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61.14% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 107: Divine Tower 17

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Chapter 107: Divine Tower 17


Derek locked Cannibal with his massive arms, squeezing and breaking his bones.




Germaine and R.R. rushed forward.


Cannibal cried out before stretching out his jaw to an abnormal size to bite Derek's face off.

And when Derek was was just a few centimeters from losing his face, Germaine and R.R. began stabbing and slashing down Cannibal's neck.

Cannibal managed to bite off Derek's nose and lips, causing him to heal some of his wounds.

However, Derek didn't loosen his hold and continued to squeeze tightly.

Germaine and R.R. didn't stop as well until Cannibal's neck was finally chopped off.

Derek released Cannibal's headless corpse and dropped to his knees.

Derek's nose and lips were gone.

A small chunk of his front face was bitten off that you could even see the bones.

Blood dripped from his mangled face.

Cannibal's [Devour] skill heals him by eating the flesh of live beings, it also ignores defense.

"Captain Derek, hold on! I'm going to heal you!" said Germaine took out his two [Small] Healing Potions from his pockets.

Derek raised one hand and made a thumbs up.

He didn't breathe and talk because of his wound.

Meanwhile, R.R., seeing the sight caused her to almost vomit but forced herself not to and swallowed hard.


Ashleigh and Kaija arrived.

Upon seeing Derek's face, Ashleigh and Kaija vomited.



"Miss Ashleigh! Please heal Captain Derek. The potions can only go so far."

Ashleigh wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

'This isn't the time to be weak!'

She looked at Derek who was standing.

"Am fhun," Derek said with a muffled voice and waved his hand.

He recovered his skin, thanks to the potions that Germaine gave him.

As for the bones, the healing potions can repair bones, but they can't regrow lost bones. And because of that, it left his face caved-in and causing his voice to sound muffled.

Ashleigh was low in mana and could only cast once.

However, she just needed about 12 minutes to recover mana manually and she will be able to cast another one.

As for mana potions, she didn't have any left.

In fact, everyone in their group had no mana left and mana potions to spare.

But she didn't care.

Derek was a good and kind person who was always willing to help others.

"No," said Ashleigh as she cast [Heaven's Treatment] on Derek.

Derek's appearance returned to normal.

"Ashleigh, you shouldn't have. I already said I was fine."

"Don't worry about it."

"Um… Excuse me, what about the orders of the boss?" said Kaija.

Ashleigh finally remembered Rose's orders.

"Derek! Rose said that we should all leave while she buys time for us!"


They were all informed by the System that the Divine Tower will close in 10 minutes.

And so far, it's been more than 5 minutes already.

They also knew that Nathan got both of the [Gold] Treasure Chests.

Derek looked at Rose who was fighting Harry.


Derek couldn't help but feel moved by her decision.

'Perhaps there's still some good in her?'

He tried to look for Nathan.

However, he wasn't anywhere to be seen.

'Knowing his personality, he probably already left the tower already,' Derek thought. "Let's help Rose and then get out of here."



Harry was losing.

Despite being faster than Rose, he sustained far too many wounds and broken bones, even before he killed Bones earlier.

He was getting weaker.

His movements were becoming sluggish.

His strikes were too weak.

He tried to step back and heal, but Rose wouldn't let him.

He also tried to retreat, but that was also something Rose wouldn't let him.

In fact, he got shot in the back with a magnum.

His only hope was Nathan.

But after Nathan disappeared and seem to have fallen down from the pyramid, he didn't appear.




He was stabbed in the chest and neck by Rose who transformed her arms into sharp pointy poles.

"Between you and Nathan, I always thought you were the smarter one. You should've accepted my offer or exited the tower while you still had a chance," said Rose.

She pulled back her arms and transformed one of her legs into a sharp blade before delivering a spinning roundhouse kick to Harry's neck, beheading him.



Rose's eyes widened and she turned towards the location of where the voice was coming from.

"Why are you guys still here?! I ordered you to leave the tower!"

"Rose, we can't just leave you here…" said Ashleigh.

When Rose ordered Ashleigh and Kaija to leave earlier, she had no ulterior motives.

In her mind, she knew that the others were no match for Nathan.

As for Derek, she concluded that if the red portal would lead them outside of the Divine Tower, then they would be met with a horde of 3m-tall zombies and was hoping that Derek would do his best to protect them.

She couldn't afford to let Ashleigh die.

Her powers were too important.

As for her own well-being, she had the [Dust of Appearance] with her so she thought she could delay Nathan before escaping and catching up to them.

However, Ashleigh and the others didn't escape, making the plan that she made completely useless. And although she felt annoyed and angry that they ignored her orders, there was nothing she could do.

She could only act according to the current situation.

"Where's Nathan?" said Rose.

"He already left the tower," said Derek.

'Is he waiting at the other end of the portal?' Rose thought.

She could only pray that the red portal will transport them back at the Eternal Village, not outside the tower directly because not only will they have to face the zombies but also Nathan.

"Let's go!" said Rose.

There was only less than 4 minutes left.

They all headed for the red portal.

Rose was at the front, leading the party.

On her left were Ashleigh and Kaija.

And on her right was Derek followed by R.R. and then Germaine.


"We're almost there!" said R.R.

The red portal was just about 20ft away from them.

The others smiled except for Rose.

All of a sudden…


A [Grade D] Sword in mid-air and Nathan appeared.

