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60% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 105: Divine Tower 15

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Chapter 105: Divine Tower 15

At the pyramid's steps…

Rose was facing Harry.

Derek was facing Cannibal.

Joseph and the two Asians were facing Bones and the sergeant.

As for the stats of the Chosen Ones…


Level 20

• STR - 29

• VIT - 30 (+1)

• AGI - 30

• INT - 28 (+33)

Special effects:

• 1% chance to block any magical attack.

• 1% chance to block any physical attack.


• [Heaven's Treatment]



Level 23

• STR – 32 (+5)

• VIT – 30 (+30)

• Agi – 33 (+9)

• INT – 34

Special effects:

• 1% chance to block any magical attack.

• 1% chance to block any physical attack.


• [Crystal Body]



Level 22

• STR - 64 (32)

• VIT - 68 (34)

• AGI - 10.66 (32) (+28)

• INT - 31

Special effects:

• None


• [Maximize]



Level 23

• STR - 34 (+16)

• VIT - 32

• AGI - 32 (+18)

• INT - 35

Special effects:

• None


• [Deceleration]



Level 22

• STR - 32 (+16)

• VIT - 31 (+1)

• AGI - 29 (+16)

• INT - 33 (+1)

Special effects:

• 1% chance to block any magical attack.

• 1% chance to block any physical attack.


• [Devour]



Level 21

• STR - 32 (+9)

• VIT - 32 (+8)

• AGI - 29 (+8)

• INT - 28 (+3)

Special effects:

• 1% chance to block any magical attack.


• [Bone Weapons]


In this battle, what surprised many was the true extent of Cannibal's power.

In fact, he was probably the strongest among the survivors. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The information given by Harry to Nathan about Cannibal's power was true.

However, it was lacking.

It was true that he could heal his wounds by eating the flesh of others, as long it was alive, and also feel full.

But what people didn't know was that he could stretch his neck up to 3ft long and move it like a snake. Moreover, his jaws could expand 3 times the size of a normal human. And lastly, the most deadly and surprising of it all, his bite ignores defense.

Derek's high VIT meant nothing against his bite.

Even Rose's crystallized body was no different from paper.

But despite the power of his skill, he felt nothing but disgust towards it.

Every time he uses it, he felt like he was no longer human.

This is why he chose not to use it in the previous stages.

It wasn't like he wanted to be mysterious or something.

However, if he wants to win against tank-type Chosen Ones like Derek and Rose, he had no choice but to use his Chosen One skill.


Derek staggered back.

There was a huge chunk of flesh missing on his left shoulder.

He took out a few [Small] Healing Potions and drink them while he tried to evade Cannibal's attacks.

Unfortunately, for Derek, he found it hard to open a potion because of Cannibal's relentless attacks.

Aside from biting, he was also constantly swinging his weapon.


Meanwhile, in the battle between Rose and Harry, although Harry was faster compared to Rose, he was having a bit of a hard time breaking her because she was a skilled fighter by her own right.

Given Rose's family background, they naturally had many enemies and it wasn't surprising for them to experience attempts of kidnapping or assassinations so most of their family members underwent at least some basic fighting lessons just in case.

But even with that, Harry still didn't give up.

How could he?

The hatred he carried inside of him for years was so great that he almost didn't care about the [Gold] Treasure Chest.

At the moment, one of the objects of his revenge was in front of him and it overwhelmed him.

All he wanted was to break her arms and legs before capturing her.

Once he captures Rose, he will then capture her family and torture them slowly as they reflect upon all the wrongdoings their family has done, especially towards his parents.

Rose was able to land a few hits despite Harry's attacks, stabbing him a couple of times and even breaking a few bones.

But Harry was like a crazed berserker who just kept on coming, not caring about his injuries.

It was almost as if he too didn't have any sense of physical feeling just like Rose when her skill [Crystal Body] is activated.


His eyes were bloodshot red and he gritted his teeth as he continued bashing his [Grade D] Mace and Sword against Rose while blood from his wounds was flying around, painting the surrounding in red.





Cracks started to appear on Rose's body, especially on her arms.

Joseph, who was fighting alongside the two Asians against Bones and the sergeant, threw a quick glance over at Harry.

