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Chapter 108: Exit

When Nathan exited the red portal, he found himself back at Cram City.

It was already morning around 8:00 am and the sky was cloudy.





'What the…?!'

The enormous stingray-like creature that was larger than a football stadium and used to hover near the Divine Tower and spat out 10ft tall and 5ft wide eggs with a 3m-tall zombie inside of it was dead and lying on the ground, crushing everything underneath it.

There were assault helicopters, jets, land vehicles and soldiers fighting off a number of 3m-tall zombies.

There was also no sign of Ashleigh and Kaija.

The countdown for the closing of the Divine Tower finally ended and it vanished, leaving a plain field of dirt that was as large as a football stadium.


Putting aside the unlimited source of EXP, as much as Nathan wanted to hunt down Ashleigh and Kaija, he was tempted to search for the treasure chest that the enormous stingray-like creature dropped.

What if it was an [Artifact] grade item as well? Possibly like the [Divine Blood] which is a consumable item.

He gritted his teeth.

'There's always a next time in killing that bimbo!'

He decided to circle around the enormous stingray-like creature.

There were many ruined buildings and abandoned vehicles from the battles between humans and zombies since last night. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The road was also filled with cracks and pitfalls thanks to the earthquake last night by the summoning of the Divine Tower.

Nathan did his best to move as fast and carefully as he could as he circled around to search for the treasure chest.

'God, I hope it hasn't been taken…'


40 minutes later…

The battle between zombies and humans came to a close about 25 minutes ago, with the military retreating back to their base with their land and air vehicles.

Nathan was far away from the enormous stingray-like creature and in the eastern part of Cram City.

During his search, he found out that the 3m-tall zombies were still Level 1 despite more than 24 hours has passed.

He didn't kill any of the 3m-tall zombies and just searched for the treasure chest that the stingray-like creature may have dropped.

However, his search was a failure.

He didn't find any [Gold] Treasure Chest, only [Green] and [Blue].


He kicked a lamppost.



There was a dent on the lamppost.


He facepalmed.


"Shit, shit, shit! Had I knew I wasn't going to find it, I would've just chased those two bitches!"



He forcefully calmed himself down and assessed the situation.

'Those two are probably still making their way to Haven Town. I can try to catch up…'

'However…. that bimbo did say that Amir is still alive and is at Saint Town…'

'She didn't look like she was lying…'

Nathan stroked his beardless chin.

'By now, everyone already knows the Divine Tower disappeared and the members of Red Dust are expecting Rose and the others to return…'

'If those two bitches return back to Haven Town and tell the people there what happened, Amir would no doubt be dead…'

'I need to go reach Saint Town and retrieve Amir before those two bitches rat me out!'

Nathan looked over at the east.

"Amir, I'm coming to get you. Don't worry, we'll torture your captors slowly."


30 minutes later…

Nathan was invisible and running as fast as he could.

He was so fast that the sound of his footsteps seemed like a dozen men were running.

He was still far away from exiting Cram City.

His destination was a one-story house.

'Faster! Faster! FASTER!'

He jumped over the walls.

When he reached the front door, he pushed it away, forcefully opening it and ended up destroying it.


With his STR at 68 (+9) points, it was no different from pushing a piece of thin plywood.

Inside, his eyes quickly wandered around.

There was no light inside the house and the windows were closed.

However, there were a few open cans on the table and unwashed dishes on the sink.

'Where's the toilet?! Where the fuck is it?!'

Although he could do his business anywhere out in the open without being judge, he hasn't yet reached the point that he was comfortable with it.

Sure, he was a so-called lone wolf and hates crowded places, but that doesn't mean he likes to go out in the wilderness to do some camping.

He preferred to stay inside the comforts of his room and read books.


He finally found the toilet.

He quickly opened it.


He deactivated [Coward's Way], pulled down his pants and sat on the bowl.

Atomic bombs began dropping…


He placed his elbows on tops of his thighs and held his head down.

"Wew… I shouldn't have eaten so much."

Before he entered the Divine Tower, he ate at least worth 3 meals.

And during his time there, he also ate another meal.

Furthermore, as a person who works out, he developed a habit of moving his bowel every day.

All of a sudden, there was a clicking sound and it was followed by a man's voice.

"Put your hands on the air and raise your head or I'll blow your brains out!"

Nathan's eyes widened.

Realizing the situation he was in, he was torn inside.

Was it a handgun, rifle or shotgun?

Although he found out back in the Divine Tower that he wouldn't die right away from a headshot due to his VIT, he doesn't know if he could survive is his head was blown off.

'Fuck! I got Tywin-Lannistered!'

His pants were down so he couldn't stand up and charge.


"Please don't shoot! Please, I just wanted to use your toilet!" Nathan said as he slowly raised his hands and head.

He saw the man in front of him.

It was an Asian man around his late teens with System items on and looked like he was from Muwin.

He had a double-barrel shotgun pointed at Nathan's face.

"Bro, please don't shoot! I'm a Muwinian as well!" Nathan said in Muwinian.

Still pointing the shotgun, the man studied Nathan's features.

He was surprised to see Nathan's body size.

The average height of Muwinians is 5'7" for the male and 5'5" for the female.

So to see Nathan who was 2.2m tall (or about 7.21ft), he was surprised.

"From where?" the man asked in Muwinian.


Based on their accents, both of them could tell that they were at least from the central region of Muwin.

The man slowly put down his shotgun.

Seeing the man put down his gun, Nathan also put his hands down.

'I could take out my sawed-off shotgun and kill this guy but I don't know how many people are inside this house…' Nathan thought. "Um… Bro, can I finish my business?"

The man squinted his eyes and said, "Do it quickly and leave right away."

However, the man didn't leave. He just stood there waiting.

'Eh… Is this person one of those perverts that get turned on by watching people defecate? My god, what a weirdo,' Nathan thought.

Nathan quickly finished his business and flushed.

As he pulled his pants up, the man pointed the shotgun on Nathan once again.

"Okay, I'm done," said Nathan with his hands up.

The man slowly backed away and moved to the side but just enough for him to be able to shoot Nathan in case he does something he didn't like.

"Leave now."

"Okay," Nathan said with his hands up in the air as he exited the toilet

The moment he exited the toilet…

Nathan suddenly disappeared, catching the man off guard and accidentally pulling the trigger.


After the trigger was pulled, Nathan grabbed the man's shotgun and neck, causing him to lose his invisibility.

He tried to absorb the shotgun into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger but it didn't.

'Heh~ So as long as another living person is holding the item I can't absorb it?'

Nathan pulled the shotgun away and threw it away before raising the man up in the air.

He tightened his grip around the man's neck to the point that it could break at any moment.

The man was about to cast a spell but Nathan threw him against the wall.




The man broke a few ribs and landed on the floor.

He coughed out blood as he desperately tried to get up, causing Nathan to sneer.

"Good, you're still alive. You made me beg. Whoever it is you're with here, I'm going to kill them right in front of you."

All of a sudden, Nathan heard the sound of footsteps.

"DIANNE! COME BACK HERE!" a woman called out.

Nathan looked over who was coming.

It was a girl who looked like she was only 16 years old and was dressed with System items.

She threw her weapon and ran over to Nathan's leg and cried.


"Please, mister! Please don't kill my big brother! Take me if you want! Just spare my brother, please!"

Meanwhile, the woman who called out earlier appeared as well.

She was a Caucasian woman in her early 20s and was also dressed in System items.

"Dianne!!!" said the Caucasian woman.

However, when she saw Nathan's towering height and Asian guy lying on the floor and injured, her eyes widened and she dropped her weapon.



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I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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