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88% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 154: Government Shelter (13)  

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Chapter 154: Government Shelter (13)  

<Author's note: The things (racism, sexism, political views, etc.) depicted or mentioned in this story do not reflect the real world and are purely coincidences. If they do, please keep in mind that they are simply for world-building and are only work of fiction. Thank you for your understanding.>

9:56 pm.

The northeastern part of the shelter.

It's been almost 2 hours since Nathan and Sweet Dave talked.

Sweet Dave and Yasmin were dressed in full-gear along with 30 children who were dressed in civilian clothing standing next to an assault helicopter and gallons of fuel, waiting for Nathan to show up.

And among the children was Zita.

Although she was one of the few children who volunteered, it wasn't easy for Sweet Dave and the others to choose who they were going to use as, for lack of a better term, "meatshields."

And for some of the children who heard about the news that there was a crazy bloodthirsty Chosen One out on the loose inside the base murdering people, they were told that the Chosen One already left and these children here were told that they were going to meet an important person.

Regarding the agreement between Nathan and Sweet Dave, many of the adults were against the idea. Some even accused Sweet Dave that he and Nathan were definitely working together to destroy this base, causing a brawl broke out between the groups that supported Sweet Dave and the other groups who didn't while they were discussing Nathan's demands.

But after both sides calmed down and they considered the position that they were in, they realized that it didn't matter whether Sweet Dave and Nathan were working together or not. The Chosen One proved to be a formidable opponent and killing him was easier said than done.

The price was just too much to bear so they eventually decided to give in along with three conditions:

One - no harm will happen to the children. And if something does happen, Sweet Dave will pay for it.

Two - the children won't be aware that they are being used as meatshields.

Three - Sweet Dave and Nathan will be banished from the shelter once the transaction is done.

The fact that Sweet Dave was the one who let this crazy bloodthirsty Chosen One enter the shelter left many people to hold a grudge against him.

Nevertheless, if sacrificing a helicopter and gallons of fuel was the price to get the Chosen One to stop killing any more of their companions and leave the shelter, as insulting it may be, then so be it. At least, the killing would finally stop and they would continue to survive. And most importantly, this will serve as a very important lesson to all of them in the future of who they welcome inside their base.

"Sweet Dave, when is the person we're waiting for coming?" said one of the children.

"Yeah, this is getting boring," said another child.

"I'm getting sleepy," another child said and then yawned.

Sweet Dave looked at the children and said, "He'll be here soon. Don't worry. After this, you'll all get a special prize."

As for Zita, although she volunteered, she was pouting because Lisa confiscated all of her System items and told her that they will be returned to her once she stops misbehaving.

The incident earlier where she was caught by Sweet Dave and the others left many of the adults disappointed in her because she went out without their knowledge when they were all told to stay indoors.

And because her items were confiscated, she thought that she could outsmart the adults in getting back even just some of her items by volunteering in this event.

'Hmph! One day I'm definitely going to show them that I'm not a kid anymore and I could do adult things!' she thought.

She was only 10 years old though.

All of the sudden, a 2.2m-tall man donned in black-colored System equipment appeared out of thin air.

"Well, well... It seems you did your end of the bargain. At least that's what it seems to be," Nathan said to Sweet Dave. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Everything that you asked for has been prepared," said Sweet Dave.

Nathan smiled and said, "I'll be the judge of that."

The reason why Nathan was late was because he did some "preparations."

One of those preparations was checking and waiting around the nearby areas if there were snipers, rocket launchers or anything that could threaten his life.

And so far, everything seemed safe.

And after almost 2 hours of preparation and observing from the shadows, he finally decided to approach Sweet Dave and the others.

Nathan then turned to Yasmin.

He summoned a pen and notepad from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger. He smiled and said, "I'm ready to learn, teacher. And if possible, I would like to request you to make the lesson quick and direct to the point without skipping the important details."

"No problem."

Nathan and Yasmin went over to the helicopter and the lesson began.

As for the children, when they saw Nathan, some of them recognized him because a few of them went to check him out earlier this afternoon when word got out that a very tall man arrived inside the base. However, they were not impressed and thought of him as "stupid" or "dumb" when they saw him lie down on a bed that was too small for his size and wearing his System equipment.

"This is the important person we were waiting for?" said one of the children.

"Isn't this the retard from this afternoon?" said another child.

"This is boring."

"Didn't they say there was a crazy murderer out on the lose?"

"Yeah, but the adults said that they already have taken care of it."

"I want to go home already."

