furthermore, there was also the issue of food.

Due to the zombie apocalypse, the whole world came to a screeching halt. No new fresh batch of food was being processed and delivered to places were huge human populations gathered.

The humans living in cities could only count on the existing food supply in their area. And to make matters worse, some of them, such as vegetables and meat, had an expiration date.

One of the members of the Riot Control Task Force went over to Sweet Dave.

"We've found something."

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"We're still investigating what it is. It's better to see it for yourself."

Sweet Dave and the man went over to a room where the thing they've found was located.

There was an opened steel floor hatch leading to the underground.

"Has anyone checked what's inside?" said Sweet Dave.

"Gregg and Leo just entered to check. We have yet to contact them via radio."

All of a sudden, they received a message on the radio.

"This Gregg. Does anyone copy? Over."

A member who was holding a radio answered, "This Mariah. Loud and clear. What's your status? Over."

"I found a large steel circular door. Something like the ones used in banks. Over."

Sweet Dave immediately left the room to ask the tenant from earlier for some questions.

After interviewing the tenant for a couple of minutes, she finally confessed that the thing was actually a blast shelter that had 2 underground floors.

And according to her, some of the people that were part of the government who failed to escape two days ago during the chaos are hiding inside there with weapons and tons of food and medical supplies.

"Inform the other leaders about this information. I'll call my wife," said Sweet Dave.

Although he had some authority in this base, he wasn't one of the leaders in this shelter unlike his wife. So this matter was beyond his jurisdiction. All he could do is to report this and wait for orders.

"Okay," said Lisa.

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