'Dammit! Not again!' he thought. "HARRY! STOP! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!"

He couldn't help but be concerned.

If Harry continued what he was doing, he was going to die.

As part of Harry's group, he fought alongside him a number of times.

And based on what he has observed, Harry was a calm and reserved person.

However, whenever he gets angry, he would develop this tunnel vision, blocking out everything except the thing in front of him that triggered his anger.

In fact, back when Nathan first visited Harry's camp and witnessed the unconscious and injured Harry, a similar situation happened.

Before returning to their camp, Harry and his group encountered Rose and her group.

Harry was so keened in capturing Rose that he didn't care whether their battle would attract the zombies nearby or not.

And unfortunately, a horde of zombies led by a D1 and N1 eventually came, leading to total chaos.

As a matter of fact, it was Harry who cut Joseph when he tried to stop him.

Fortunately, the cuts were not too fatal.

Realizing what he did, he immediately felt guilty and decided to face the D1 alone and killed some of the zombies before escaping.

Rose, on the other hand, faced the N1 with ease. But she and her group were forced to escape as well because there were too many zombies.

Going back to the present…

Joseph noticed Ashleigh, Germaine, Kaija and R.R. coming.

He decided to abandon the Asians, Bones and the sergeant to help Harry.


He ran as fast as he could.




"Ugh…" Joseph stopped and groaned in pain.

"Where do you think you're going? We're not yet done playing," said a man behind him.

Joseph looked down on his chest and saw two blades made out of bones.

It was Bones who stabbed him from behind with the Bones Blades that he created with his skill.

Joseph dropped his weapons as Bones raised him up in the air with the Bone Blades.



"Har…ry…." Joseph said weakly as he stretched out his hand.

And by some miracle, Harry was able to hear Joseph's weak voice and some sense of clarity returned to him.

He retreated back and looked over at Joseph.

Rose, on the other hand, upon seeing Harry's expression, decided to ignore him and headed towards the [Gold] Treasure Chest.

Harry's eyes widened as he saw Joseph raised up in the air by Bones with the Bone Blades.

Bones noticed Harry looking so he swung both of his blades in the opposite direction, cutting Joseph in half.

A shower of blood and guts rained down on Bones.

Joseph's separated body landed on the ground.


He was dead…

Bones looked over at Harry and smiled before licking his lips.

Compared to Nathan and Burning Fighting Fighter, Bones was a true hands down serial killer and was taken out from prison simply because he was a Chosen One.

He didn't mind taking orders at all.

He also didn't care about the unique and [Artifact] grade items, the zombie apocalypse, and about death.

Those were nothing in his eyes.

All he cared about was killing.

But given his murderous and sadistic nature, the government had no choice but to put a collar around his neck just in case.


Harry didn't have time to think about it.

His body just reacted automatically on its own -- activating his [Deceleration] on Bones as he rushed forward.

Compared to Rose and Derek, Bones easier to kill.

Bones felt his movements slow down by 20% but he didn't care.

Instead, he was excited that he could kill a Chosen One.

He was getting a little bored of killing the non-Chosen Ones which is why he didn't kill Joseph and the two Asians right away and toyed with them.

With the two Bone Blades on his hands, he rushed forward to meet Harry.

As soon as they collided, Bones swung his blades against Harry.

However, despite Harry's injuries, given that his AGI was 32 (+18) while Bones had 29 (+8) (-7.4), he was able to easily evade one of Bones' blades and parried the other.


Bones staggered back and lost his balance.

Harry immediately thrust his [Grade D] Sword on Bones' neck.


He then twisted his blade before swinging it away and evaded Bones' upcoming attacks.


Blood splattered all over from Bone's neck.

Stepping away, Harry saw Bones' body covered in Joseph's blood and guts fell on its knees and drop the Bone Blades.




The head fell forward and dangled over the body's neck.

Only a small part of the neck's skin was left holding the head and it was slowly tearing apart.

Harry glanced over at Joseph's dismembered corpse.

He closed his eyes.

"Joseph… I'm sorry…!"

All of a sudden, a male's voice permeated throughout the air.

"Get off, bitch! This is mine!"


It was the sound of a shotgun which was then followed by something hard crushing some of the steps the pyramid.



"Heh~ What is this? Very interesting!"


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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