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46.28% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 81: Cram City 3

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Chapter 81: Cram City 3

"Hmm~ Hmm~ Hmmm~ "

Nathan was humming as he walked over to the last member of Jerry's team who had his legs chopped off and was desperately crawling away to grab a handgun and fire it in order to lure the 3m-tall skinless zombies.

When the man's fingers were just inches away from the handgun, Nathan slashed down his [Grade D] Large Axe, chopping off the man's hand.


"AHHH!" The man cried out in agony.

"Sorry, my 'friend'. But you guys started it," Nathan said with an apologetic tone but there was a smile on his face.

The man flipped over to face Nathan and shouted, "YOU FUCKING CRAZY SICK BASTARD! I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!" before casting [Fireball] with his other hand.


Nathan pulled up his [Grade D] Large Axe and slapped the man's hand away, causing the trajectory of the [Fireball] to change.

Seeing his [Fireball] skill shoot in another direction, a sense of helplessness welled up inside of the man, causing him to laugh and cry in misery. He had no mana left to cast another attack spell.

Nathan knelt down on one knee beside the man.

"You broke?" Nathan snorted.

"Kill me already. That's what you want, RIGHT?!"

The man reached out to Nathan with his remaining arm and grabbed onto him.


The man's eyes were wide and hysterical.

Looking at the man's state, Nathan lost his desire to kill and felt a sense of disgust from being touched by a man.

This man already wanted to die, spoiling all the fun.

From all the killing he had done, he had developed a certain taste that he never realized before – It was more fun to kill people who struggle desperately as they cling onto life before robbing it from them at the last minute.

As a matter of fact, it gave him a bit of a hard-on.

'Hmm… Is it possible to reach orgasm from killing someone, like when one experiences wet dreams?' Nathan thoughts started to wander.


The man slapped Nathan's arm, causing him to return back to reality.


Nathan felt irritated and swung his [Grade D] Large Axe.



The man was decapitated.

His head rolled over and landed where it looked like its eyes were staring straight at Nathan.

"Don't look at me like that. You disrupted my daydreaming. I would've let you lived, you know," Nathan said and snorted.

Realizing he was talking to a decapitated head, he shook his head in shame and chuckled as he raised his hands.

"Okay, okay, okay. I admit. I was going to kill you all in the end regardless of whatever you guys said or offered. But hey, you should be thankful that I lowered myself to even talk to you people."

"However, I didn't expect that you would waste my time by not offering something good or interesting by the very least. That's no different than spitting on my face, my prestige as a Chosen One. You people ought to know your place."

"But then again…" he stroke his beardless chin. "I guess I have no one to blame but myself for even expecting anything decent from you ants… Silly me~"

He got up and hummed once again as he began looting the corpses of Jerry and his team.

Most of their faces held an expression of disbelief.

They didn't expect Nathan could not only turn invisible without any cooldown and mana cost but his AGI was also so high that they could barely react before getting their heads chopped off.

Aside from the System potions, a [Grade D] Long Dagger and bags of nuclei, he also took the sawed-off double-barrel shotgun of Jerry, its holster, and a couple of shells.

Unfortunately, there were only 12 shotgun shells left.

'This would be better than my Silencer in terms of power. But the range and reloading would be a problem… There's also the limited number of shells… Sigh…'

He removed the knife holster on his right thigh for his [Grade D] Dagger and replaced it with the knife holster for his [Grade D] Long Dagger on his left thigh.

After that, he placed the holster for the sawed-off double-barrel shotgun on the left side of his waist. It also had a pair of straps on the other end to secure it properly on the leg.

He tried moving around to see if the sawed-off double-barrel shotgun would fall off.

He ran…

He jumped…

He rolled over…

He sidestepped…

He turned around…

'Hmm… Not bad. At least it's secured.'

He grabbed his sack of nuclei before disappearing and heading back to where he stashed the rest of the items he looted today.


Cram city, South.

10:30 am.

Nathan was currently inside an abandoned one-story building.

Before choosing this building, he tried kicking its pillars to see if it will come crashing down. The fact that it went through an earthquake last night, he had to make sure by the very least.

In his mind, how pathetic it would be if he died from a building collapsing on top of him and one of the bars piercing his head?

