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5.71% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 10: Convenience Store

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Chapter 10: Convenience Store


A zombie head fell and rolled on the floor.


"Congratulations on reaching Level 4. All stats increased by 1. No available skill points."

Nathan didn't check his status chart immediately because there were other zombies nearby.


Another head fell.

He was currently trying to familiarize himself in using two weapons – the Training Sword on his right hand and the Short Sword on his left. But of course, every time he attacks, he immediately activates [Coward's Way].



A few minutes later he killed all 13 zombies nearby. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.



Level: 4

Experience Points: 75%

Strength: 17

Agility: 12

Vitally: 15

Intelligence: 12


Level X [Coward's Walk] – Grants the user complete invisibility. Once the user attacks, the invisibility status will lose its effect. No mana required and has no cooldown.

Chosen One Status:

You are unable to earn skill points and learn other skills. In exchange, every time you level up, all your attributes will increase by 1.


'Finally, I'm level 4! This time around, each level 1 zombie gives me 6.25% exp. I wonder when I will encounter higher level zombies.'

He immediately thought about the three 3-meter tall skinless zombies he saw last night.

'I don't think I'm ready to face them. Anyways, four more zombies to go before level 5. System off.'

He was already getting tired after running around hunting for almost 3 hours. But since he only needed to kill 4 more zombies to reach level 5, he couldn't wait and decided to continue hunting.


He arrived at a parking lot of a convenience store and there were 8 zombies outside.

Aside from exhaustion, he was also thirsty and hungry.

In his mind, given that he only needed 4 more zombies to kill, it would be a perfect place to celebrate.

'The convenience store is closed. Perhaps there's someone inside? '

The convenience store in front of him had its aluminum shutters down.

Normally, the convenience stores in the city he lives in are open 24/7. And given that there's a zombie apocalypse, it wouldn't be surprising if people would choose to hide in a convenience store, albeit extremely dangerous because it's a primary target of humans looking for a quick loot. It's basically a ticking timebomb.

For someone to choose to hide inside a convenience store during a zombie apocalypse, there are only two things Nathan can think of: Either they're confident with their strength or they're clueless about the dangers.

He decided to rest for 15 minutes before killing the zombies just to make sure.


Nathan was resting on a nearby bus stop. After the allotted time he gave to himself to recover, he stood up and headed to the convenience store.

He dashed towards a nearby zombie and aimed for the neck as usual.


'One!' he was counting.


'Double kill!'


'Triple kill!'


'Quadruple kill!'


"Congratulations on reaching Level 5. All stats increased by 1. No available skill points."

He didn't mind the notification and continued killing.

On his fifth kill, he didn't continue counting because he had no idea what came next to quadruple except for Monster Kill.

Out of the 8 zombies he killed, one dropped a [White Treasure Chest].

'Lucky~' he said to himself.

He opened the chest and a message popped into his head.


Name: [Grade D] Repair Kit

Description: Fully restores durability of [Grade D] Equipment. Single use. ************************************************************

'Oh, so there's such an item. [Grade D] equipment, huh.'

The appearance of the item surprised him because it was a 2-inch vial with a grey colored liquid inside. Given that the item's name was Repair Kit, he was expecting it to be like a toolbox or something.

'How do you use this? Just pour it on the equipment?'

After examining the vial, he checked the status of his Training Sword. It was 6/10.

'I'll use it later when it becomes 2/10. Who knows, I might pick a better weapon along the way.'

He kept the Repair Kit in one of the pockets of his backpack.

Seeing that there were no zombies left, he set his sights on the convenience store.


At the front of the convenience store.

The front entrance was covered with aluminum shutters. If he decides to ask them to open the shutters on the front entrance, it will be noisy as hell and attract unwanted attention.

He decided to enter the back entrance instead.

'I hope it isn't covered with aluminum shutters.'

He went to the back. There was indeed a door but no shutters.

He tried to open the door but, of course, it was locked. But hey, who knows, it could be open.

He knocked three times and said, "Anybody here? Please open."

He waited for 10 seconds before trying again.

"Anybody here? I'm part of the rescue team. Please open."

Three seconds passed and there was the sound of the door being unlocked.


'You only decided to open why I mentioned I'm part of the rescue team?' he sneered inside his heart.

In front of him was a skinny male teenager wearing what looks like a uniform of this convenience store and was holding a wooden stick, ready to attack at any moment. Behind him was a man wearing a business suit about 30 years old with a baseball bat.

'Wooden stick and a baseball bat?'

Seeing Nathan with dark clothes, shoulder-length black hair and a goatee carrying a weapon on each hand covered in blood and wearing a magazine armor, they stood there in silence, not sure if they should let him in.

'I really wish I had a sheath for my weapons,' Nathan thought.

"Sorry, I had to kill a few zombies along the way which explains why I look a bit of a mess," he explained.

"What organization are you part of?" The man in a suit asked.

"I'm part of the rescue team formed by the local government."

"Sir, are you really here to rescue us?" The teenager warily asked but there was a subtle hint of excitement and hope in his voice.

Noticing it, Nathan immediately gave his best smile as if he was in a toothpaste commercial and said, "Yes, I am. How many are you inside? I'm here to take you guys to a nearby shelter prepared by the government."

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