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9.14% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 16: Kill Steal

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Chapter 16: Kill Steal

Nathan was slowly approaching the first floor. His heart was pounding and he started to have butterflies in his stomach.

When he finally got there, he was shocked to see two giants brawling. Their bodies were covered with wounds and blood. There were cracks, blood, and guts on the floor and walls. The zombies around them were either flattened or torn apart. He also noticed around 20 [White Treasure Chests] on the floor which were also covered in blood and guts.

It was a total mess.

Nathan dropped his Short Sword on his left hand which immediately lost its invisibility. He got down on his knees and grabbed his chest in pain as if he just lost someone very dear to him in an extremely horrific manner.

'Arghhhh! The exp!! My exp!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!' he screamed inside his heart. The nervousness he felt earlier was thrown out of the window.

Although dramatic, to him, zombies were limited resources. With people hunting them, it's basically a race on who could kill more, unless another source of exp is introduced.

But what was he expecting? He should've realized that based on the sounds coming from the first floor, this should be expected. Was he expecting that no zombies or just a few would be caught in the battle between these two giants?

Unfortunately, that understanding didn't come to Nathan's head.

He looked at the two. His eyes were burning with hatred.

While looking at them, he noticed something.

'Why is that skinless zombie so buff?'

He remembered the three 3m-tall zombies he saw last night. Although they were big, they weren't this jacked up like this one before him.

'Is this perhaps a skill or something?'

After thinking for a minute, he quickly tossed it at the back of his head and picked up the Short Sword he dropped.

All he cared about now is to kill steal! He swore to kill them both!

After picking up his Sword Short, he stood up, went to a corner, deactivated his invisibility and activated it once again.

He then slowly approached the two while carefully not stepping on the zombie corpses lying on the floor and stopped just a couple of meters away from them.

This time around, he was surprised to see the face of one of the giants. Despite bruises, he could still recognize the face.

'Booty warrior Derek!' he exclaimed.

He didn't expect this. Not one bit.

'Why does it have Derek's face? Wait, is it really Derek? If yes, how the hell did he get so big? Is it a skill?'

The truth is, Nathan is a big fan of Lu Sheng from [Way of the Devil] and Garen from [Mystical Journey]. If he was given the choice on what kind of power he wanted, he would want either of the two, though he will most likely pick Lu Sheng's power over the other simply because he loves [Way of the Devil] more.

He looked at Derek and was extremely envious.


Derek's POV.

At first, he was able to trade blow for blow with the D1 zombie. However, as time passed, he was only able to hit back every two hits from the monster. He was slowly losing.

Of course, why wouldn't he lose? The mob of zombies kept charging on him while he was fighting the D1. Although those level 1 zombies inflict little damage, after getting attacked over and over again, the damage they caused added up and now he was covered in wounds and lost a lot of blood which made his movement sluggish.

Despite his 40 vitality and all, it meant nothing when you've lost a lot of blood. Add to the fact that his opponent is slightly stronger than him and is attacking him nonstop, Derek clearly overestimated his abilities.

Why not run away then?

He tried just a minute ago, but the D1 caught him right away. All he can do right now is fight it out until only one of them is left standing.

But still, even with the seemingly hopeless situation, he was fired up and happy.

The power that the system gave him was better than anything he experienced in his entire life. It was way better than drugs, alcohol, love and sex. It was unexplainable, an out of this world experience. He felt like a god and was drunk with it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You fucking piece of shit, I'm taking you down!" Derek decided to go all out. He didn't care about defending anymore. It was now a full-offense strategy.


Nathan's POV.

At first, he noticed that Derek was on the losing side. But after he heard Derek's declaration, he was surprised to see that Derek decided to go full-offense with pure savagery and was, in fact, standing toe-to-toe with the skinless human.

'Heh~ He's going for broke?'

After he said that, he thought about something.

'The zombies give exp when we kill them. If I kill a human, will it give me exp as well?'

He looked at the Derek and thought, 'Given he's able to stand against the monster, I'm sure Derek is around level 10-15. No, make that 20. With that, I bet he's worth tons of exp.'

Nathan doesn't believe that he's the only who thought about killing other people for exp. Killing Derek was not only worth doing because he needed to know the answer to his question, but also because Derek killed the zombies that were supposed to be his! For that, he should offer his life for the experiment!

As he was justifying his reasons to kill Derek, he then thought, 'Wait, it doesn't make sense. If he's around level 20, how the hell did he level up that fast? Did he have a lucky encounter or something?'

Sadly, Nathan didn't know that Derek was only level 8 nor expect that he was also a chosen one. Plus, it's not like he's an expert about the System or anything. He's just as clueless as everybody else.

With that, another issue came to his mind.

'If I do the last hit, will I get all the experience points or will it be distributed based on the contribution?' he pondered.

If it was the latter, what will be the point of last hitting then? For a solo hunter like him, it was basically useless.

'Derek, you really have to participate in this experiment of mine. Don't let me down, both of you,' he sneered.

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