Zita, on the other hand, stared at Nathan with curiosity.

She too initially thought that Nathan was a retard when she saw him lying on the bed with his equipment on which is why she tried to trade her [Grade D] Wooden Stick for his black-colored equipment.

But after talking to him earlier this afternoon and then seeing how Lisa carried her and ran as fast as she could as if it was the Devil himself the moment he appeared in front of them, her opinion about him changed a bit.

She was also among those children who heard about the rumor that a dangerous Chosen One was wreaking havoc inside the base. She even got to see the dismembered corpses lying on the streets while she was looting.

'Is this person the scary Chosen One that the adults were talking about?'

Speaking of Chosen Ones, when the zombie apocalypse first began and she learned about her status as a Chosen One, she didn't really pay any attention to it because from where she was from, her country had this cultural thing called "Law of Vante" or "Vanteloven" and one of the core aspects of its teachings is that you shouldn't think of yourself as someone special or above others.

During that time, she and her parents, who are both women, were staying at a hotel here in Burrow City for a weekend getaway. Her parents didn't let her do anything other than to do whatever they told her to do as they tried to escape from all the chaos.

The morning when the sun rose up, she and her parents left the hotel and went straight to the airport to escape back to their home country.

However, it only ended up in failure. Everyone had the same idea. And amidst the chaos, one of her parents got caught by the zombies.

After losing one of their family members, they then escaped here to this Government Shelter with the help of people that they met along the way.

But during the takeover that happened 2 days ago, her only parent left was killed, leaving her all alone.

Fortunately, the group that Sweet Dave belonged to took her in along with the other kids who lost their parents or guardians.

And during the time between losing her remaining parent and this night, she tried asking people about Chosen Ones. Unfortunately, no one knew about it, while others just ignored her because she was just a kid, causing her to treat it as nothing special and decided to just focus on collecting System items and trading them for better ones so that one day she can go outside and level up.

But after hearing about a Chosen One wreaking havoc inside the base and witnessing the corpses littered on the streets, her curiosity about her status as a Chosen One was reignited once again.

Also, she was pissed that Lisa confiscated all of her System items.

'I need to ask this person about Chosen Ones!' she thought.


25 minutes later…

The helicopter's engine was switched on and its blades were spinning but it didn't lift above the ground.

The person piloting was Yasmin.

The helicopter's engine was switched off.

"Okay, so after the engine is turned on I will pull that lever…" Nathan said as he noted down what Yasmin said.


"What about while flying? How do I move forward, backward and sidewards?"

"To move forward…" Yasmin started explaining and Nathan began noting down once again.

10 minutes later…

"Okay. That's it," Nathan said with a smile at Yasmin as he summoned back his pen and notepad back into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Ring.

"That's it?" said Yasmin.

"Is there anything else I should be aware of?"

"No, I mean, I was expecting you will --"

"What? Take you with me?" he said and looked at her as if she said something very stupid.

Call Nathan a coward, a person with a persecution complex or whatever negative thing you can think of. But he is an Asian mainlander, a brown-skinned Asian, a Muwinian, his family background is originally from the southern region which is dominated by the Iklas religion and he also spent some time living there between his exile from Latif City and before coming to Womania so he knows all too well what kind of mindset the people who believe in Iklas have.

And in his mind, if anyone thinks South Muwinians are scary, to him, brown-Caucasians are on another level, a higher level to be exact.

Furthermore, it's no secret that in the eyes of brown-Caucasians, brown-skinned Asians are considered to be in the second-lowest rank within the hierarchy of racial groups while Africans hold the lowest.

Because of these reasons, in no way, shape and form do he want to associate himself with brown-Caucasians.

But just to make it fair, for what it's worth, Muwin is infamously known as the 3rd most racist country in Asia.

"Anyways, if that's all I need to know about piloting a helicopter, then we're done. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help," Nathan said and smiled as he gave a subtle bow.

He then took a step back and went over to the gallons of fuel.

He touched them with his left hand and absorb all of them into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Ring.

Some of the kids who weren't sleepy looked at him with awe, including Zita.

Sweet Dave approached Nathan.

"You can fly from here. I promise you that no one would shoot you down."

Nathan just looked at him and smiled.

Sweet Dave continued, "Or you can just make it disappear just like what you did with the gallons."

Still holding a smile, Nathan was about to disappear when Zita stepped forward.

"Excuse me, mister, you're a Chosen One, right? I'm also one as well!"

Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades

I haven't properly edited this chapter yet. I'll probably do some edits later.

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