The sword was thrown like a throwing axe and landed on R.R.'s head.


She was blown away by the opposing force.

The rest of stopped and looked at the 2.2m-tall Nathan who was blocking the red portal and smiling.

"Where are you guys going? You seemed to be in a rush."

On his way here to the red portal, aside from training himself to adapt to his new body size, he also did some looting and picked up his [Grade D] Large Axe.

"Nathan!" said Derek.

"Nathan, stop this! There's no need to fight! Amir is alive and is at Saint Town!" said Ashleigh.

"I'll confirm that later," said Nathan with a smile.

Rose squinted her eyes as she looked at Nathan.

"Derek, Germaine, you guys take the right. Ashleigh, Kaija, you guys take the left. What for my signal."

"Hey, hey, should you be really telling me what your plan is?" said Nathan as he summoned his [Grade D] Large Axe from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger and held it with his right hand.

"Rose!" said Ashleigh.

"Ashleigh," said Derek with a stern tone.

Ashleigh looked at Derek.

His serious expression said it all.

Ashleigh finally nodded after a moment and prepared herself for what's about to happen.

"Booty -- I mean, Derek, we don't really have any deep feud. Help me capture them. We're better than this."

Derek didn't reply and got into a battle position.

"I guess that's a no? Oh well, I was still going to kill you regardless."

Nathan disappeared.

"Now!" Rose said as she dashed forward and the others did what they were told to do.

Nathan, who was invisible, pulled out his sawed-off double-barrel from his left thigh and aimed it at Ashleigh.

He pulled one trigger, causing him to lose his invisibility.


Ashleigh was blown away.



Kaija immediately went over to Ashleigh to help her.

Nathan smiled and activated [Coward's Way].

However, Rose was close to him and threw the [Dust of Appearance] on him.


He thought it was some kind of poison or something so he jumped away from the cloud of dust.

However, a few grains of white dust landed on him and sparkled.

"What the --!?" Nathan said.

Rose came after him but he was able to evade her strikes and run away, thanks to his stats.

Although he was still invisible, the sparkling dust was giving away his position.

This dust will last for 30 seconds.

And although he doesn't how long this dust will last, he immediately realize what it was and decided to just ignore it.

"Fool! This is nothing!" Nathan said as he continue to evade and run away from Rose.

Derek and Germaine were now close to him so they sent out strikes.


Nathan aimed his shotgun at Germaine and pulled the other trigger.


Germaine's head was blown away and Nathan lost his invisibility.

Rose pulled out her magnum and began firing.


Nathan got shot on the head, stunning him for a quick moment.

Derek tried to stab Nathan's head with his fingers.

However, Nathan's VIT was at 36 (+5) point so he didn't die right away and still had 20 seconds before he dies.

Nathan evaded Derek's strike.


He swung his [Grade D] Large Axe and cut off Derek's arm.


"AHH!!!" Derek cried out in pain.

He swung his axe once again.

This time it was aimed at Derek's neck.


Derek was decapitated.

Both the head and body fell to the ground.


"DEREK!!!" Ashleigh said as she charged.

Kaija followed suit.

Nathan felt right wrist trembling in pain.

His STR was 68 (+9), while his VIT was 36 (+5).

There was a 36-point difference between the two, which was more than the 30-point threshold so his bones couldn't take the full force of his strength.


Rose fired her magnum as she charged towards Nathan.


Ashleigh was about to ignore Rose's order until she remembered the expression Derek gave to her earlier.

She turned and head for the portal.

Kaija followed.


Nathan got shot on the head once again.

He felt his vision go a little blurry and his world swirl a bit.

He shook his head to snap himself and then decided to run away for moment to heal.


Rose continued shooting and chasing him.


He placed his shotgun inside his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger and then summoned 5 healing packets from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger and popped them inside his mouth before spitting out the wrappers.

He was completely healed.


He got hit from behind.


There was a message from the System.

'One minute left until the Divine Tower closes. Please enter the portal to exit the tower.'

"You annoying bitch!"

He turned around and saw Rose reloading her magnum.

He covered his face with the blade of his [Grade D] Large Axe just in case as he charged towards Rose.

Rose finished reloading and began firing once more.



The bullet bounced off the blade.




He got hit on the leg.

Rose put away her magnum and transformed her arms into a sharp blade and charged forward as well.

When they finally got within melee range, they both aimed for each other's neck.

As much as Nathan wanted to capture Rose, he decided not to because she was just too skilled in fighting.

When Rose's attack landed on Nathan's neck, it bounced off because of the special effect of his Black equipment activated.

On the other hand, Nathan's attack landed.


It penetrated her crystal body and she was decapitated.

Nathan's STR was 68 (+9) and Rose's VIT was only 30 (+30) during [Crystal Body] mode.

Nathan gritted his teeth and held the [Grade D] Large Axe with his left hand.

Both of his wrists were wrapped in pain.

His right wrist was completely shattered and it lumped down. Meanwhile, his left had a crack.

He took a few deep breaths and thought about his clash with Rose.

'That was another close call!'

He looked over at the remember members of Red Dust.

Ashleigh and Kaija already entered the portal.

Meanwhile, the effect of the [Dust of Appearance] finally wore off.

He summoned 5 packs of healing packs and then absorbed the bodies inside his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.

He activated [Coward's Way] before entering the portal.


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I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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