He just finished eating and made sure to eat a lot, at least worth 3 meals.

He also packed his food, both cooked meals and canned goods and 6 bottles of water.

He did his morning routine as well.

And lastly, he changed some of his equipment and repaired all of them.

As for his status chart…


Level: 25

Exp: 0.4425048828125%


STR – 38

VIT – 36

AGI – 33 (+27)

INT – 33


[Grade D] Large Axe (12/12)

[Grade D] Sword (12/12)

[Grade D] Long Dagger (12/12)

[Grade D] Helm (15/15): +3 Agi

[Grade D] Chain Mail (15/15): +3 Agi

[Grade D] Chain Gloves (15/15): +3 Agi

[Grade D] Chain Boots (15/15): +3 Agi

[Grade C] Ring: +5 Agi

[Grade C] Ring: +5 Agi

[Grade C] Amulet: +5 Agi


Level X [Coward's Way]


In regards to the other [Grade C] equipment that he had, he hid them at a secret location.

He was currently sitting on the floor as he counted the Nuclei he gathered.

Given that there was already an unlimited source of EXP, he didn't hold back in killing.

It was just pure massacre -- except whenever he encounters the D2 zombies.

He had 1251 [Grade D] Nuclei and 32 [Grade C] Nuclei.

'I think this is going to be a problem… I guess…'

His problem was that not only does he need to carry his [Grade D] Large Axe on his hand and a backpack for his food and the other things, he also had to carry two large sacks filled with these nuclei.

Each nucleus was as large as an infant's fist.

With that, he would be unable to fight right away in case of an emergency as he head to the Divine Tower. Moreover, he needs to be careful and couldn't run fast in case the sacks get damaged.


He felt a little speechless for a moment before letting out a sigh.

'I just have to leave early and just head straight to the Divine Tower as safely as I could.'

He got up and prepared the rest of his things before going to the center of Cram city where one of the Divine Towers is located and enter it.


11:31 am.

In the middle of Cram City.

Nathan was carefully making his way to the Divine Tower.

Aside from his backpack and other things, his right hand was holding the [Grade D] Large Axe, while his left hand was holding the two large sacks of nuclei over his shoulder.

Almost everything here was destroyed and the stench of death was too strong, even for Nathan.

The road was filled with cracks and the buildings broken down thanks to the earthquake last night.

There were burning tanks, helicopters and other types of vehicles.

There were many corpses, limbs and guts lying on the ground.

Furthermore, there were a number of 3m-tall skinless zombies (most of them were Rank 1 while a few of them were Rank 2) around that he had to evade thanks to the stingray-like creature floating in the sky near the Divine Tower that drops those 10ft-tall flesh-like eggs.

As for the appearance of Nathan, he looked like a refugee who escaped from a war-torn town or city.

'It's times like this I really, really wish I had a spatial item… The unique and [Artifact] grade items in the Divine Tower should better be worth it!'

He was already just a couple of steps away from the entrance of the Divine Tower when suddenly a group of 3m-tall Rank 1 zombies led by an N2 approached the entrance, almost bumping into him.



Nathan managed to flawlessly evade the group but he heard a tear coming from one of the large sacks he was carrying. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Regarding this N2 zombie, he fought a few earlier in his farming spree this morning.

In terms of appearance, it was similar to the N1. The only difference was that it can also cast magic spells just like the M1, including the absorption of mana skill when it feeds on human flesh.

As for its stats:

• Str - 41

• Vit - 41

• Agi - 41

• Int - 41

Nathan carefully slipped into the entrance.

As he took a step forward into the red portal that could give anyone who looks at it an ominous feeling, and given that this was his first time in entering a portal, he closed his eyes and silently wished that everything will turn out just fine.

Stepping through the red portal, an odd sense of displacement washed all over him, causing him to feel a bit nauseous.

He closed his eyes to calm himself down as he continued walking.

It was only until he felt a cool and gentle breeze brushing against his face and the sound of the voices of people ringing inside his ears that he dared to open his eyes.

To his surprise, he found himself just outside an entrance of a brightly lit village under a starless and moonless dark sky.

The lights were coming from these golden wisps that were hovering in the air.

There were people walking around and it looked like there was a festival of some sort.

'What the hell?'


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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